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Blog Entry Major Causes of Unhappiness   Jun 21, '11 10:03 AM
by Carol for everyone

Major Causes of Unhappiness



Most people nowadays have indeed become very unhappy and miserable. With everything that is happening around the world – natural calamities such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami, etc., terrorism, and economic crisis – it would not be a surprise if people just give up hoping for a happy and bright future.

It is very easy to be unhappy when things do not go our way. We feel angry and irritable. However, we must not dwell too long on these feelings, for these can lead to problems that are more serious.

Keep in mind the prerequisites of happiness as discussed earlier. If any of these prerequisites is missing, then it becomes a cause for unhappiness. For example, how can a sick person be happy when he is in pain? How can a mother and a father be happy when they do not have enough income to provide for their children’s needs? How can one be happy when he does not even have a shelter over his head? There are many causes of unhappiness and each of them must be addressed.

Besides having poor health and insufficient income, other causes of unhappiness include:

Burnout And Lack Of Productive Work

The keyword is “productive” for it gives a sense of fulfillment. The lack of it leads to a feeling of emptiness and lack of purpose in life.

Getting physically and mentally active may help overcome unhappiness. Get involved with something worthwhile, something that will give a sense of fulfillment or achievement.

The Fear Of Rejection

It hurts when people reject us. It leaves a feeling of sadness and lowers our self-esteem. The “X” mark represents rejection and it can be manifested in different forms. Some people express rejection by verbally saying that they do not like the person or his idea. Some express skepticism or ridicule the person presenting new ideas. Others try to form their own group and exclude those they dislike.

Rejection is also expressed non-verbally. Some adopt the closed and defensive stance and refuse to listen to ideas by re-directing the flow of conversation. The thumbs-down sign is universally understood as rejection.

If this is the case, we should try to associate with other people who will accept us for what we are. Rejection should not put an end to our efforts. We should take it as a sign to do a re-examination and try another approach.

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I feel much of the disharmony manifests from a lack of understadning of all the many dimensions we live and expand into. So much that the astral plane can become a stromy sea of emotions holding concpets  and illuisons that keep many locked in translation. The ocean cohabitates with marine life and we as human beings must find balance by freeing ourselves from the emotional body. Finding a firm ground where we can plant our feet and allow the roses to create a flourishing expansionof love within our body temple. A place where are energy centers are illumed by the balancing of ones Ego and Divine  Mind , bridging heavan on earth forevermore. Equal unifying input equals equal unifying output......... thankyou for sharing, Shalom

Each piece brings us closer to OM!  Thanks for stopping by and sharing your own feedback!  This is how we learn!


Much Love & Endless Light!



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