I am interested in discussing inexplicable blocks of time?????

Has anyone noticed that a strange and unusual experience
is followed by an unusual loss of time---

Has anyone noticed any usual marks on their body appearing around the time of these "unusual" experiences??

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That is great LoveLightsPeace. With a screen name like that you should have nothing to fear. Most choose them from something that is within their hearts . I believe there is nothing to fear from them and that the time has come for them to make themselves known. Did they describe what the red cloud was about?

A good example of what the good type is all about can be discovered by reading Secret Places of the Lion by George Hunt Williamson. Early in my life I had a series of reoccuring dreams, some of times in ancient Egypt and some of Biblical times and a few other experiences. I had an idea they may have been of past lives but they were just a little bit different from our texts and I was not quite sure who I was in them. In my early 50's I came upon the book mentioned above in my favorite metaphysical book store on Oklahoma City. The store seemed different fro my earlier encounters there as instead of its normal dim lights except around the showcases the place seemed lit up with a pleasant glow. Something led me to walk right in without hesitation and to the bookcase where they 1st book that came into my view was Secret Places of the Lion. This copy had on its particular cover a pyramid, an African lion and a UFO, all objects of my favorite topics and animal of interest. I looked at the back cover and it explained how aliens came to earth over 10,000 years ago and some chose to stay on to inbreed and stay on to incarnate to assist  the earthlings to bring the world out of the darkness and into the light.

Once I got home and started reading this book I was filled with goosebumps from its start. One of the main characters in this book was an alien named Merk who was a starship commander, and the book goes on to give examples of his incarnations. They were word for word to those reocurring dreams I had about 30 years previous to my finding. Those dreams were so profound that there has not been a day in my life were they did not enter my mind. I read the book from cover to cover and the goosebumps were with me all the way through. Still I had few doubts about the truth of the book and my have led these past lives.

I had joined a dating service and had found a young lady who had matched my lifestyles. I chose on my first date to take her to a Natvie American spiritual park called Red Rock Canyon not far from Oklahoma City. On the way there and in our walks I was comfortable to talk with her about reincarnation and of my discovery since she believed in reincarnation also. Just as we were abot to approach a certain canyon wall I was asking God in my mind if the book I had read was true and had I lived those past lives. I said to Him if so to please give me a sign. Immediately I turned to face the canyon wall and there was this huge shadow image of the forward part of an African lion including his front foreleg and paw behind the dried up standing grass. I asked my date if she was seeing as I saw and when she replied yes, I speedily grabbed my camera and took its picture before it disappeared. I only took one and it came out very centered and perfect. I had all the proof I had needed then of  the truth written in the book and of my past lifes.

Yes. I have had similar experience. The more I ask the more I am shown. Just last night(morning the witching hour) I heard someone calling my name and stepped outside. Again a red cloud but this time it covered the whole sky aside from the moon which the clouds broke way the entire time so it was there. I could see something out of the corner of my eye shine light female the other side male a little transparent kept saying my name then many others. No I was not sleeping and I know I am not crazy. They were just watching. These ones just watch but because I sensed them they let me know they mean no harm to anyone. I felt fine... kinda like familiar family... comfortable. Then I went inside and sat down. I closed my eyes and all I saw was black which is not normal for me my mind is always racing but it was still. Then from the right came a bright white light that was so intense that I opened my eyes. Then I went to sleep.

Yes I am leaving out some major details for a reason here. I want to share my side of what happened but emphasize that "we are just watching" is the message. Also the thing in my leg disappeared the day I wrote here. They watched what happened but did not do it. So there's the skinny of this experience. As for the time loss thang... I travel so much that it all just kinda catches up to me. Hard to keep my head here though and remember stuff here it is everywhere else that I remember. Funny me.

I had an experience where i was in bed and my roof was ripped away.. there was a bright light and I was pulled out of my body.. I was dedicated the communicator between us and them.. we talked about how I needed to prepare to help the earths humans... when we were done I was sent back to my body which i saw, as I went into it I immediately awoke speaking in clicks and whistles... something I have never heard before. The same night my sister had the same experience only she was watching me communicate with them.. my other sister was there too but she has anger issues and was put in a force field cage..

God, I love these groups! Where else can people share such great stuff and be taken seriously!

Yes. Not as many as I would like. No strange mark. Never abducted by an off world-er if that's what you are asking? I love the subject. I wish we could form a group and we would engineer such events... 



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