Hello everyone, my name is Mark and i'm loosing track of my spiritual pathway, I seem to be stuck, lost and feeling down. Each and every day I extend my hand to others and help where possible,  this works well but i'm now feeling lost and i feel i have nowhere to turn, my compassion and extended support to others is taking it's toll on my strength and wellbeing . Maybe it's because i'm coming up to the first anniversary of the death of my father, maybe it's because its winter but I honestly feel lost, i have times that I just cry for no reason, my heart is broken at the slightest sign of anyone or anything in distress, hurt or needy. I'm overwhelmed with emotions that I just don't understand.

Can anyone help?

Thank you


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Hi Mark, My heart goes out to you at this very unsettling time. I can truly understand how you feel from the points you have raised. Life can be very difficult, especially so for souls consciously walking a spiritual pathway. My Love to you, and may the community at Humanity Healing give you support and guidance.

Namaste! Pauline xox ♥


A good reply David, and I especially resonate to these words of yours:


That being said I do know that waves go up and down.  Sometimes

we walk in the light and other times we walk in the dark.


I am aware that even souls who are not particularly in 'angst' have to deal with their own 'demons', albeit seeing them diminish and eventually, weaken ...



Thank you Pauline for your kind responses to my question, your love and support are appreciated and felt :)



Dear David, thank you, the Love extended to me through your words is heart felt and they have lifted my spirit and will assist me on the next stage of my spiritual journey, so thank you once again .

I live in China, been here for 12 years or so now, I have a very special spiritual healing and environmental mission that my guides have told me to follow and to fullfil, it's difficult at times as there is very little nature available to me in a concrete jungle filled with 25 million souls but i do try to get to a local park when possible and listen to the birds sing and the wind blowing through the trees and feel the energy from the trees through my hands as i pass them by, this certainly does help.


Namaste with Love



Hello Mark,

 You are just a little overwhelmed. The energies that were sent our ways during Past Nov and December were pretty hard core, and they need to be integrated carefully and calmly  It can easy cause the sensation of hype sensitivity. This shall pass soon, do not fight it, embrace it. Be gentle with yourself, sing to yourself do things that bring you joy... and give it time at least of 21-28 days and the cycle will get better, I guarantee you.


Thank you RaK



Hi Mark, my name is Virginia and I too know what you are going through as I too feel this stuck feeling.I thought at times I was the only one in this predicament. It seems that Source is so far away and I am left to fend for myself but deep down I know that is not true. Ego has a way of making us feel disconnected to the Source and it feels devastating at times. I too find myself crying and struggling to be free from whatever is happening.  April will be the month that my son Ronald passed at the age of 12 and I live alone and I am dealing with all of my issues with no physical assistance at the moment. It is all so overwhelming at times and it is so cold here where I live so going out for a walk or anything for that matter is out of the question.I have a friend who just published her first book called "Love's Voice" which has helped  me see that the voice is always inside of us guiding and leading. So Mark take comfort in knowing there are others like yourself and we must hold on to the fact that Source will never leave us nor forsake us. I am also comforted in saying to myself "I am forever connected to the Source of all life"... Also I recommend going to the website of my friend... www.lovesvoicechangesyou.com  I look forward to hearing what you have to say about her message.... In there with you .. Virginia

Hi Virginia,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my question and for sharing your own personal story with me :) One step at a time is what we both need to focus upon right now, remaining focused on the greater good that we can bring to humanity from the gifts that have been bestowed upon us and sharing our stories with others so they can understand more about themselves and help them on their way to their own spiritual destinies. We are both surrounded by Angels and our spiritual guides but often we loose focus on that because of all the clutter and excess baggage we are carrying, shaking off this clutter and baggage is a must and we need to bring our minds into the now, be thankful for all we have right now and think of all the good and beauty we can bring to the world. My heart, my thoughts, my energy and my light is with you now Virginia, we are connected by the Divine Matrix and we will become stronger together, we can and will make a difference to this world and our passed loved ones, friends and families will be proud of us moving forward.

Thank you once again my dear friend.

Namaste with Love


Hi brother, we are not this body or these thoughts or these emotions, we are the spirit! We grow in meditation, and become detached- not in a zombie way detached from your emotions, not detached but do not ATTACH!!! By attaching to something we give that something, POWER, and it engulfs us, and we become that, or it manifests in other ways,and can make you very ill! Thats what it sounds like is happening with you? I've been there brother, and through SAHAJA yoga-meditation you evolve, it's different from other yogas because it STARTS with self-realisation, instead of that being an unobtainable goal of a false teaching.its not a blind belief/faith as you feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, and feel the catches of your chakras and other ppls too! you develop a vibratory awareness! Men of G-d will become prophets, and have the powers to make others prophets- William Blake. Hope this helps in some way? Ive done a blog on this with more info, if you are interested! Take care Mark, love and peace.

Thank you Turya Turiya, your reply has helped me focus even more on my spiritual pathway, I know I have times of attachment which then take hold and the Ego takes control. I will take a look at your blog.

Namaste with Love



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