Psy Exercise Number 5
Try and avoid reading other members posts about this exercise as it may influence your reading. `````````````````````````
Study the pic and then ask yourself... * Is this person in the pic still alive? *What was her dreams

What name/names spring to your mind when looking at it? ..sometimes you can "pick up" a name around them that is not necessarily theirs!
What type of personality do you think/feel, she has or had?
Does she has /had a family?
Any other impressions which come to mind (even if they seem silly to you) ..
The results will be posted after 7 days...

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I think her name was Sarah...I think she was alone and I think she'd been crying before this picture at some point...I think she was lonely and that she is not alive...all these were instaneous...
I think she dreamed of a happier and more connected life...there is the faintness of light in here eyes.
She's in a southern, or country area. I believe she is alive. I see her as a nurse or some care-giving in her life. She's had much loss, but has been gifted with a big family! =] I see an appreciation for art.
Ah' yes, time to stretch those intuitive arms.... LOL

Many blessings for what I received came as follows:

*Very soft spoken, bubbly.
*Loving, but had to deal with some hardships//Family (Not exactly sure what this means.)
*Very strong willed yet gentle to those around her.
*Kathy or Karen are two names I hear, also Emily popped up but faded to quickly.
*Teaching acceptance was one dream.

*Candle? Light a candle? has something to do with the following..

*Cameron is repeating itself very loudly in a woman's voice but in a positive way. (This next part was channeled for this individual, sorry so short this unusual for me just the same.)
:Message channeled::
Smiles with love and blessings. "Celebrate life, be kind and love thy self, like you love others."

*Gary- "Open spaces, fill it."???


All is well and forgiveness is the key, much love and peace be the way!!
Thank you for the exercise I only ask that the above is taken with an open heart for we are all connected as One.

Much Love, Light and Peace!
she looks like a person who is still alive and i think she studies wicca she has children. i think she has excellent pychic skills. when i first saw her picture i figure she might be a foretuneteller. i think her name might be linda. she might have a job in human service like a social worker. or working with children.
i got that her name was Faleshawho is 25 or 31 who is still alive she is a freelance book reader and a fresh new age lady in for a thing she knows more about she cant help but be born in march or capirocorn the word fitzxlahe hatdzh comes to mind i dont know why but she has a old sibling but is not the youngest or just a single sibling maybe with1 14th of skepticism in self and choas analysts means she could realize she is out her being looked at she is a 4th generation of known collecters of some kind of thing fancied by many she didnt by herself in this picture she dont believe in ghost and chews bubble gum only during middle of the day she has had a record player am i close to why she broke up with her last boyfriend Jeff told her
I think her name is Mary, she still alive, she's kind and funny, her dream is to have a child!! she's soft and vulnerable, she has a dog at home, she likes reading...!!
I feel this person has passed, possible car accident in her 20's and her name was Nicole. She was friendly but on the shy more introverted side, but presented herself as one of the group. She held some insecurity about herself that may have been due to a trama of losing a loved one at some point in time. She didn't like her teeth and was not one to put on air's for people. She had a great unique laugh. She was a polite and punctual person, kind of messy buy knew where her stuff was anyways. She liked to read and would go out with her girlfriends once in awhile to just get out of her apartment. She worked in an office, planned on being a mgr. at some point with the company. She wanted to go to Ireland and Europe in the future. She would like to meet the man of her dreams and have kids later on after being married awhile. She considered going to school for being a teacher because she was good with kids, especially the shy ones. She had a sadness about her...depression perhaps. She didn't feel pretty and had a hard time taking compliments. She believed in a higher being such as God, angels, ect. She wanted approval from others and had a hard time asking for what she needed, yet she was kind and giving, willing to lend a hand and stay late at work if needed. Her mother worried about her alot. She would visit her family even though it didn't bring her tremendous amounts of joy, rather a sense of security she was lacking. She was a good person though and was a dependable friend.
I feel that Angela was lonely and sad, and wanted to find her community and purpose. I feel she has passed. It is difficult for me to study this ohoto for very long.
She has passed. Her need is to keep family, her number one love together. I feel Mary as a name. She is an introvert, intelligent, kind, yet sad. Yes, she does have a family.
Well, my head is a little fuzzy right now but I'll give it a try.......

I think she is passed due to illness

Kathleen...Kelly maybe Colleen a K sounding

I think a husband and children
I think she is still living...her name is Janet...she is or wants to be a nurse...she is very caring person...she does have family...and I also feel she is transvestite/transsexual...


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