Psy Exercise Number 7

Try and avoid reading other members posts about this exercise as it may influence your reading. `````````````````````````
Study the pic and then ask yourself... * Is this person in the pic still alive? *What was her dreams
*What Part of the world you feel she is connected with?
What name/names spring to your mind when looking at it? ..sometimes you can "pick up" a name around them that is not necessarily theirs! *
What type of personality do you think/feel, she has or had?
Does she has /had a family?
Any other impressions which come to mind (even if they seem silly to you) ..
The results will be posted after 7 days...

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Hi Eileen!
So sorry it took me until now to reply!
No connections to Nebraska (except that I have a very dear friend who's from there). My parents considered moving to Alaska when I was young, but I haven't been there yet. I have a long time friend named Pamela. My mom passed over, but my dad is 80 and still going strong. I'm divorced and do have one son, also have a daughter. I am an outgoing, warm and friendly person. I'm very into astrology! Teacher to my kids and grandkids, but not professionally. Thankfully, no gall bladder or unusual gastrointestinal problems. Have never lived in a trailer and on cold days I usually remember to thank the Divine Spirit that I have a warm home to live in. I've only caught one fish in my life and couldn't stand watching it suffer, flopping around on the ground, so I asked my parents to put it back into the lake because it's mother missed it (I was 5). You're right about the chili, I've got a couple of great recipes!
She is still alive, she dreams of just being truely happy and free... I have the impression that she has alot of fear/stress in her life. I get a mix of both british and australian, and Kathy or Cathy for a name. She is (as are we all, in our own way) an extraordinary person, who has seen alot of hard times befall her, but keeps her upbeat nature. For some reason, when I look at her cat necklace, I feel she is orphaned, but has adopted a large family of her own.

Good afternoon, Greg!
I'm sorry to take so long to reply!
You're absolutely right about dreaming of being happy and free!!! I do have a lot of stress in my life and sometime some fear. Have British heritage (among a few others), but nothing Australian. I have had lots of hard times as an adult and do my best to stay upbeat. I'm not orphaned (although my mom has passed over) and I have created a large family of friends whom I love dearly!
Is this person in the pic still alive? No

*What was her dream? She just wants to ber happy - I feel so much pain around her...

*What Part of the world you feel she is connected with? Finnish - Australian...hmmm

What name/names spring to your mind when looking at it? Merry/Mary/Sherry

What type of personality do you think/feel, she has or had? She was very sad but covered it up well

Does she has /had a family? Yes, but was single
Hi there, Darity!
So sorry to have taken this long to reply!
You're absolutely right about the dream!
No connections to Finland or Australia.
Have had 3 Sherrys (various spellings) who have been significant in my life at different times. No Marys or Merrys.
Not many(if any) people who know me would describe me as a sad person, but there is sadness inside of me.
I was married, have children and am now single.
I do not believe this woman is alive. The first name that comes to mind is Judy. She appears to be happy but she's not. She just tries to make the best of things.
Hi Irish Eyes!
Sorry to be so late in replying!
I definitely try to make the best of things, as we all should. Had a teacher in high school named Judy, but no one else by that name who's significant in my life.
I'd love to participate in this. What a great opportunity to delve into our psy energy! Thank you.

Looking at this I am not sure if she is alive or not, though I do feel a bit of a loss when I look at her.

The name Diana or Diane comes to mind and Australia.

While not quite an extrovert, she isn't one to stay in the shadows and watch the world go by. She seems like someone who worries a lot and carries a heavy weight but attempts to keep things lighthearted. She works hard at all she does. She is not overly concerned with her looks but takes care of herself physically.

Family/Friends are very important.

