Psy Exercise Number 7

Try and avoid reading other members posts about this exercise as it may influence your reading. `````````````````````````
Study the pic and then ask yourself... * Is this person in the pic still alive? *What was her dreams
*What Part of the world you feel she is connected with?
What name/names spring to your mind when looking at it? ..sometimes you can "pick up" a name around them that is not necessarily theirs! *
What type of personality do you think/feel, she has or had?
Does she has /had a family?
Any other impressions which come to mind (even if they seem silly to you) ..
The results will be posted after 7 days...

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Hi Doe Eyes, I'm still in this 'ol body. Horseback riding is one of my great loves in life, but I never cared much about winning awards for it. I do have ancestors from England and am a vibrant person most of the time. I have one brother and was blessed with absolutely wonderful and very loving parents whom I adore(d, my mom has passed over).
I feel that the person connected with the picture in sad...Puts on a happy face but that hides the sadness and trauma that is hidden very deeply inside. Connected with pary world wants more connection with spirit but is lost as to how to connect. Marrian comes to mind. Here personality again is like a chamileon shows alot of what people want to see, but her real self is hidden. She hides because of the sadness.I feel that she is physically alive, but emotionally shut down.
Greetings to you, Annie! Well, you seem to be deeply tuned in. It makes me feel rather unsettled for it to be so openly exposed, but to be honest, I do have much sadness and some trauma that lies beneath the smile, some of which is in the past, some is ongoing, but I also have many blessings in my life which I try to concentrate on. We always have to try to focus on that silver lining around the clouds. There are times that I smile when I don't feel it inside, but usually the simple act of smiling makes me begin to feel better. I'm definitely deeply connected to the "pary" world and spirit, and deeply crave an even closer and more conscious (recognizable?) connection, and it's correct that because of certain limitations in my life right now, I'm lost as to how to accomplish it. I'm very much a chameleon, but the changes in the colors I show (metaphorically speaking) are all facets of me, so it's not really just a matter of what I think others want to see. I am a very deep person, so it's fair to say that a certain amount of me is hidden to many people. As far as being emotionally shut down, I've had some heartaches in my life that were so intense I did pray to be spared the pain of emotional feeling, but it didn't happen. (Typing this last sentence, the picture of a garden with many bloomed, yet many sleeping, flowers came to my mind. Hmmm.) I was given a reading once, in which the spirit guides said that sometimes the light within me dims. I feel that's accurate.
Hi Heidi,
Wonderful experience. Thanks for your insight into yourself. Yes, we all have deep wounds to heal in this life. Unfortunately especially the light bearers. We came in through alot of darkness to walk through it an rise above it. It gives us a depth that we wouldn't have otherwise and gives us deep compassion for thos that we lift up.

Have you encountered EFT or emotional freedom yet? It helps to clear emotions on a very deep level.

blessings, hugs, and happy holidays and thanks for sharing your soul with us.
I got a sense this person has passed on. A fun person but a bit on the shy side with a great sense of humor. Married with 4 children, homemaker, and her dream in life was just to be happy and loved, which I think she was. I get the name Rachael (sp?) around her.
Hi there, Tiffiny! I like to think I have a great sense of humor and think my friends and family would all agree. I was married, have 2 children and was a homemaker after my first child's birth until he was 5 1/2 (had planned to stay home until both of my kids were in school, but my then husband and I separated so I had to go to work). My #1 dream in life is to be happy (serene, unstressed, joyful & loved). And I do have a dearly loved friend named Rachel Jane.
Hey, I got a couple right, lol! Glad to see I was wrong on the alive or dead part. Thanks for responding individually. Take care Heidi. ;)
Hi Antoinette, what an interesting response.
1. You may want to read my reply to Annie's comments (page 2 of the responses). And there definitely is anger in me toward someone in my life. That person's selfishness and irresponsibility have a huge effect on my life on a daily basis, in fact, my life has to totally revolve around it for the time being and I deeply resent it. However, this situation is not without it's rich blessings which I recognize and am very thankful for.

2. I wonder what the "not tell about" meant?

3. Not sure how to respond, but no ties to Australia (except that I'd like to experience the outback, but there are other places I wish more to go) past or present in this life.

4. No Alexandras or Annas close to me.

Take care and don't forget to have fun on your journey, hon!!!
I believe she is alive. The name Janice, though not the first one that popped into my head, seems right.... I think she is connected to Spirit, but has a blockage keeping that connection partly closed.... She looks to have bubbly, inviting personality. I'm thinking she is in a white collar job, perhaps sales, and does not have any children...
Greetings Sara, I can't say there's anyone named Janice close to me. While I am connected to spirit, I very much want a deeper, more conscious connection and do feel there is a blockage at this moment in time which may have to do with situational limitations in my life. I'm often told that I have a bubbly, inviting personality and make people comfortable around me. I am in sales and I do have 2 children.
I said in an earlier reply that being happy (unstressed, etc.) was my #1 dream, but I guess that's really #1b. Peace on earth would have to be #1a and would in its self bring me much joy. I've been called by many a lightworker and I absolutely believe that we can and must achieve peace on earth if we (the human race) are to continue to exist on this planet and to become interactive members of the galactic family that we're all part of.
I'm part Scotch/Irish.
Don't think I've ever know anyone named Ethan.
I've been blessed to have created 2 families: my 2 children, a son and a daughter, and a chosen family of friends who are very loving and dear.
This young woman is still alive. Her dream is reach her potential. She married and is planning on having children. she is a very happy person and is spiritual in nature. Her name is Jen, Jenna, Jennifer or Kathy? Duh, don't know where that came from! LOL I believe she is positive for the most part, but struggles with her ego as we all do at times. I see beauty surrounding her. She waves her hand in friendliness, has a great smile, and her eyes sparkle! I'd like to meet her!


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