Resonance- Your Past Life Radar

by June Kaminski, MSN
Resonance, a term borrowed from sound theory and quantum physics has a special meaning in the context of reincarnation and past life recall. It means a feeling of attraction, a "tugging of the heartstrings" - one that you can not explain. It defies simple logic. 

esonance is an activity that we all engage in, usually without even noticing. We often assess a place, a person, a situation by "cessing" them out - getting a feel for the energy that exudes from them. In the context of past life recall, the resonance is consciously attended to in order to "pick up" past life memories. When we feel it, we notice a subtle sense of belonging, of knowing and familiarity. 

ften past life resonance comes in bits and pieces. It is unusual to remember an entire past life. And rightly so. We can tune into the major events that has meaning and direction for the life we are enjoying now. But, just as your recall of this life is probably pretty much focused on significant events - heavens, half of us can't recall what we ate for dinner last Tuesday - so are our past life memories limited to significant events, people, architecture, locations and so on. We can remember what we need to remember. Perhaps we have a talent for writing that we have never tapped in this lifetime - one that could be easily cultivated which would bring us joy and increase our income significantly. Remembering the confidence one had as a wonderful writer in the past could help seed this growth and creativity. 

Start to Resonate With Your World

As you go through your day, stay open for signals of resonance from your environment, people you meet, books and movies you view - anything that you experience! Do this in a relaxed and curious frame of mind - often the signals come to you with a feeling of warmth and discovery if you just relax and look for them. It helps to carry a little notepad with you so you can jot down things that really catch your attention. Or at least file them away in your memory so you can write about them later in your Past Life Journal Where you write dreams, thought and feelings.

here are dozens if not hundreds of things that can spark resonance within you and bring you a glimpse of one of your past lives. Below are some common suggestions - remember, look for them in a relaxed and open way. Don't judge them - or jump to conclusions. Your love for ankhs may mean you lived in Ancient Egypt. Or it could also mean you studied metaphysicans in the late 19th century when many fashionable teachings used ankhs for meditation and visual effect. Just jot them down in an unbiased and objective way. 

Potential Resonance Pathways

  • Cities
  • Countries
  • Cultures
  • Time Periods
  • Music
  • Art
  • Hobbies
  • Race
  • Furniture
  • Costumes
  • Jewelry
  • Architecture
  • Flora and Trees
  • Animals
  • Landscapes
  • Waterways & Oceans
  • Bridges
People we meet
Social strata
Health conditions
Gender roles
Your Fears
Your Causes

Resonant With Yourself

It helps to sit alone on a regular basis, relax and tune into yourself. Sit quietly where you can look at yourself in a mirror. Gaze in a relaxed way at your image - no judging what you see! Just gaze and notice the thoughts and feelings that come to you. We often retain certain facial features life after life. Look at each part of your image and check your sense of resonance. Does anything look familiar from another life? Your eyes? The curve of your jaw? The eyes are the most common part of the "look" that recurs over and over. 

s well, think about your personality. Your own beliefs, assumptions, values, hopes, dreams are your own - now. BUT they are also often colored with the ones we held in certain past lives. Even if we never become conscious of these, they are there. Knowing about them can help us control and shape how we use the talents, the insights or how we get over the fears and pain of relevant past lives. Your own being is your best barometer for finding what is pertinent from those other lives - what is valuable for you now to know and deal with? 

Resonance expotentiates with practice. At first, you might get mere glimpses of past life activities and memories. Perhaps a scent will take you back for just a second. Or something you see or touch. Be open to it all - and listen/feel for the message nestled within the memory. In time you can develop the reception to receive strong visual and kinesthetic resonant feelings - ones that can make the memory clear - and bring the significance into focus for you. It just takes practice! Why not give it a go?
Quite often, the first clue of the context of a past life is the unexplainable "drawing" feeling one gets when they think of a particular country, city, or specific geological type of place. This country or place could even be one that the person has never actually been to in this lifetime. Yet, the pull is strong and familar. 

n your Past Life Journal write down the countries that call to you. Include as much detail as you can. As well, write down the types of natural settings you feel drawn to: deserts, seasides, tropical forest, mountain ranges, and so on. Contemplate for awhile on these preferences, and wait to see if any images or memories are stirred by doing this. Go through the list below that names dozens of major locations. Tune into the list and notice which ones catch your eye or seem to stir a reaction within you. Ask yourself if this reaction is based on current life events or just seems to happen for no apparent reason. If the latter, chances are that there is a past life connection in some way with this part of the world. 

Continents and Countries

(Go HERE for info on each area)
Africa   Algeria    Djibouti   Congo D.R.    Egypt    Liberia   Mauretania    Morocco    Somalia  South Africa    Sudan    Tunisia
Argentina    Belize    Bolivia   Brazil    Canada    Chile   Colombia    Costa Rica    Cuba   Ecuador   Guatemala    Honduras   Mexico    Nicaragua    Panama   Paraguay    Peru    Suriname   United States   Uruguay    Venezuela
West Asia
Armenia    Azerbaijan    Bahrain   Comoros    Georgia    Iraq   Israel    Jordan    Kuwait   Lebanon    Oman    Palestine   Qatar    Saudi_Arabia    Syria   Turkey    Tunisia    United Arab Emirates   Yemen
Central Asia
Central Asia    Afghanistan    Kazakhstan   Kyrgyzstan    Tajikistan    Turkmenistan   Uzbekistan
South Asia
Bangladesh    India    Kashmir   Maldives    Nepal    Pakistan   Sri Lanka    Tibet
East Asia
China    Hong Kong    South China Sea   Eastern Turkistan    Japan    North Korea   South Korea    Macau   Mongolia   Philippines    Russian Far East    Siberia   Taiwan
South East Asia
Brunei    Burma (Myanmar)    Cambodia   East Timor    Indonesia    Laos   Malaysia    Philippines    Singapore   Thailand    Vietnam
Albania    Austria    Belgium   Belarus    Bosnia    Bulgaria       Cyprus    Czech Republic    Denmark   Estonia    European Union    Finland   France    Germany    Greece   Hungary    Iceland    Ireland   Italy   Latvia    Lithuania   Luxembourg    Macedonia Moldova  Netherlands    Malta    Norway   Poland    Portugal    Romania   Russia    Scotland    Slovakia   Slovenia    Spain    Sweden   Switzerland    Ukraine    United Kingdom   Wales    Yugoslavia
Australia    New Zealand    Papua NewGuinea

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