Dangers of Black Magic and Dark Arts

By Brenda Tenerelli-Sacred Rose Energies on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 7:33pm
From my group on faceboo, Psychic Self Defense: https://www.facebook.com/groups/psychicselfdefense/

One of our members here asked me to write up something on this topic. There are several different types of black magic and dark arts. It can come as a curse, a spell, a hex, voodoo, hoodoo, soulish prayers, etc. It can take many forms. Curses and such can be made on someone by another person, by groups of people, by someone in this lifetime, or even by someone in a previous life that carries forward. They can be for a single reason or multi-faceted. Some have placed curses/spells on entire family lines before, that effect every member of the family for generations to come without even being part of the original mess. It is very common for people that do dark arts to do them in 3's as it effects the level of power, and so this number of people is quite commonly used and abused for negative purposes. A person can curse your health, your love life, your relationships in general, your success, money and finances, your children, etc.  They can place the curse on one person or a group of people, on a business, a building, a piece of land, etc.  A multi-faceted curse would be one in which more than one thing is set to be effected, like love and health, or love/health/money, or all of the above.

  All forms of black magic or dark arts are outside of the will of God, are done with intent to do harm in some way, are never in the highest good, they do interfere with soul plans and missions, and they do take people off the earth plane before it was their time to go.  People can curse someone with a sudden death curse that is set to happen in a very short period of time and be fatal. Their intent is to take the person off the earth plane and prevent them from doing what they came here to do. Example:  I have had someone place numerous sudden death curses on me before, but Spirit kept me informed and I removed them all. Some were set up as accidents where I would have suddenly fallen and hit my head in a fatal way; some were to have a bad car accident and die; some were to take a weakness like a place where I had hit my head already, cause it to start bleeding in the brain, cause the clot to release and travel through the body, get stuck in the lungs or heart, and hence kill me. If a person has a weakness such as bleeding too much, diabetes, etc. they will use that for the attack causing too much blood loss or a sugar coma that turns fatal. You get the idea. 

We all have different weaknesses in our bodies where they can get to us. People that do this usually have the ability to see spiritually or know someone that does, and they use that to find out things about the person, what their weaknesses are, where they live, etc.  They can see a person's Twin-Flame through us as well, and can set the attack for both. They can also set it up to effect our loved ones or children through us. I have seen people who were attacked with very dark magic from certain areas of the world where they totally shut down one whole side of the person's body. I could look at them spiritually and see one whole side totally black and without light. They can create a negative downward spiral of bad luck that causes you to keep attracting all negative things and people into your life, and can cause your energy spiral to go the wrong way, counterclockwise. Fixing the spiral is very quick and easy and takes me about 15 seconds to do. 

I am able to remove all manner of black magic and dark arts, and have done so. I get many people with curses, etc. from this life, but I also get many with them from past lives. Either can be removed and then I do a cord-cutting ceremony to cut any and all cords, ties, bindings, attachments to you from the curse or the person(s) that placed it on you. I also do spiritual wedges between you and the person(s) and curses/spell/etc. to dissolve all effects of it totally and block them from being able to do further harm. This part is critical and may have to be redone occasionally. I have had the same person do them on me before, and even with wedges they were able to wait for a time and then do it again. Things happen to our energy and vibration that can weaken the wedge/block over time, and if the person that means you harm is really diligent, they will watch for that and try it again. I have also found that by selling their soul and/or doing certain tasks for dark beings/satan, they can be given certain abilities back again to do more harm to us, and then those have to be stripped by God. No one else can do the stripping of gifts/abilities, but we have to keep checking from time to time to ensure it is still effective and they haven't regained them through acts of evil again. 

Keep in mind that most people will not have this problem and won't have to have them redone. Not everyone that places these are as diligent and filled with hatred/jealous energies as the one after me was. They can see exactly who we are spiritually from all the way back, know who is considered a threat with their energy, and who they feel needs to be removed from the earth plane the most. Dark entities and demons control these people and help feed into their jealousy and hatred, and feed them information about us to help them. Mine was particularly tough, doesn't give up easily, and was further irritated by the fact that I was so diligent at removing them as fast as he could throw them at me. When his attempts to kill me through spiritual means were ineffective, he then tried to come here to physically kill me. He was brought here by satan by remote viewing to see where I live, and I knew when he was out there watching me, as did my kids and cats. I know this all sounds like some movie or crazy made-up thing, but I assure you this all happened. I am sharing these details with you all so that you have a better understanding of what all is possible and can happen, but mine is more like the worst-case scenario, and most of you won't have to ever endure that level of attacks. 

People that truly are reuniting Twin-Flames are much more likely than others to be attacked this way, and the attacks are more likely and more common as you get closer to reunion or meeting in the physical. I do know other Twin-Flames even personally where one was actually taken off the earth plane, killed before their time. In this case when there is a mission to fulfill, Spirit will often bring the Twin back later in the other Twin's life as a walk-in soul to complete the mission. 

Know also that any black magic/dark arts also leave holes in the Spirit that need fixing, which I teach a meditation for fixing that; they also leave us vulnerable and more susceptible to other attacks including suicide demons and dark entities, which can be removed also; leave us more prone to depression and any other mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual issues. It is entirely possible for someone to sell your soul to satan even without your consent, and without you having to be sacrificed or killed. This was done also by that person in which he sold his own soul, then his daughter's, then my Twin's soul twice, but I went down and got them back. Until this I didn't know that was possible, or figured the person had to be sacrificed, but they don't. Their soul is simply offered up in exchange for help/abilities. I can retrieve any soulsback, including the person's own soul that sold it, but they can just sell it again if they wish to continue that path. We can't force them to give it up or come back to the light, but we can hope that if we keep trying to help & praying that one day they will choose it willingly.

