Divine Twin Flame: 

Thank you so much to had accepted this friend request.  I personally wanted to tell you that last year, I found you on a Starseed website and you were giving Twin Flame mini-reading to help and I did asked for one as in energy exchange. I wanted to let you know that what you wrote to me, had been pure divine truth and this had given me the confirmation I needed in order to find my beautiful divine Twin flame (that happened quite rapidly after I received your message). I still wanted to thank you for this, as I honor your work to share and help as many beautiful divine light being as possible. Love, Light and Blessings to you!  


Kat Kennewell:  

 I have to say, Brenda, since you cleared me of dark entities, implants, etc I have been sleeping relatively normal hours. No more severe sleep deprivation and waking in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. I used to wake to feel a dark energy with me and it dragged my mood down. There were also the nightmares which have stopped. I don't know how Colin is getting on as we aren't talking atm. He is in retreat mode. I'm in surrender (as awaiting twins often are for their runner). I hope he's sleeping better. He was being affected as well.


Brooke Willer

 I can attest to the meditations!! I do them when I feel it's necessary or things just are all a dung pile and the change is immediate. When I was doing them regularly, I was in constant 2 way contact with my guides, angles and even Ganesh. (Ganesh is so awesome!) I whole heartedly recommend them to everyone!


Melissa Troyano10:02pm Jan 4

♥ Thank you AA Michael, Angel helper's and most importantly there are no dearest, nor enough kind compassionate words to say "Thank You", Brenda. For being fully there for us while in utter need of patience, understanding, Love; and for you to assist in bringing Samantha and Shannon the Gift of going Home, for them today being able to be back with God and safely most of all, after that mishap..scary and unbelievable how deceitful the 4th dimension is. How Blessed they both are in for their Soul's Transition because of you and your caring Light.... And for Samantha's new found 'Freedom' from us ... Dave's doing great again today and he's lighter, happier, although most brilliant is how serene.. So quiet for him after year's, upon years with Sam. .. Pure calm and thankfully appreciating his new sounds of pureness...Quiet. We still find Hope daily to get our lives back to our own TF Mission with a bright future, new adored Spiritual knowledge, this past overpowering life time experience bringing us closer- ( Literally Married in "Good times and bad" lol.), For allowing is to now move forth and new growth filled Loving our upcoming joy of positive evolution. Although, most of all that Sam is happier at Home with their Family protecting she, which Dave can proudly and easily now focus on more positivity and live in doing what is correct finally for once fully...For himself alone making every thought, opinion, word, action and overall ALL of his own choices of his Free Will. Wow.. That's a nice Gift! One that 99%, which I suppose would never know what David had to cope with daily and 40 years endure. Funny how mysterious and vibrant these Soul journeys are, or become of our choosing, until that aspect pops in. :) Blessed.. So VERY Blessed Brenda that you helped us be able to for once in 4 years move forward for once living, as a duet. Many Blessing's to you always Love.... from our hearts and speaking on Sam's behalf, too.... Adore and cherish you always Brenda. ♥ . xoxo You're amazing Gift for us all!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ .....Thanking ALL of God's beautifully courageous, Loving brilliantly ever so active and truest devoted Angel's with our wise and caring Guides, too.


Carla Armstrong

I thank God for Brenda and her gifts. I was born paralyzed on my left side and not breathing on my own until the priest prayed over me....then I miraculously recovered....I have had certain physical alignments my whole life and I learned to just deal with them until recently in the past 3 months it began to progress like wild fire...disabling me to the point where I again faced paralysis. I have known Brenda for over a year and have come to trust and respect the divinity within her. So when I read her article on curses i got a nudge from spirit to inquire if in fact there was a curse. My moms family practiced black magic and my father voodoo...and when I was created no one wanted me...my parents were disowned. So I asked and the next day and Brenda came back and told me that there was a curse from my father's side....and what she would need to do to remove the curse, and immediately I gave Brenda permission to do what she needed to do and I went back to sleep because I was bedridden. ..14 hours later...I felt amazing. You can't even imagine...I'm so grateful for this miracle and the vessel of God named Brenda...Tomorrow Ill be 44 and I knew God had a blessing for me I would never have guest that God would remove the chains that have keep a prisoner my whole life...I am so grateful Thank you Brenda...You are an amazing Vessel.



I wanted to say when I met Brenda she had some healings on Wednesday and Friday's and I joined in. The first I saw this I said "oh let me try this and see if it works" well I did try it but didn't happen over night but in about 2 weeks time I noticed changes. She did a money mantra and that is amazing (btw I miss this) and that's when things changed. I started getting letters in the mail that my health insurance was going down and some other money that was helping my family was going up and also got a check from an accident I had several months to a yr prior. Brenda is here for a reason to help people who want the help to see and hear there guides but not only that God himself. Yes I said it. We all have our own gifts but sometimes we need guidance and Brenda knows the ins and outs. I am so happy that I have met such a wonderful, beautiful and amazing soul. Even words can't describe what she does but it's more than amazing. I hope one day I to can be like her and help other people. All my love and blessings.



