Psy Exercise Number 7

Try and avoid reading other members posts about this exercise as it may influence your reading. `````````````````````````
Study the pic and then ask yourself... * Is this person in the pic still alive? *What was her dreams
*What Part of the world you feel she is connected with?
What name/names spring to your mind when looking at it? ..sometimes you can "pick up" a name around them that is not necessarily theirs! *
What type of personality do you think/feel, she has or had?
Does she has /had a family?
Any other impressions which come to mind (even if they seem silly to you) ..
The results will be posted after 7 days...

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Good evening, Karen! (I love that name, it was my mom's!) I know without a doubt that I have a great deal of potential in several areas that I've yet to tap into &/or nurture into fully being. Several people picked up on sadness in me, which there is, but I've also had many wondrous, wonderful, amazing, incredible experiences in this life and have been richly blessed. I feel things very deeply, so I've experienced both extremes of the happiness/sadness spectrum. I am very spiritual in nature and do try to always stay positive in thought and deed. Beauty does surround surrounds all of us! Beauty can be the unbridled joy on a child's face when they smile, something as simple as a blooming flower or a tiny snowflake, or something as majestic as a mountain range or a fiery sunset. All we have to do is notice and appreciate.
I'd like to meet you, too!!!!
I feel she has died. She is not American - more like German or. Her dream was a loving relationship, but I feel that did not happen for too long for her. Mary was fun loving and occasionally quite shy. Somewhat self-deprecating. No children.
Hi Maggie,
I haven't kicked the proverbial bucket yet. lol. I am an American and am of German (among others) descent. I've had some great loves in my life. I guess for how long, since that's a relative thing compared to how long I live on this earth, remains to be seen. Can be very fun-loving and can also be serious, depending on the situation, and tend to be self-depricating (am learning not to be so much). Do have 2 children.
I think that she is living. She always dreamed of marriage. I feel that she is originally, or now from a southern state. No names come to me. She tends to worry a lot. Even though she is waving in the picture, she is shy by nature. I see parents in her life. I get a sense that she feels,like she, missed out on a dream or opportunity of hers.
Blessings, Suzanne
Hi there, Suzanne!
Dreamed of marriage as a little girl, been there, done that, now have a very different perspective than what I had way back when. I've grown to have what some would call somewhat unconventional opinions of the institution of marriage.
I do have very deep emotional ties to/in the state of Texas and have often felt it was my second home, but have never lived there yet.
I do worry more than I should, but am learning not to let it consume me like I used to allow it to.
Can be shy at times, but am usually outgoing.
My mom has passed over, but I had/have the best, most loving parents in the world!!!
I've missed out on many dreams and opportunities, but there's still time.... ;)
How ya doin', Brian?!
Hmm, I was a huge party animal when I was younger, and alcohol was certainly behind a couple of bumps in the road of my life in years past (but never have been addicted to anything except cigarettes), so I 'spoze that might be a fair statement. Thankfully, I have always been blessed with good health, and if I have it my way, I'll pass over in my sleep....when I'm 102 years old! lol.
Sending you light and love right back, my dear!!!
First of all, I'll say we have a mutual admiration right off the bat!! Your amazing energy jumps right off the screen!!

Okay, here goes.....

Photography is an even greater love of mine than riding horses (well, maybe)! In fact, my oldest granddaughter recently broke my camera and it's agony not to have one. I could probably live without food and water, but not without a camera!! lol. Haven't realized any dreams with my photography yet, but have a possibility of moving in that direction very soon. So far, the only dream of mine that's become reality is having my children.

When my mom was pregnant with me, one of the names they considered for me was Sharon. And when I was little we had a dear family friend who had that name.

You know by now that I was born and raised in Colorado and still live here, but I was in California for 2 weeks last March and fell madly, deeply in love with the ocean and the beach!! The sound of the waves, the smell, the energy, the serenity, were all ambrosia for my soul!!!

