And the madness continues! " dedicated to exposing fraudulent websites"

  Hi you all.

I received an email Yesterday April 12 2015 from an individual that was banned from this network due to spamming the boards. I also banned his wife, that was doing the same. Anyways, I believe he is one of Elshara's sycophants sent to try to intimidate ME.

He managed to be suspended  through all the accounts stated bellow, according to our  Forum Guidelines : For more information, please see here;

  • TROLLING:  Any member suspected of having joined Humanity Healing for the sole purpose of directing traffic to their own personal profile page or to an outside website will be suspended pending investigation.  If trolling is proven, the member will be removed.
  • ADVERTISING AND SPAM:  All members have the opportunity to share their outside endeavors on their own personal profile pages only.  That being said, any personal profile page that is clearly only a sales or advertising page will be removed.  Members who advertise within the Community without going through the correct channels will be suspended.  If you wish to advertise with the Humanity Healing Network, please contact us at:  You will find that our rates are very competitive.
  • ROLE PLAYING:  This Community maintains a live-and-let-live attitude, but extreme flights of fantasy will not be indulged here.  This is NOT a role playing community.
  • WHINING:  We are here to help and support each other.  However, excessive pity-seeking is unhealthy and distracting to others.  Respect members of the Community, and yourself, by keeping this kind of behavior in check.
  • BOASTING:  Making statements in order make yourself look important, special, or exceptionally qualified is considered boasting, whether regarding spiritual or earthly credentials.  When posting on a serious topic, please do so in a respectful and sober manner.

I am attaching his letter to myself so everyone may know. This is public now.

 Mr. Alexander, to be part of Humanity Healing is not a right, it is a privilege. This is not a democratic country this is a private network, you have no right to vote.  The rules were made to keep the peace inside. You violated most of them.We reserve the right to delete members that disrespect the civil rules of engagement of this forum.

Threats will not intimidate us.  Your attempt to black mail us was really pitiful.  

With all due respect, please mind your own  network.




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Seems to me that entities that are trying to do good in the world do not waste their precious time going around trying to cause trouble for others.  This is absolutely ridiculous!

I agree with Holly; in being 'helpful' they are not. Why is that? :/ Hope things calm down. Enjoy your day ~ Blessings! :)


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