My Healing Techniques:

I realize most healers use Reiki healing and ones that are more heard of. Mine is a little different, so I'll start this off with telling you about what I do. I was given the gift of healing in my hands directly by God during a meditation. I was very lucky in that I didn't have to go through years of study to learn what I know and use. I had started out before this by reading a book called, "Secrets From God, Your Keys To Heaven." When I read this book and started doing the meditations in it, I learned how to see/hear/talk to God and hierarchy, receive spiritual gifts, and do healing using these gifts.

Healing, according to God, is removal of the demons and dark energies causing the illness, and letting in the healing light and energy that fills the space that was filled by darkness. I first received a Golden Staff that I could use to kill demons and dark energies with. This can be used on myself or anyone else. I use it to kill demons in other people in the area of the illness (Mental, physical, or emotional). I learned to see and hear spiritually in this same meditation, so I look at them for the demons or dark energies that are causing the problem. I get rid of those, and then I project healing energy into that body part.

Then I learned another meditation that teaches us how to clear the dimensions. All illnesses and attacks on our bodies happen in the spiritual realms first. They attack our spiritual bodies in the dimensions, which then causes the illness in the physical. I continued to use my various gifts to remove these things from people,and clear their dimensions and then God gave me the gift in my hands. It takes much less time now and is easier on my hands now. I just use my hands to reach in and remove whatever is causing the problem and to crack away the layers of darkness some people have.

I added in some things of my own to enhance the process, and call in some of those in spirit and also my Twin-Flame to work the more serious healings with me. I have also learned how to visit Heaven for direct healing from God, and know how to take other people before his throne for healing. These are the miracle ones that are really in need and need something serious to save them. The work I do can be done hands-on or with remote healing. I do all the work on the person's spiritual body, so they can be anywhere.

I had no knowledge of the spiritual world or religious background going into this. I learned all of this and much more in less than a year. I started reading the book in July of '08, got the gift in my hands by early December, cured my first patient of a terminal brain cancer over winter break, and began my healing list immediately. It grew rapidly and over several months grew into a list of a couple hundred people I work on daily. I also have a couple hundred more that I clear the energy of daily. This is healing, but isn't as extensive and gets rid of their demons as such, so I call it energy clearing.

During the past year I have grown spiritually by leaps and bounds, trying to keep up with it all, and have started my own Healing/Teaching business to support my kids. For many months I did all of it daily for free, but found I had to make a living somehow without giving up my work. Those people that started out condemning me for the healing work have since changed their minds and when they came down with cancer, they contacted me first. That alone is very rewarding after being shut out and misunderstood. I'm happy for them to be willing to give it a shot in spite of their initial impression.

God has given me the gift partially to fulfill a Divine Mission with my Twin-Flame. He has shown me my destiny and what he wants me and the kids to do. He brought us together to meet my Twin, and will be joining him and traveling with him enlightening and healing people across the globe soon. The gift has been most rewarding and I am very humbled at the tremendous life and opportunity that has been given to me. I take my healings very seriously and when someone is healed it always brings a tear to my eye of joy. Spirit has big plans for me, and are catching me up fast. I was born an awakened heart and soul, but it was shut down for years from a trauma, so now I'm catching up for lost time. I will always be so grateful to God for the gift he has given me and love sharing it with others.

Now, a complete healing session would include: removal of demons and dark energies; projecting light and energy; clearing their dimensions; removal of negative emotions, negative karma, traumas, and blocks; removal of demons that cause addictions and obsessive/compulsive behaviors; removal of fears and phobias; checking their spiral of energy; asking for a new heart if needed; finding child spirit; addition of balls of healing energy in green, blue, gold, & red rose; possible trip to God's throne if needed; help with weight issues.

Now then, let's hear from some of you as to your own healing technique and how you came by it. I'm not very familiar with Reiki yet, but would love to hear about the different types out there and people's stories and successes.

Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda

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Brenda,  You have joined the Angels of Light Fellowship group I just started on this service.  I live in Sylva about 50 miles southwest of you in Jackson County.  I am feeling a pull to move to the Asheville area, probably next summer or fall.  I would like to connect with you through my email account to discuss what I am seeking for this move.

Warm Regards,


That's great, Al. I'll send you an email; it will come from  so you recognize it. I know w gal whose parents live in Sylva and she drives there all the time so her parents can see her daughter and her.


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