I am interested in discussing inexplicable blocks of time?????

Has anyone noticed that a strange and unusual experience
is followed by an unusual loss of time---

Has anyone noticed any usual marks on their body appearing around the time of these "unusual" experiences??

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Trevor I read a book once written by a psychologist that was investigating the syndrome of alien abductions. She became a believer after giving regression thru hypnotherapy to a few abductees. She stated that people do not get hallucinations under the influence of alcohol only auditory sensations. Lots of people get accused of being drunk from their non believer friends when they mention their alien abductions to them.I have had my moments of losing time with drunkenness before also. But all I witnessed was a blackout at the time and a huge hangover in the morning.

In my younger years I lost time completely sober while driving a car full of friends back to the airbase from a weekend at our homes. I came too on a strange narrow road after I had just crossed a bridge. My friends had all been asleep during that time. I awakened them and asked if they knew where we were. Nobody did so I turned the car around and headed back the other direction. Eventually I came upon the highway intersection where I had made a right turn somehow. Someone or something had to have had control of me and the car to make that turn and drive us safely down the winding road. We had lost a couple of hours where it had only taken about 30 minutes to find my way back to the correct highway..

Most of my abductions I felt as if an electric current was passing thru me before they appeared. One time I was out in a boat standing up while I was fishing. That electric feeling started and I knew what I was expecting and tried to fight it off. Next thing I knew I was still standing in the boat but at least two hours had passed. I rowed my boat to shore and got into my car and drove home as fast as I legally could. The episodes were scary for my younger days but aas I grew older and found out that they never harmed me I got braver and started looking forward to the next time hoping that I could learn more about them but they usually erased most of the things to remember.

What the picture of the fat man and fat chimpanzee or whatever drinking beer together got to do with this subject Eddie?

Im the monkey and Trevor is my drinking buddy on Chardonay night.

After the chardonnay we decided to have a beer together.

Do you mind?

Got me laughing on that one Eddie. Otherwise if the man is really you I apologize for such a comment.

Very interesting indeed. Yes I have had some very strange things happen to me. And a few months back I had in the fold of my arm a deep but small purple bruising...and it was also on my right arm, I was puzzled and still don't understand why...yes I have also had scratches that looked like a hash ..I don't know why...I feel somehow its alien connected, but can't remember...and yes I have seen lights in the sky, and for some reason even in the middle of the night I seem to know when to wake up and look out of the window, WHY? I even hear sounds that no one else can hear. I have also had an experiences where I am wide awake and will see the time and next its as if I am whisked away and have so much happening to me, see so much and when I (wake up)...lol, only 5 minutes have passed...how can any person fall asleep and dream and then wake up in 5 minutes..this has happened a few times, the last time was in March this year.

i lost about 4 hours about 20 years ago it was very strange , i have also filmed on my phone a beautiful white light in the sky it was very fast and then disapeared it was very beautiful and was filmed in the middle of the day last year.

Hi Eddie, I can't say I've missed time but have experienced "skipping through time" & this is kind of hard 2 explain.

While walking 1 day I noticed that 1 moment I was in 1 step but in the next few steps I was quite a few blocks further along my path than I should have been. Definitely notice the speedup of time as I wake up at 6am then before I know it 11:20 is what the clock reads.Lots of people are noticing the great speed up---u 2 no?


Michelle LittleOwl

Actually I did have an experience last week where I woke up because my leg hurt really bad like someone had yanked hard on it. I went outside, the sky was pitch black where I could see it in patches for the dark red cloud that covered for miles over my house and beyond. Everything was silent but I felt I was being watched. I took out my bible(scared I was) and was led to 2nd Peter. Since then I noticed what looks like a welt on my upper theigh but it has something in it. Also lastnight I had a premonition involving someone close to me encountering what appeared to be 'aliens' and asked if they had any strange experiences lately not giving further information on what I saw. They said no. But this morning they sent me a message saying that lastnight they did have an experience describing what I saw without me telling them what I saw.


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