Try and avoid reading other members posts about this exercise as it may influence your reading. Study the pic and then ask yourself... *
Is this Animal in the pic still alive?

*What was his dreams

What name/names spring to your mind when looking at it? ..sometimes you can "pick up" a name around them that is not necessarily theirs!
What type of personality do you think/feel, she/he has or had?
Does he/she has /had a family?
Any other impressions which come to mind (even if they seem silly to you) ..
The results will be placed in this forum next Saturday!

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OK, here goes.........dreams of rodents, quite the "mouser".... I get a name starting with "B", like Barnabus or Barney(weird name for a cat), I assume male(because of name), aloof, but loving, likes to bring gifts(yuch!), family as in Human? of course, as in mate and kittens? He is a He, probably many.
Now this is pretty much a given for most felines, so not quite a difficult read....unless, he is a she, and has been spayed.......oh yeah, likes to "talk", not meow........can't determine whether living or passed....they exist in both simultaneously most of the time anyway.
Oh goody another one!

*I am a bit hazy on this 1st one but I faintly hear LIVING.

*Hearing the name Heather? not sure why but not the cat's name. Baily has green eyes? is what I

*Not sure what his/he dreams are exactly, however this feline is very special "gifted" and is all knowing, very deeply connected to humans. He is very strong in expressing himself vocally too and is very independent in his convictions. He is a protector.
Funny little guy with a very sweet heart and loved by many but is very connected to one person in particular.

*At first this cat was possibly a stray, however I think he indeed has what he considers a family. :o) Loves the outdoors and peaceful environments... LOL~

*I keep getting this vibe and clear voice about him repeating to me "saving someone", he possibly saved someone or will be???? not sure what that is all about.

Yet another fun exercise!!!

Love, Light & Peace to all.
I got the name John immediately. I think the cat is alive and has a very strong personality. I think the cat has a very loving family.
it isstill alive /it name is firpo/ it seems upset, had a family
it is dead/ name firpo/ it is upset/had a family. it looks wll feed / have no light in it eyes
Toby (tom cat) still alive, looking at the rabbit in the rabbit hutch. Fairly placid. Has a human family.
Ok his name Henry,he is very spoiled,loved by his family, lives a long long life .....hes beautiful.....likes to be alone..
Female, name sounds like or may be "Alley". Mouser, bird catcher. Was a stray before adopting it's owner. Likes to fight other cats. Looks like an older cat. I think she is still alive.
I want to Thank you all that contribute to this exercise, and I wanted to tell you all to do not give up, we improve with practice and Animal are really harder to read , sometimes.
much love,

Hello everyone, Today is the day...
Yes, this is my Cat , her name is Lila, and she is a sweet heart!
She is a great being, but very shy, she was a mouser and really fought with other cats for attention, when I had my colony of rescues on my backyard over in California.
Lila is 10 years old now, she is not too vocal but she is extremely expressive with her eyes.
She was always a figure of authority in our family of cats, I guess because she was one of the old ones. She was never a stary, Her mom died when gave birth to her and her babies, Only Lila survived.
When we were living in California,On the Redwoods , Lila favorite pastime was to bring to me little moles and baby possums (eeeww), she always liked to share a meal with me.
She always looked upset or like she had to take care of business, but truthfully she is a very mellow girl.
This animal is no longer living. He dreamed of equality, fairness and togetherness. Somewhere he was challenged by a life experience and he was unable to learn the intended lesson and insteaad became bitter, lonely and more disconnected. I up the letter "F" but no full name. There was a human family that cared, loved and accepted him/her as themselves.
my reading says living, had a few weird names but way off...aside from the 'y' at the end. Reminded me of my cat, max. attitude, mysterious, adventurer/wanderer, quiet, older, has a specific cuddle spot? deep personality, visible through his movements. what about when he encounters dogs!?


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