Brenda's List of Protective Methods

By Brenda Tenerelli-Sacred Rose Energies on Saturday, October 26, 2013 at 7:15pm

It doesn't matter whether you are just protecting yourself on a daily basis, doing healing work or spiritual work on others, doing readings, because you you have to live with some difficult people or work with them, talking to Spirit to get guidance, meditating, or anything else. These are methods that one can do and blend together for anything. I use several of these on a daily basis in all my work, and others randomly at certain times. I use the Rainbow and Infinity energies of Heaven for EVERYTHING regardless.

Ask God to place both the Gold Bubble shield and the Pink Unconditional Love shield over you and the home, workplace, or any areas you go for protection. The ask the shields to both be infused with rainbow and Infinity energies at all times.

Ask that they be infused with Rainbow and Infinity energies constantly every day and night.

Do the Stronghold's Prayer daily.

Lord's Prayer is very powerful and should be done daily and especially used when cleansing and blessing homes/lands.

Crystals can be very helpful, different ones, for both healing and protection.

Ask Mother/Father God, Christ, Magdalena, and/or any other High Beings that are of the light, or all High Beings of the Light, and the Holy Spirit to come in and ask them all to shield and protect. 

Ask for Arch Angel Michael/Faith and the Warrior Angels to come in.

Ask for Shiva and Jai Maa Kali to shield and protect, and destroy anything negative that attempts to come in or interfere

Ask Ganesha to come in daily and remove all obstacles, blocks, walls, or barriers so that nothing is standing between you and healing, protection, correct answers, etc.

Ask Arch Angel Raphael and Mother/Archeia Mary to come in with their green healing energy ray to assist with any form of healing. 

Ask Zadkiel and Amethyst to bring the violet ray and transmute/transform all negative energies. 

Saging/smudging with Sage, Sandalwood, Vista Powder, or whatever you choose that removes negative energies.

Pure Sea Salt needs to be sprinkled along every windowsill, door, or entrance of any kind into the home. 

Bells, chimes, singing bowls, and other musical tools can be used to assist in vibrations, including music of the spheres. 

Spiritual artwork, mandalas for protection, pics/statues/candles/etc. of High beings of Light can be used. 

If you have someone who has hurt you that you are trying to cut cords with and remove from you, but can't, you can: do or have a cord-cutting ceremony done; write their name(s) on a small piece of paper and stick it all the way in the back of the freezer & leave it there. This will freeze their hold on you or abilities to attack/mess with you or interfere in your life/soul plan. You can also write things down on paper like a petition, state it out loud to the universe/God, and burn it allowing the ashes to float away. The petitions for burning can be used for negative things you want to stop or get rid of, or it can be used for good things you want to manifest or state your intentions. 

Wearing pendulums, charms, crosses, talismans, crystals, and other spiritual symbols helps with protection and/or healing.

Place Black Onyx stones in each of the corners of your bedroom and one under your mattress/sleeping place. One can also build a pyramid of quartz crystals in four corners and one in the middle. 

Ask your own Angels, Guides, and Higher Selves to be there and present with you at all times. 

If I think of any others, I will come back  and add them in. If you know of any not mentioned here, please put them in the comments for us all to see. I will post any relevant prayers in another file.


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Thank you, ladies. I'm glad you have found it helpful. I like your mixture and how you do the washing, Erika. Many people that live close to the oceans have it easy with this because salt water and such removes demons and dark energies and is a demon repellent. Water itself can be very cleansing and soothing; some people get messages and see/hear Spirit more clearly as if water is a conduit; it can be used to wash and cleanse crystals too. Hope you both have a blessed day!


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