Thats all I've got with distractions in the background. ;O)
Hi MK!
I'm very sorry to have taken so long to reply!
Haven't had any Dianes or Dianas who were significant in my life and no connections to Australia.
I am definitely not one to stay in the shadows or to sit and watch the world go by!! I've come a long way in not worrying as much as I used to and definitely do carry a heavy weight in my life right now while doing my best to stay positive.
I would say I'm not overly concerned with my looks, but I could certainly take better care of my body than I do.
My family and friend are extremely important to me!
It's a pleasure to meet you!!!
I feel she is alive, has a happy go lucky nature but also a sense of responsibity to those close to her. She could be in a career to do with medicine - a n ex nurse or carer but working now in a management capacity. I would say she is American or Canadian by birth but not necessarily still living in either of those two countries.
I pick up names around her as Alyson, or something ending in a Y. Also a mans name of Robert, but more often used as Bob.
I also feel that life has not always been very kind to her, with lots of ups and downs but this has now levelled out.
I like this person, she is warm, loving and very kind. I would like her as a friend.
Hello Elli!
I am many things, but happy go lucky is not one of them, and I do have a deep sense of responsibility to the people I love. I had a job in the medical field many years ago and loved it. Not in management now, except to manage myself (I work out of my home).
I'm American by birth and have always lived in this country.
My granddaughters are Hailey, Madison (we call her Maddie) and Chloe....all end with the y sound! And my nicknames for my children both end in that sound, too!!
My daughter's boyfriend's name is Robert, but no Bob's have been really significant my life.
I've certainly had my ups and downs in life and I wouldn't say that it's leveled out yet, but my attitude toward it all is leveling out more and more with age and time.
I would love to have you as a friend, too!!!
Greetings dear Luna!
I'm very sorry it took me until now to reply!
Wow! You really had a lot that came through to you!
Thankfully, no traumatic events in my life recently, just a lot of stress. I do have 2 kids and never had any trouble conceiving. Not a happy go lucky person. I do have family challenges, but not with the family I came from. My parents weren't at all strict or overbearing in any way, they were/are (my mom has passed over) extremely loving and unfailingly supportive and positive. I absolutely do cherish my kids and neither one of them is in college. I did have many, many dreams when I was younger and so many (and much of my soul and the light within me) were so totally crushed (after I became an adult) that I let go of them all for a number of years. I am a lightworker and am told by many that I'm a great inspiration to them and a wonderful presence to be around, yet deep down I do feel somewhat unworthy and am still learning to totally love and accept me again. I passionately love animals and have a cat and 2 dogs. We lost a beloved kitty about 3 years ago, but I haven't suffered the loss of a dog in many years. I do feel anger toward someone in my life and would love to know what you pick up in regard to that - you can send me a personal message about it, if you like. I can sometimes be a bit shy, but am usually outgoing, and although I love social events and even a wild party now and then, you're right that my totally wild party-animal days are pretty much behind me. Born, raised and still living in Colorado where it can get pretty chilly in the winter, but it also gets pretty hot in the summer. Aside from the fact that I was very much a rebel without a cause as a teenager, my mom and I got along very well; she was an incredible, very warm and loving woman. She passed over 2 months before my 1st child was born, a little over 22 years ago, and I miss her more every time I think of her. I'd give anything to consciously communicate with her! No connection to any Marys, Melindas of Melissas. My son is collage age (22). No Erics or Marks who are significant, but both my dad and my brother are named John. Don't have any French blood, but I'm part Irish and have one brother who I'm pretty close to. In many ways, I am closer to some of my friends than family. I'm still in touch with many people from my childhood, but there are 2 (one female, one male) to whom I've always been extremely close. When I refer to my best friend, though, I'm referring to the female and we've been friends since we were 7. We have such a deep connection and love for each other that I can't even imagine going through life on this planet without her. I was mugged and more when I was 15, but it didn't create any fear at all within me (except that I can't stand to have anyone's hands around my neck). I love to go for walks alone at night (even in some places where people have told me I'm crazy to be alone) and have always felt safe, knowing that I'm protected from harm. I think I try to take care of and accommodate everyone because I care about them more than trying to please, and yes, I'm fervently trying to learn that I'm #1 and that I have to create boundaries for my own well-being...which is very difficult for me. My friends and I sometimes look back at the things we've done in the past and are thankful we made it through alive, and I've been in several situations that could have taken my life but didn't, however, thankfully, I've never had any kind of physical ailment that almost took my life, no seizures, sicknesses or serious accidents. I am very passionate about flowers, nature and animals! My son and I do sometimes have a very difficult relationship now, but it was/is his father's (my first and only husband) influence on him (especially as a child) that is behind it, not any other man. You are 1000% right about the emotional stress in my life right now and of it causing sadness. Happily, I am feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin as the months and years go by, which has much to do with a deeper spiritual awakening, awareness and growth. I feel much closer to 20 than 47, I am vibrant, and (thank you!) I think I deserve to have fun, too!! :) You are more than welcome to share your opinions with me any time you wish, Mama Bear! I sincerely appreciate you putting so much of your time and your self into your comment. What you wrote, "I feel it will work out soon, she will feel the strength that I see in her strong eyes" is so beautiful!! I'll always remember it. Thank you. And thank you for the for the wishes of blessings, they are lovingly returned to you and your family!!


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