 I have been suffering from chronic migraines for about 18 months that 

last for days at a time. I have been to specialists, had numerous tests 

done including an MRI but nobody has been able to help me until I 

met Brenda. I have no idea how Brenda does what she does but it works. 

I can feel her with me when she remotely works on healing me. Its an 

totally amazing yet calming experience. I have been so uplifted by this 

treatment. I have lots more energy and clarity of thought. Prior to this 

treatment, my short term memory had been affected by the migraines, 

now I find that I have a lot more recall and clarity of thought. I can’t 

recommend Brenda enough for the tireless work she does. Her 

commitment and compassion are a rare quality but hers are not only 

evident but genuine. 

Love and blessed light

Pam Mansfield

Inner Visions




On January 13, 2009 I e-mailed Brenda to ask her to please help a baby born into our family. Baby Hayden was having bleeding on his brain and was expected to need intensive surgery. They had planned to put a shunt in his head to drain the fluids, but this procedure can be risky. We all wanted to avoid the surgery. Brenda began doing extensive healing sessions on Hayden 2 times daily, as well as a group healing with her children, and prayers at least 2 times daily. She worked on him for 3 days, and then we got word that the shunt had been postponed. We waited to see if he would absorb the clots. For the next several days they watched him at the hospital and all seemed fine, so Hayden went home on 1-25-09. He was at home for two weeks eating and doing good. We did not have daily contact with them to keep up-to-date on his condition. Brenda had e-mailed me during this time to check on how he was doing. Then we got word that the bleeding had started again. They took Hayden to the hospital and went ahead with a shunt before we all knew what was happening. The shunt failed and Hayden went into a coma. I contacted Brenda again and told her about the coma. She started immediate treatments again and he came out of the coma. They ran tests to find out why the shunt had failed, but never found out anything clear. Hayden has now been at home doing well for months. I remember her telling me about the healing sessions and how she had carried the baby's spiritual body through to Heaven to see God and humbly asked for him to be healed completely. She took the case very seriously and handled it as if he were her own child. She continued to ask me in e-mails for weeks after if he was still doing o.k. We all feel very blessed to have God bestow such an amazing gift on someone close to us. During this time I had asked her to work on myself and 5 other women I know, for various problems. We are all doing fine now and the problems have been taken care of. I would never hesitate to ask her for help for myself or anyone I know, and I know she'll be there to take it on with a caring heart and attention to detail. 


Hi Brenda, my goodness your energy is amazing, I've never wanted to cry before from just seeing or reading writing like this before! Thank you for the link to your site, I've enjoyed having a look around, when I clicked on "my videos" and saw your picture I immediately heard "enlightened soul", you are also looking straight through to my soul. I started to listen to the first music link and I began to have such an incredible feeling of returning home. I was also blown away by the "I believe" link, I haven't heard "Now we are free" since I was last in contact with Tony almost 3 years ago, he had it on his website.

Jen Garnett 


Testimonial by Fernando Agreda: 

In the summer of 2008 I was diagnosed with brain cancer. My treatment included chemotherapy pills and radiation. I responded atypically to all the treatments. The doctors expected me to be lethargic and feel nauseous and even lose my appetite. None of this happened. I’m not sure why, but I believe it is due to the positive energy and heeling that occurred. Brenda specifically was in contact with me letting me know of her constant thoughts and remote healing. Not once during my treatment and recovery was I ever scared or nervous. I always felt and knew that things would turn out great. And they have. I am now over 1 year cancer free, and back to as normal life as I had before. I recommend Brenda for anyone who needs some extra help mentally and spiritually for getting through some of the obstacles that life presents. 

Very Truly,


Henderson, NV 

USA, North America 


Testimonial by Kris Magnusson

Simply put, Brenda's spiritual guidance has saved my marriage and my life. 

My wife and I have been profoundly affected by Brenda's spiritual work in incalculable ways, notably showing us the path toward spiritual growth and the methodology to discover our true spiritual selves. She provides high vibrational meditations that have helped us reach a higher plane of existence where we have met with our Higher Powers, who have given us gifts to us to slay negative-force entities and to protect ourselves from them entering our spiritual selves, Best of all, she has an even-handed approach regarding value judgments regarding good and evil--nothing we say can poison her judgment as well as her healing powers. I highly recommend having Brenda help you with spiritual guidance for your own reasons.

Best, Kris


Hello Brenda, 

thank you for the healing you have done for both Mike and I. 

Mike, have been, which I feel truly blessed, and am proud of him, that this past few days, have been a positive healing for Mike. 

I know in my heart that the reason for this healing has to do with the fact that he indeed have allowed God to help him, and have surrendered to him, with the help of all the Angels, Archangels, Emissaries of Lights, Highest Spirits Guides, - who are all there for both of us. 

This past Saturday, I went to a 'healing-awakening' in Doreen Virtues Angel workshop. It was truly amazing, and beautiful...for in miraculous ways, 'healing and awakening' did happen for both Mike and I...and this I thank God...with the help of all the Angels. 

