Annular Eclipse Message from Mary Magdalene & Christ

Good evening and blessings to each and every beautiful soul here and everywhere. I am thrilled to be here with you joining in this most glorious event and bringing in the precious energies of love and light to all. This annular eclipse is a very special event, bringing forth the Divine Feminine energies fully into the heart center of all beings of the light. I speak to you from my sacred heart and pour forth abundant blessings of every kind to each and every being. I infuse all with the Sacred Rose energies of the Divine Mother and Mary Magdalena and the Divine Christ Light in pure white rays. I have watched you struggle through so many difficulties, my Beloveds, and through many lives. I have been witness to a great many injustices, and the traumas surmount as we all move through our healing and releasing. Even in this life I have lived with you in the ghetto, I've prayed with you in the prisons, I've counseled you in the shelters, I've hungered with you, cared for your children and protected the animals, I've fed you and clothed you and offered you my undying love and compassion and a shoulder to cry on when no one else was there. For weeks I have dreamed nightly of your trials, helping you to find safety, hiding you when needed, supplying your provisions in God's will, and bringing you back from the edge of despair and hopelessness. I have been through the moments over and over of feeling your pain with sensitivities heightened, and cannot escape from this, My World, and never wished to. My Mercy and Compassion overflow to you like a warm blanket of Peace, helping you to return home to your true state of being. I see your true potential and I see you in all your beauty and glory, shining brightly and filling my heart. Tears of joy stream down my face to see you stand now in your own divinity. The road has been long and tough, and we've been through so much together, remembering together, reuniting as One family. As in moments before in other lifetimes the words come through again that this is the day the Lord has made. This is the day of God's favor, and blessings abound as Mother and Father God infuse us with the energies of freedom and release. Healing will pour forth for all those in need. Provisions will be made abundant. The oppressed will be freed and the prisoners will be released. All of those in lack will have bounty. Those who do the work of God will have their rewards. The Divine Spark within us all will shine forth through eternity. Love will flow unconditionally, and all forces of fear and darkness are abolished. With the Power of the Holy Spirit within me now and stepping completely into my Goddess energies I state clearly and full-heartedly that the forces of darkness will let my people go and they will struggle no more. God's Will and the highest good of all be done this very moment.  And so it is; it is done!!

Thank you with all of my heart and may you rest well with the scent of Roses around you and Peace within and without.


Lady Mercy/Magdalena & Christ


Thank you for the opportunity to bring this special message through to you to share. Blessings, all!

Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda

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My heart has felt this.  I am noticing my own heightened sensitivities as well as others & my compassion for self & others is noticeably much stronger now.  This has brought gentle ters to my eyes~thank you & bless you for sharing Brenda

Thank you, Ann, for sharing this, and I'm so very glad you are feeling your Divine Feminine coming through nicely!! Blessings!


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