President Obama's True Nature - Astrological Insights on Eleventh House

President Obama's True Nature - Astrological Insights on Eleventh House
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President Obama's True Nature
Our friends at Gaiam TV , a streaming media service dedicated to transforming mind, body and soul, have an amazing episode of The Eleventh House premiering and we knew we just had to pass it on to you! The Eleventh House is an original program exploring the astrology, symbolism and meta-nature of key events in the world. Watch the Series by signing up for our 10 Day FREE Trial!

This week's episode of The Eleventh House provides insight into
President Obama's True Nature

What is President Obama really like beneath the public façade that he so deftly displays? Astrology may provide insight, but only if we can determine his correct birth date and time. Robert Phoenix explores three potential natal charts for President Obama in an attempt to reveal his true nature.

New to The Eleventh House?
Here's what you can catch up on:
2014 Astrological Outlook

2014 Astrological Outlook
Robert Phoenix provides insights into 2014; It is a year filled with collapse and April 23rd may be the most dynamic day of the year. Discover the major astrological characteristics and their impact on world events this year.
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JFK Assassination and a False Aquarian Age

JFK Assassination and a False Aquarian Age
The assassination of John F. Kennedy was one of the most pivotal moments in American history, entering us into an era of chaos. Robert Phoenix explains the astrology of the act and reveals the clues of our false Aquarian Age.
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True Birth Date of Jesus

True Birth Date of Jesus
Robert Phoenix presents a natal chart, a map of the universe at the moment of birth, for Jesus as if his birth occurred 9/11. December 25th has become a date for excess while September 11 is filled with solemnity; could we have reversed these dates?
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Upcoming episodes:
Ukraine in the Membrane"/>

Ukraine in the Membrane
The current events in Ukraine will bring long-term consequences for much of the world, but what are the forces behind this revolution really up to? Robert Phoenix examines the astrology behind the events to reveal answers.
Cosmic Dance of Mars and Venus

Cosmic Dance of Mars and Venus
Robert Phoenix helps us gain insights into our relationships by explaining how the interaction between Mars and Venus affects attraction and expression.
JFK Assassination and a False Aquarian Age

Atomic Astrology
Robert Phoenix examines the astrology of major nuclear events around the world and, in doing so, offers a glimpse into our potential atomic future.
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About The Eleventh House:
The Eleventh House is one of Gaiam TV's Original Programs. Exclusively available to Gaiam TV members, the program explores the astrology, symbolism and meta-nature of key events that are shaping our society and collective destiny. Whether you're just learning about Astrology and its many dimensions, or if you have studied astrology for many years, you can find eye-opening new facts and perspectives through the eyes of Robert Phoenix. New episodes premiere every Friday.
Who we are:
Gaiam TV is for those seeking lasting change in their life's journey. Our exclusive and hand-picked videos go far beyond the boundaries of the mainstream to give you new and enlightening perspectives on all kinds of topics. Explore unlimited opportunities for growth — mentally, physically and spiritually, all in one place. Find out more here .

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