Everything you said about my personality is right except for 2 things: I never went to college (but most people who know me assume I did until I tell them otherwise), and I could probably be more of a go-getter in business than I am.

Family: only 1 brother and 2 kids, but blessed with a large family of friends whom I love dearly.
Divorced, yep...have one cat and 2 dogs...and do love to dance.

As far as being content with my life, well, I'm just hopeful that what you wrote will soon be true. I'm not at all content with my life at this time and life on this planet doesn't make much sense to me at all, but for the most part, individual people do make sense to me; one of my great fascinations is what makes them tick, what's going on deep inside and how they got to be who they are!

I'm 47.

My home best, always full of activity, at worst, total chaos. In addition to my kids and my dogs and my cat, my 3 little granddaughters live with me as well as my brother. Very rarely any quiet moments. Actually, I long for it to be my refuge again, and while I love wild, noisy, fun times, I also do cherish peace and quiet when it happens. I am a passionate lover of animals and all of my animals, past, present and future, are my 4-legged kids.

I do know how to cook, absolutely love to go out to eat, have a passion for good food and a passion for good times!!!!

Enjoying my life is a top priority now, but much of the time that's very difficult because I haven't yet mastered not letting the drama that surrounds me effect me...but I am learning. I'm anything but detached from anything I care about, but am learning to "balance". With the blessings of the Universe and hard work on my part, maybe everything you wrote about this will be true this time next year!

Past experiences do make sense to me and I do understand and deeply appreciate all the lessons I've learned so far, and like everyone else, will continue to learn more and more.

Whew! There you go. No more anticipation, my dear new friend! See you soon, here and on Myspace!
Good morning, Lizbeth!
I'm so very sorry it's taken me until now to reply to your comments.
You are absolutely right on just about everything you wrote!! I live in Colorado, which gets more days of sunshine than any other state (yes, even more than Florida) and I definitely am very much a sun person. I have a very close and dear friend named Lisa. When my children were little, a woman named Laura took care of them while I worked, and Julie was the name of a woman who was my mom's private nurse for a few years before she passed over, so both Laura and Julie were very significant in my life in the past. No Joannes that have played a major role in my life (yet?).
Everything else you wrote is totally, 100% accurate!!! Your intuition must serve you very, very well!!!
ok, I'm not psychic, but here's what I feel. She is alive, I keep getting Texas; her dreams involved dancing and horses. She has lost her father and she is a very giving person. I get the name Denise.
I got the horses and out west right; I see in previous post your dad is still alive, but you are not as close as you would like to be; maybe that's what I was picking up on? No one connected to you named Denise?
PS This was fun!
This was fun and thanks so much being part of it! I intended to finish replying to everyone yesterday, but was unable to, so I'll be finishing today/tonight.

I think the fact that I don't get to spend anywhere near as much time as I'd like to with my dad (even though we talk on the phone several times a week) could very well be what you were picking up on.

You also were absolutely right about Texas! I've always had a great love for and been very deeply connected to that state (if I ever move out of Colorado again, I would probably go there). In fact, that's where both of my parents lived when they met (my mom grew up in Oklahoma and Texas), and a big part of my heart will be there forever. I also have always had a deep love for horses (had a beautiful Appaloosa as a kid) and it's definitely a dream of mine to have one (or more) again! And I do love to dance!

When I was in high school I had a very good friend named Denise. Unfortunately fell out of touch over 15 years ago, but I do think of her time to time and would love to connect with her again.

Keep nurturing your intuition!! To one degree or another, everything you wrote was right!!
She is very alive. But it sounds from the questions that she might not be physically alive. Even so, in what ever form, she is very alive.

Happy and progressing in positive ways. It seems like she does have some sadness and perhaps that is what helped her to become alive and fully happy.

I think perhaps she is in the mid to eastern U.S.

Kids are her dreams. Whatever that may mean.

It seems she has/had alot of female interaction, whether it be sisters...probably girlfriends though.

A very bright personality.




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