Calling all remote healers.. A special request for a little boy.

There is a woman at work who asked me about him and I could use a band of soul brothers and sisters to offer some universal healing and light to such a youthful soul that could deliver much wisdom and truth to serve the greater good to humanity.
His name is Jaxxon. He has a brain tumor and this is is second operation. He is undergoing an experimental surgery that only 13 people have recieved within the entire nation. He is the youngest to undergo this proceedure and also is going through radiation therapy. I am hoping that as a whole we can unite and offer remote healing energies to him and his family in time of need.


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Dear Erin
This soul is truly in need of strenth, love, peace and protection.
I am able to reach this little boy through the picture you have posted and I am going to add my distant healing to this little boy in the hope that I can in some way help to get him through the surgery and aid him through his recovery. I am also sensing that he has one leg shorter than the other or walks slightly uneven, which may be due to the tumour, I am not sure if this is correct as I am connecting to him through the picture you have posted here. He will be in need of intensive therapy to help him with his motor skill development.

May peace be with you and may you be guide by light through the darkest of days
I too will send healing energy to him ... with all the energy sent my all my desire is that he be healed and not need surgery or radiation. The medical plan is already in force and won't be stopped... he needs to be rechecked before surgery to see if it is still necessary since all the healing energy started being sent!

"Miracles" only exist because people don't believe they have the power... believe anything is possible anytime and there will be no need to seek/wait for miracles... no prayers for healing at a date in the future. There is only NOW.

Feel free to use this suggested prayer or any of your own...

Surround yourself in White Healing Light and take a deep breath... pulling in the LIght through your Crown Chakra to your Third eye see Jaxxon (look at his picture if possible) breath the Light into your Heart and on the exhale direct that Light energy from your Heart through your arms to your hands and face your palms toward Jaxxon....
See Jaxxon as a vibrant young boy leading us to the New Earth... Send him Love and LIght through your heart then say

"Surrounding Jaxxon in Pure White Crystal Healing Light - I see Jaxxon healed and give gratitude for Jaxxon's Health and Wholeness Now. Thank you! I Love you! Thank you! (Believe & Feel that) Jaxxon is now healed...Thank you! I Love you! " ("repeat")

I feel waves of prana washing over me I am tingling form head to toe. Jai Jaxxon!!!

Namaste Connie
Hi Erin

How is Jaxon going? I would dearly love an update.

I pray all is going well.
Love and bright blessings
I was informed the other day that he is doing very well! I am so thankful for all that you have done! Nameste'


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