 In the case of the one attacking me, there was finally an all-out spiritual battle initiated by me & 1 other that led to the dark person being pulled into a protective bubble that dark forces could not get into and keeping him there, and getting rid of all of them until he is now thought of as a liability to the dark forces and no longer of use to them. The battle spanned an entire weekend of us repeatedly attacking and taking turns to get both him and my Twin so covered and protected that there was nothing else the entities could do. That guy can now only sit and wait, unable to do further harm, and eventually can choose to listen to God and the Angels' guidance and change, or just sit there. Just so everyone is aware, there was more than one being down there to begin with; Lucifer was, but is no longer there as I took him home to the light, but the other(satan) is still down there. Eventually, when Spirit states it is time, I have to go back for the other, but I don't know what that part of the mission will entail just yet. Oh joy!!!  The "down there" is not the center of the earth as suggested for so long, but is a dimensional place that is very real. Just when I thought that it didn't really exist at all, my mission took an interesting turn. I have now been there several times to retrieve souls or pieces of souls.   

When someone contacts me and believes or has been told that there is a curse or spell on them, I first set up a reading to ask questions of Spirit to find out what is going on, if there is black magic/dark arts involved, whether it is from this life or a previous one, who all is effected, whether it is single or multi-faceted, and what Spirit wants me to do to remove it. For very simple soulish prayers and jealous energies, ingrained thoughts patterns, and past-life vows, it is often enough for me to do the Stronghold's Prayer for the person or give it to them to do daily. More serious things require removal, wedges, cord-cuttings, etc. and sometimes wedges in certain dimensions. Really dark, powerful ones require a multi-faceted approach of all of the above and healing. I hope this helps clarify about these things, how they work, the damage that can be done, and how they are removed. Any questions?



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Thank you so much for sharing this, Erika. I am so sorry for what you have been through. What it does do is teach us about what is really out there and how to protect better against it instead of being ignorant of it. It also makes us stronger in some ways, although at times we may feel more beat down than stronger, but in our character it helps somewhere. I know how you feel about not being able to talk to most people about these things or they just think we are nuts. We must be careful of who we speak to about this and things like Twin-Flames. It is very true that whether we have people doing this or not, we always have demons, entities, and other dark energies ready to mess with us at any time. The whole New Age thing has caused a great many problems for people due to this because they have everyone believing that there is no such thing as evil and that all is love & light and all is part of us, which it isn't and Christ and the others before us knew that. This has left many unprepared and unprotected. They think if they don't believe in them, they can't hurt them, and many have found out differently the hard way. It doesn't matter if you believe in them or not. Like the newer entities coming in now; if you project tons of love & light at them, they just laugh at you. Then we have the religions going the other way on the fear factor that these things exist, but we are powerless against them and can only call on Spirit for help, which isn't true either. Christ also taught that, but people don't listen. Yes, the list of ways they can get to us is endless and blows your mind to think about. Really good protection and shielding is essential especially these days. Spirit wants us to step up and learn to take care of these things ourselves and for our brothers and sisters, not just constantly rely on them to do it all for us, but many people don't want to learn or be responsible for it. They want someone else to do it; they want the quick fix. For those who are willing to learn, just as Christ said we would be able to do, this is why I teach people how to do energy clearing and healing work, how to shield and protect, etc. so they don't have to run to someone else for the rest of their lives. Anyway, I will add you to my list and send healing, prayers, and do energy clearing on you. I am glad you have come out the other side of this mess and into the light. I do believe that 2014 will be a much better year for many of us. Sadly for most people, if they do not learn about the existence of this type of magic and how to protect from it, they will end up learning the hard way like many others before them. Yes, the states do have it quite a lot, especially in Florida, New Orleans, and places along the Gulf of Mexico, California, etc. I wish you all the best in everything and many blessings your way!



Thank you so much, Erika, for your sweet words and prayers. I appreciate that very much. Yes, we do need to protect from humans too very much. People think when we say we are all one and talk of unity that we mean every person on the planet, but I don't mean that. I mean unity and oneness with all beings that have a divine spark because some of them don't. People need to start realizing that many of those walking around in a human form are actually demons or dark entities in physical form, soulless beings, and others that do not have a divine spark at all and really are not part of us. Embracing them as part of us actually gives them the open door they wanted. They mean to take us out of the game and off planet and do mean us harm, whether people believe it or not. I do hope that you will be very careful and protected if you go back there, but I also understand your heart's calling. I would love to stay connected with you too and am happy that you have another you can talk to now about these things. You will always be in my prayers also and I wish you every bright blessings and continued success!  <3

Hello Brenda,

What do you mean you took Lucifer to the light? 

I mean I went in and got him with protection and brought him back home. He is not in the darkness or hell or whatever you want to call it anymore. Since this was written, he has not only been brought back to the light, and we retrieved his son, and then Lucifer was reunited with his own Twin-Flame, but I've since been in many battles against satan specifically, cleansing the planet and the dimensions there, clearing & releasing souls. It is another long story with much involved. To truly understand about Lucifer, one must know the true story about how he got there and why, which has been altered terribly by religions. 

So Lucifer was the one who attacked you? He's human?

No, the guy is a human that was led here by Lucifer before I brought him back. The guy is the one who attacked. He is actually one of many antichrists; there isn't just one. Lucifer just brought him by remote viewing to see my home. 

But aren't Lucifer and Satan the same being?

No, that's why I state in the article that they are actually two different beings & always were separate. 


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