We are truly learning more about each other, ...and yes...definitely....I might say 'healing is happening' for both of us now....which also includes self-love/unconditional love. This is a first step, that has been happening for a month now....when I asked God for healing for both of us. 

Whatever happens I live it up to God, with the help of all the Angels, Archangels, God/Goddess, Ascended Masters, who are behind Mike and I, every step of the way. 

I just want to say thank you...for everything. 




Riana George 

I have known Brenda for what seems a few years now via her shows on Cathies Distant Echos and also I enjoy interacting within her group page on FB I must say that Brenda is genuine in all she does for others with a pure heart of loving intent x altho part of Creator Oneness she is special within her uniqueness x Brenda from a fellow Healer who works with the Creator AA Micheal Angelic Realms n Higher realms I say a BIG THANKYOU x for even at times when I have not asked you x you are there & know that I need my spirits lifted and I am in much Gratitude x I love you dear Brenda and have the greatest respect and affection for you and your gift x Namaste x Riana George www.healing-handssanctuary.co.uk


I feel great since last two weeks or even from just before new year. Well, knowing that you will share your work with me I decide to focus on me, my bad habits and to what good habits change them, so my aura will have no holes for "them" to get in. I use your tips with blue light and rainbow colors in my visualisations.
And I'm doing good, and I feel that its day by day going better :)  things that I supposed to do months ago, old friends to visit, etc. All those thing are much easier to start and do for me. Like I lose some type of weight. Im like light beam now, can reach everything :) I dont know did you have time to do all your work or not but thanks you very very much for everything !!!
Have a great life. Peace


Olivera Ivanovic

I am very grateful for the help and guidance I have received. Thank you for clearing my confusions about my Twin Flame and for clearing my dimensions. With out it I would probably get seriously ill. My life is a bit easier and I have grown a lot, somehow information and knowledge is finding its way to me a bit easier, I understand it better and outer cleavage is not so scary anymore. Thank you one more time.


Sarah Long 

I agree with everything they said about you too!  You are indeed genuine, talented, an enlightened soul, and much, much more! I am blessed to know you, and truly grateful for all the guidance over the past couple of years! 


August 1, 2014

                  Testamonialfor Brenda Tenerelli – Sacred Rose Energies

I also wanted to let you know that your work is totally AMAZING.  I have been infusing myself and my environmentevery day with the protection as outlined in your reading.  

As a backdrop, my brother really hates me from childhood stuff which he cannot get beyond.  He is very much still in his egoic self and there is really not anything I can do about any of it as I’ve tried many times to reach out to him in love and he refuses to even answer the phone or speak with me.

My mother and I took a road trip this past week (she wants to move closer to our home town area – which as it happens is where my brother still lives) so we drove down there for 4 days to check out the area and look at some potential homes for sale.

Now, knowing that my brother won’t speak to me and won’t answer my mother’s phone calls, we decided to drive up to their house so I could see it and see if my sister-in-law was home.  Wouldyou believe, my brother answered the door – looked flabbergast, asked my motherwhat we were doing there, and saw I was sitting in the car.  I thoughtperhaps there was a chance he might be civil to me so I got out of the car andhe RAGED at me – pointed fingers, yelling – seething anger, eyes bulging,almost spitting and called the police to have me hauled off his property. It was quite surreal.  I was so calm and centered and all I could say wasWOW – look at that.  He literally got in my face so that I could smell hisbreath and I just stood there (didn’t move) and stayed calm telling him I lovedhim and I looked directly into his eyes.  He was totally out of control…andI didn’t feel any anger or fear or anything negative towards him.  If I was not ‘clear’ with my energy by havingnegative entities and energies removed from me, (which you did about two weeksago)  I would have hooked into the angerand reacted.  But I didn’t.

It was amazing to me that I felt so calm and at peace.  I did not retort, didn’t even feel anger while thisvenom was being hurled at me.  It wasn’t until a few days later I heard mymother recount to one of her friends (who is also a Jehovah’s Witness) that mybrother looked “demonized” while this was going on and it hit me.  Youextracted those entities and energies from me and I had blanketed myself withthe Rainbow energies, the Infinity energies of Heaven and fortified with theDiamond and Platinum rays earlier that morning, not knowing what the day wouldbe like. The police came, we left and all was done…until I’ve just had thisrealization.

You completely removed those entities and other negative energies from me and they RAGED because they couldn’t get back in – they tried through my brother…so I thought I would THANK YOU so very much for your love and support as I was able to go through this experience with peace, calm and love in my heart.  I havelearned and continue to learn the necessity of protecting myself and stayingvigilant in my daily routines. We are in a tempestuous time in our humanevolution and it is necessary for all of us to have some help along theway.  You are truly a God send, not onlyto me and for me but for my twin and our union.  You provided thisassistance at a time when I really needed clarity about my Twin Flame, ouragreements prior to coming into this lifetime as well as clearing our family’stemplating; obviously we both have chosen templates and belief systems whichare overdue for some major dissipation.

Much love,


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