Can you truly have spirituality without meditation?

I had a friend who was asking me to help her find a place to go in order to discuss psychic/spiritual topics. And what I ended up giving her was not the information she wanted. She said, "I am more so looking to talk about these things, not so much looking for meditation." And I thought, how could you be spiritual without meditation? Isn't meditation the foundation for discovering the truth within yourself? Maybe she is new to this and doesn't even know what her options are, and is just wanting to explore. But I always thought the best place to start was with yourself. Instead of outside resources.

Any ideas? Am I being too judgmental?
What are the ways you learned about your own spirituality?
Do you know of any groups in Washington area where people meet up to discuss these types of things, so I can pass the information along to her?

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I guess that is why I was confused by what she said, because I see meditation as any time you spend with yourself/God. It doesn't matter what it is, or what you're doing. Some people like to clear their mind, some people like to pray, some people like to imagine things. But maybe she just doesn't see it the same way I do. I am going to be a lot more understanding about it :) Thanks for your help! :o)

Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!!
I have had this problem as well.. maybe just let her work towards it at her own pace. After all, they say you cant boil a pot before it's ready..

Meditation seems like a desciplined practice of spirituality, which is not too appealing to some.. its all in how you explain it to them. I say that our thoughts create brain chatter, which saps alot of our mental capacity. Meditation allows you to relax.. to calm the useless brain chatter, and gain control of your focus.

Thanks for reminding me about patience!! You are so right, it does seem overwhelming to some and a lot of people "don't have the time" to dedicate to things like that. I will take your advice and just love her in the meantime while she travels down the path she is meant to take. After all, she will flower one way or another and maybe I am not the person to help her at this moment in time :o)

Thank you again for your help!

With many blessings,


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