An Interesting analogy that came to me on my camping trip this weekend.

I being who I am look forward to the day when we all realize we are One. I was camping with my friends Cat, and Paul this weekend, and Paul was talking about how the quaking aspens are all one, they come from the parent tree, and the root systems are all connected, and I sat there looking across the beautiful lake, pine trees at my back, a view of all the aspen trees, and my dear friends near and realized, the aspen tree is a great analogy for us Humans, we are all one, yet individual in our appearance, race, personality, gifts and talents. Even as the Aspens are individual or unique in that some grow tall straight with thick trunks, some are twisted and hunker down closer the ground, some are so close together they appear to be one tree and then branch into what appears to be two separate trees, an illusion, when once again your remember they are all one organism to start with all connected at the root just like all of us. I pray for Blessings to us all, that we can see through the illusion of separation and find how we all can love and help one another to create a better vibration, better world, better us. Even here at the one site I was sure I would find unconditional love and acceptance, I find that though I began to trust enough to open up there are those who would judge. I know for a fact “past life” is a reality, just for those who cannot see beyond time and realize that time is not linear, time is layered it is all so much deeper yet so much simpler than we believe. My heart is open, my heart has been so far open I have feared I was going insane, thank God, the Universe, Spirit, the Goddess, whatever you choose to call it, it is still the same. I do not expect all of you to agree with me, you see that is the beauty of being a spiritual being on this physical journey, we are all given free agency, we can pick and choose what we want, we came with a purpose, and finally I have begun to realize and accept mine. I may be a little too humble, as I take my first steps, and God knows, I have been a victim in the past, you have no idea the path I have walked….my point is I honor and love each and every one of you for the path that you are on. I will not force my beliefs upon you. I am probably not educated enough to debate them with you either. All I ask is All I offer, unconditional love, the ability to accept one another for where we are on our journey. The ability to offer honest insight and not judgment is a precious and priceless commodity and in my opinion something to be greatly sought after, more than the appearance of success, by other peoples standards, whether that be, monetary, perceived “righteousness” Or the need to label ourselves and others.
Live, Love, Laugh,
PS the part about even here at this site, is not "this site" I post at more than one, myspace, the integral education project. I believe yes we need our hearts open, but oh my we certainly do need to open our Higher Self minds, to put the pieces together.
I welcome any input, any additions that someone has to add.
I would like you to know that if you do not agree, that is ok. I am not forcing you to read this or feel the way I do, or even be walking my path, I do however, honor you and each of your paths, and love you all, regardless and unconditionally.

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I agree with you and I love what you wrote. Happiness Always, Nabree
Thank you Nabree.
Live Love Laugh,


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