6 Most Miserable Mistakes Of Social Marketing

2009-09-23 11:44:06

Many nonprofits are dabbling in social media, and that’s a good thing. It’s wise for nonprofits to engage with potential supporters and donors where they congregate online, rather than waiting for them to come to us. According to NTEN, Common Knowledge and ThePort Network, 74 percent of nonprofits have a Facebook presence and four-fifths of nonprofits are committing at least one-quarter of a full-time staff person to their social networking efforts. More than half of nonprofits intend to increase social networking project staffing over the next 12 months. All good news.

Now the bad news. We don’t always do it right. Here are the six most common – and egregious – errors we make:

1. We fear losing control. Don’t! We lost control of our message and our brand a long, long time ago. If you don’t believe me, search online for all the things people are saying about you. You can ignore those conversations (not recommended) or engage with them.

We think social networking is a way to get our message out. Nope. It’s not a message delivery vehicle. It’s a way to engage in authentic, sincere and open conversation with supporters.

We see dollar signs. While social networking can be a way to raise money, that should not be the reason for doing it. For example, Facebook is primarily tool for interacting and engaging with a community—not necessarily a fundraising silver bullet.

We fail to set small, achievable goals. If you’re going to start an initiative, make it a small one with clear goals so you know how to measure success.

We forget to set some ground rules. Don’t go Wild West! Set a social media policy for your organization, so it’s clear how to respond to what you’re hearing - and what types of initiatives have internal support. Better to have shared rules than to freak out when your colleague puts a snarky remark on someone’s blog.

6. We give up when we make mistakes. Don’t worry, that’s part of learning. Share and learn from your missteps. There is no shame in mistakes if they make you smarter.

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I agree with that, except for a small [not really small] part of the first one...the losing the control of a non-profit. In the 501[3]c set up, you lose all control to a board that can have nothing to do with what your doing...can not be connected or a member of. This is fine I would think, as long as you could find the right people for such a board.... but even if a few are not that, they could change the whole scope of the organization and what it set out to do.

You already give up complete control and ownership of asserts [as a group], and they can never be taken back..if some failure occurred, the assets go to another non-profit, with or without the same views in mind.

That being said, it is a good way to raise funds...while the 502 and 501[d] allows you to retain control, they are not entirely deductible non-profits [NDNP]. Giving, as it turns out requires "a return" it seems. But such as it is, and the way it works... for many people and organizations.

Social Networking is a great way to go, and it rest entirely on "personal" connections, even if seen as a group. I might suggest creating some special programs where money is received as donation but for product...much like churches do on TV..for you love gift of 80 billion pennies [or more] get this made in China deluxe replica of the cross...

I use humor of course, but look at some of the programs that are HH, a special course in Reiki, or a seminar on how to do or be one thing or another, and the workshop is in fact a donation to fund projects...testimonials go a long way in bringing in more people than someone repeating they gave to one cause or the other. It not a make money veture, just a different spin on the donating/giving.

You might even pick out several places around the country, book a long weekend retreat, and invite guest speakers...all relates to the various causes and ideas of HH. Meditation, Healing, New Ideas, etc... Dyer, Sutphens, Hay, others..some might even donate time or materials towards these.

Create an association...kind of like national geo or others, where a special quarterly goes out to "members" who support at certain levels.

Create a PBS or Sundance Channel special..collect donations from callers. Create "reg giving" venues. People see and want to give to "causes", yet, there comes to be so many that their mailboxes fill up with request. Provide both possibilities.

Create a "special" membership over at SocialGo, where it's much like Ning, but you can charge member levels....as a support venture, to receive reg giving. But make it just a little different than here, where it's free. [ http://www.socialgo.com/#a_aid=4aa9d7528a24e ] [yeah, it's a referred link]

Oh, and while pulling up those comments through Google searches, answer them all and link back to the network. Comment every "like minded" video. Do video commenting back to high powered videos.

Ok, where was I.......


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