I am interested in discussing inexplicable blocks of time?????

Has anyone noticed that a strange and unusual experience
is followed by an unusual loss of time---

Has anyone noticed any usual marks on their body appearing around the time of these "unusual" experiences??

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Quite often there is a light associated with the experience...
and also a disturbance in the electromagnetic energy in the immediate vacinity of the atmosphere.

this caught my eye because I did have an experience last weekend.  Took a nap where I had a dream.  I was driving my car, going really fast and flying over this hill and instead of coming down I kept going up.  I was suspended, weightless in my car and I remember being excited that I was being taken up to a spaceship and maybe I should text my daughter to let her know lol.  that was strange, no? but what was weirder, I woke up (or thought I had) and looked at my phone at the time; it read 16:30 and I thought I'd slept too long.  A few minutes later, I looked back and it was 15:23, so...not sure what happened with that time?  no strange marks that I noticed.  But this hasn't been the first time I've had this type of experience. 

I have had a lifetime of losing time and abductions but don't expect me to go tell some gov who will make me their guinea pig. I've had a group of 4 men in black ...not business suits...never before seen black outfits. They had on gas mask looking things and holograms of aliens hovering in front of them. That happened 6-28-2011. They held me down and pulled something out of my nose then went back into the wall. I could hear my nose crunching as they pulled the thing out. My nose was soft and crunchy for days after that. On July 1, 2011 they came back. This time we were digital so they had no alien hologram hovering in front of them. This time my mate was in bed next to me and he sleeps lightly. He can be snoring and will wake up if I just turn over in bed. I felt the electricity of the portal opening and sat up in bed in shock as they walked through again and held me down. I struggled hard and made every noise I could but my mate never woke up til they left. This time they shoved something deep up my left nostril...same place they took something out. Then they grabbed my left arm and drew my blood, then shot something into me and left again. They have not been back as yet. I got pics of my arm to prove it. But I can't show you b/c my laptop was mysteriously killed 3 days ago and everything is in it. Over the years I've lost hours and hours of time and had incredible experiences with good and bad guys. I'm borrowing my mate's desktop right now. **I forgot to mention that the second time they came they looked like tall black aliens...but I knew they were not them b/c of the hologram that floated in front of them 2 days earlier. I also have a special relationship with the tall blacks and knew it was not them. Those are my family from the future...at least that's what they have told me all my life. And they have never done me harm...ever.

Your not alone Angel Ballard. I have had a lifetime also of abductions and losing time, from a very small child right up into my mid 50's. One night in my early teens I was awakened by the Greys while I had a brother sound asleep in beds at each side of mine. That night I was told that I was chosen, inserted with an implant from my left nostril up into my sinus cavity and shown a video of a nucleur explosion and a vision of what It would be like as a survivor right after. I was in a very hot celler that had caved in and very thirsty with no place to go. It was not only the greys that tok part that night as there were these little short pudgy ones with a greenish brown dolor. They wore brown hooded robes like monks. That following night after going to bed I awakened with a nosebleed where I though I would bleed  to death before it could be stopped. As far as I know that implant is still there as anout 10 years ago I had a full sinus xray and something was spotted in my left sinus cavity. The VA specialists said it wasn't doing me any harm and thought it best to leave alone. My VA primary doctor was quite angry with the specialist for not having it removed as she told me that she had one of "those" not discussing what it was,and had it removed. I remember many time, that just about as an abduction was about to end being told that therewould be no memories of them but I have a strong will and was able to remember bits and pieces most of the time. I too have met with several kinds, both the good and bad kind. When I worked in Wisconsin I had many friends there that I could talk openly to about this stuff. Occasionally we would have big parties held outside one of their houses. One night my best friend called me over saying he wanted to introduce me to a couple of guys. They were the only two dressed formal in black suits. and they were alway together at these parties. One was an inlaw of my friend. He introduced me and telling me which branch of the government they worked for. Am not going to give out the branch but they appeared very much to me as The Men in Black. I was left alone with them and being a bit psychic I told them I knew what they do. I also told them that one of them, the very tall one was an alien and that the other a hybrid half human and half alien. They never denied it and kept a straight face. Then I said lets find a quiet place as I wanted to talk to them privately. First I told them a little bit about my encounters  and have also told many others. Said that I was going to continue and nobody was going to stop me. Then I told them everything I could remember. I did not dare to ask them anything about their work, feeling it much safer that I id not know. After I got done telling them my story all 3 of us became very good friends but we only saw each other at the parties. They would go with us everywhere and have just as much fun as the rest of us. They always maid sure to come over and greet me and have friendly normal chat at the parties. One night on a party bus on the way to a club in another town they were sitting almost across from me on the bus. One of them called over to me saying, "Hey Frank look out your window as there is your UFO." I looked out to the sky and there was this very bright star there. I identified it as a UFO as I had been able to before and demonstrate to others what it was just before it would start moving across the sky and even change directions. Well this one had another small one break off from it and drop down lower in the sky. I said to my two friends,"hey did you see that?"  They both replied, "Yep" in unison. Nothing more was said about it that night. That was the last time I saw these guys before I moved from Wisconsin. I felt that UFO episode was their way of telling me without really exposing themselves that they had believed everything I had told them and were with me on it

There are two types of abductees------

those who remember and those who dont


Wow!! Very interesting accounts given here ~ awesome. Thank you all for sharing, as by doing so, it helps each of us individually to grow and our consciousness to expand. I can't remember at this moment losing an inexplicable amount of time but who knows, maybe I just can't remember!! Eddie, the sensation of Light you experience can only be good. All Light indicates a spiritual presence is near and I would assume that the disturbance in the electro-magnetic energy around you is because you are in a heightened state of spiritual awareness. When astral travelling, for instance, time stands still to a certain extent, in as much that a whole sequence of events take place in a parallel dimension in what, according to time as we know it on earth, is but the ‘blink of an eye’.

Namaste, Pauline

We call it by many names Pauline
some call it astral traveling
some call it alien abduction
the experience is the experience
we create our own little fantasy of what it is
after all its our dream.


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