I am at something of a loss here.  The guidelines instruct me to post an introduction on the Forum. Is this the place? Let's see . . .

My name is Jon Cassell and I am a semi-retired craniosacral therapist and a distant healer. A married man with two daughters, two grandsons and a great-grandson, I live a reasonably quiet life in Portsmouth, UK.

I've been a practising Buddhist for a good few years, though I have an interest in spirituality in general and Eastern philosophy in particular.

In the summer of last year I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and had major surgery to remove it. The op was a complete success though I am presently waiting for minor surgery to reconnect my innards so that I can return to a normal life.

My sleeping fox avatar is a paper cut picture by a lovely talented friend, Holly Deacon.

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Hi Jon, posted beautifully thank you!

I know members will be pleased to see your Introduction and wish you much happiness at Humanity Healing.

Pauline HUGS


PS Love your Fox avatar ...


Thankyou, (((Pauline)))

It all feels very comfortable here so far.

Yes, Holly is a talented lass, a photographer as well as an artist.

Hello Jon,

so good to see you here. This is a network where people share and support each other. We are like minded people and we are also a healing network. What it means is that we do not have the rhythmic frenzy of other networks, we are pretty much lay back. We would love if you can share with others your insights, knowledge and journey with us. many here prefer just to read, because somewhat they feel shy. Please don;t let this be the case with you. Everyday we try to keep the forum and blogs fed with new material so people can learn, share, discuss, ask questions and have a virtual island where they can bring their healing needs. Please visit our groups, and interact with us, whenever you feel like it. We are always here on the background, and we are here to serve. May you be blessed, namaste


Thankyou, RaK for this friendly welcome. Humanity Healing certainly feels like a very good place to be. I look forward to sharing here.

Hello Jon, Welcome! Thank You for sharing a bit of yourself with us, it is in the sharing that we learn, in the learning that we come to understand, in the understanding that we come to knowing...and in the knowing we see each other as a part of the whole....once again, Welcome!

Thanks, Mark.

Jon.........my life has been transformed since I found this forum a year or so ago!!!!!

In many ways I can relate to the account of Mr. Kevin Williams who talks about how simply studying NDE accounts took him from a place where he would call himself a fundamentalist Christian to being a confirmed Universalist!!!!

I have never had an OBE or NDE that I can remember.....but I am a firm believer that NDE accounts are true......and they are the most amazingly simple and understandable theology that I can pass on to my daughter.  So far I have read her everything that I could find of NDE accounts with animals.  She loves these!!!!

We have a three year old Golden Lab who is certainly an angel with us!!!!!


Kevin Williams:  "The following article is my personal testimony of how NDEs have transformed me from being a Christian fundamentalist to a Universalist who believes in  universal salvation. NDE research has opened my heart and mind to spiritual truth far beyond the Bible. NDE testimony reveals how a person's religious beliefs, or lack of them, matters very little in the afterlife. Heavenly bliss is about "deeds" and not "creeds." What really matters in the afterlife is how we treat other people. Complete unconditional love for everyone is the "Grand Unifying Principle" and essence of divinity. The Bible agrees with this when it flat out says, "God is love" (1 John 4:7-8) and how loving others unconditionally is the way to attain eternal life (Luke 10:25-28).

Jon Cassell said:

Thankyou, RaK for this friendly welcome. Humanity Healing certainly feels like a very good place to be. I look forward to sharing here.


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