An Opportunity To Make a Difference - Stop Monsanto

Greetings to all,  not sure if this is where I can leave this, but I want to be able to present an opportunity for something very important to all of us,  you will find a petition to sign depending on what your views are;

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Unfortunately petitions don't hold a lot of weight anymore, especially online petitions. While they demonstrate the huge number of people for or against a thing, changes in policy for multimillion dollar companies won't happen because someone started a petition. Not to mention, at that particular site it seems anyone can log in and start a petition of their own, that doesn't represent a unified front against Monsanto.

I have been involved in the fight against Monsanto for some 25 years and I can say that one really good way to make a difference is to start small. Start with personal choice. That leads to empowerment which leads to inspiration which leads to the inspiration of others.

Spread the word, educate, make the choice to not support Monsanto in any way. That starts at the grocery store.

Here is a great link:

Products listed at the link below have been verified as compliant with the Non-GMO Project Standard. Due to production schedules and inventory back stock there may be product in circulation that has been produced prior to a product achieving verification. Please look for the Non-GMO Project seal on packaging to ensure that the product you are purchasing is Non-GMO Project Verified.

Know what you are eating!

Your reply has been very informative, thank you Aemrys.

I love it when more people take up this cause. Monsanto has destroyed entire towns in America and whole villages in other countries as well. Not just the communities but the land as well polluting to the point of killing everything around. Monsanto is responsible for hundreds of deaths including the suicides of Indian farmers, albeit more indirectly and  they are trying to gain control over food on a global level using the same methods they incorporated that drove those farmers to suicide and farmers in North America to bankruptcy.

I wish petitions held more power. I want this to stop and will never give up hope that somehow we can figure out a way to stop this horrible corporation. 

I know a lot of people in the movement are starting by demanding labeling, that is another thing that can be done locally. If enough people locally were to sign a petition that was sent to a grocery store owner that they would take their business elsewhere unless that store demanded labeling that grocery store might listen. If businesses joined in the fight for labeling that would raise our voices a bit louder, metaphorically. Better to send a petition to a local business owner who has something to lose rather than to a government that is paid to look the other way.

There are folks who think that there might be ways around the label, just like there are with some organic labeling issues but any way to bring attention to the issue can't hurt. The more people educated about this, the better. It would be nice if such a large number of people understood labeling as it is now. Things like "All Natural" or "Natural Flavoring" are not what people think. I mean shoot, "natural" could be cat urine, LoL.

Some folks think that the label would end up being something people just stop noticing after awhile, like so many other words on the box that are just ignored, the GMO Free label would end up like that, overlooked...of course it makes me wonder why people who think that way care one way or another. I know I read labels on everything!

Monsanto has a huge campaign going to stop labeling from happening and what I wonder is why aren't more people asking why? I mean, if they had nothing to hide, as they claim, then why are they so opposed to labeling?

Anyway, sorry about that, I tend to ramble on sometimes...


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