Try and avoid reading other members posts about this exercise as it may influence your reading. Study the pic and then ask yourself... * Is this Person in the pic still alive?

*What was/is her dreams?
Where does she Live/Lived?

What name/names spring to your mind when looking at it? ..sometimes you can "pick up" a name around them that is not necessarily theirs!
What type of personality do you think/feel, she has or had?
What was /is her "Virtues", qualities and gifts?
Does she has /had a family?
Any other impressions which come to mind (even if they seem silly to you) ..
The results will be placed in this forum next Saturday!

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Ok.......Living........singing,singing,singing........East Coast US/South.........Amy or some"A" name.......Outgoing, Bubbly, Quick to Smile and Laugh.......Voice of an Angel, Communication........No Children, yet.....close to her parents,siblings and grandparents
Yes, still alive. Working with animals. living in CA. Name: Cara Outgoing, adventurous personality, meticulous, loving, compassionate. Gifts: working with children and animals.
Alive - Tara, a dancer or a teacher. Married with a 3 year old daughter Katie and 3 month old son. Loving and giving.
Her name is Maria,shes a nurse,lives in tx,has a big family,verry sweet and smart,,still alive....
*Amanda keeps repeating in my head but I hear Amber too.
*Loves kids, something about being or is a teacher? She is gifted, I hear Indigo?

*Very loved, I feel in my heart that she is very bubbly, lots of energy, funny and very sweet to others. I can feel her energy and it's intense but very happy and loving. :o)

* I clearly hear So Cal or from what I have learned by being corrected by my friends in California you don't call it southern California it's called SO CAL. LOL~ She is young at heart but very wise.
San Mateo? probably spelling that wrong and I am not sure where in CA that is...

*She is educated and wants to make changes with everything she does.
*Loves animal, something about living with Aunt or Grandparent.

Disney Land? Performing arts?

That's all I get sorry so scattered this time. Oh Alive I think!

I am fairly close to you again! I've already read the answers but what i have written down is alive, animal loving. first place was california was thinking fl also but went with cali. i was however thinking something about cargo clothing and safari like croc hunter..maybe had to do with location?? also saw her working behind a counter like at grocery store or soemthing, thought she might have moved from a more rural setting into a bigger more city like area. i see her as quaint? she knows herself well but not completely confident in sharing it with others. sensitive. sees good qualitites in others, unsure of others, keeps a lot to self, posesses wisdom, names that came with it were miranda, or jennifer or amanda. she doesnt feel the need to be outgoing to please others, sweet, sincere, a little confused but okay with life. i thought she had loving parents perhaps lost mom? however in this i think i was just sensing the close relationship between her andher mother and what she would do without it. boyfriend was involve my first instincts said that she could do better i crossed that off wrote that he was good but takes some advantage of her 'innocence' , however i kept wanting to erase this idea and say he was sweet to her which he probably was but that doesnt undermine the rest. i also keep connecting her with animals she loves them or has/had pets?? rabbit, horse, cat...what is it? :) oh yeah i forgot to add only child, that too..
first born, educated, protective, healing, hero, driven, self- motivated, appears very outgoing but struggles with self esteem, depends on positive reiforcement, Sarah comes to mind.
Here you go, this was fun! Hope my writing is ok.. Thanks for letting me do this. Hope you're having a nice weekend and a great week!

Hey everyone... Goodjob this time! A few of you had some correct responses which you'll see shortly! Well my name is Kimberly, but most people call me Kim or Kimber. I'm 24 years old and live in Sarasota, FL. I work at the Columbia Restaurant in the giftshop - if you've ever been to FL you may have heard of it? Anyways, I really love my job for right now, but I am also going to school to become a massage therapist because I love helping others and making people feel good! I'm a some-what quiet, reserved person (don't talk a lot), but I'm still really outgoing and have lots of friends and yes you can usually find me smiling or laughing. I've been told I'm an indigo and I feel that I am because I fit every single "indigo" characterisitc... ADD and all! lol. I don't have any kids yet, but would like to eventually... need to find someone first!! (meaning I'm single) I don't have any brothers or sisters and I don't really know where my biological dad is, but there is a man in my life who is pretty much like my step-dad so it's ok. My grandparents on my mom's side both passed this year. I live with my mom right now and we are Very close.. I love her so very much! I was engaged about a year ago, but the relationship was abusive, so I've moved home to recoup and get my life straightened out and what not. Ok well now you basically know my whole life story but I'll answer each of you individually...

MystWeaver: I don't really know any Molly or Sally's so not sure about that? I think I'm loved just not by my large family ;) but I have lots of friends so maybe that's it? I try to give lots of love to people and I hope people feel better in my presence. and Yes, I do live in FL. You were right on that one! :)

Mark: Singing.... I love to sing?? (not a professional though for sure, hehe) You were correct on the east coast US, south part! I think Im a good communicator and I'm close with my mom. Good job!

Cheryl: I dont know any Caras, not sure? I do Love animals and children! Although I would love to work with them both, I'm just not really able to at the moment! :( You were correct on the adventuruous ,meticulous, loving and compassionate part though.. nice!!

Mirage: I'm definitely a "dreamer" type person and I get told I seem innocent a lot... so you were right on that. I am sensitive and expressive and I do keep my promises.. you are right!!

Maz: Don't know any taras, sorry :( not a dancer or teacher, but both are pretty fun... and no kids yet for me... hopefully someday! I think I'm pretty loving and giving though.. so you got that! :)

Erika: don't know any Marias at the moment either... thought about being a nurse, but nope... I do have lots of cousins and aunts and uncles, my mom has 8 brothers and sisters so I guess we kind of have a big family!? good job :)

Krissy: you may have gotten the Amber because of Kimber, everyone calls me that? I love kids and I'm pretty sure I'm an indigo.. or so I've been told. Correct on the bubbly, energetic, sweet and funny part... (haha not to toot my own horn! lol) I have about a year college education and now going for massage therapy, right about that and I am making changes with everything.. right on that too. and I do love animals... aunt or grandparent? you probabaly picked up on my mom. Great job!!

Tony: I love animals, but no pets of my own right now though unfortunuately (not my choice).I think I'm pretty fun and yea I laugh a lot, can't help it. I Was engaged and I used to have a little white car... maybe you are picking up on that? this was about 1-2 years ago for both. I also used to work in an office setting... so goodjob!

Juliangel: yes I am the first born and only born ;) hehe. I'm educated, I'm protective? (of things I care about I guess is what that means, Yes), hero? not so sure lol, I am driven and motivated and yes you are definitely correct on the struggles with self-esteem part and needing positive reinforcement... niiice!

Jenny: No nursing school, but thought about it and no san fran, but it's pretty sunny here in FL too :) and yes I've been in a few car accidents, so goodjob on that.. Not sure what you mean by soft smiles, but I do smile a lot.. nice job!

alrighty, good job everyone!! Take care- Peace and love to you all!! <3
Hi Kim,
I guess it was just the hard C or K sound that I was picking up. And jobs that you would be very good at. And of course the sunshine states CA and FL. I saw the sun, so thought it was CA. We never really know what the future has in store for us.
Be well,


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