Difficult Recognition - The energies and directions are now evolving around our very own awakening at this time in our human evolution and it comes from understanding that we have our own mystic within.

The great mystics of the world have all been reluctant to speak, because their experience cannot be put into words.  Their wisdom is eternal and yet cannot really be described.  They try.  They say it in every way they can, though they know that words cannot contain the experience.

Every mystic carries a jewel in their bosom: a mystic is one who has come home.  For us, the mystic's presence is the proof that coming home is possible.  And to all those who have tried to put this experience into words we can feel extremely grateful.

Lao-tzu left us a small booklet of his words.  He has shared what he carries in his heart, yet there are many who look at him and think he has nothing to say.  But to listen at all is to have heard much.  One nod that says "yes" can grow into the greatest "aha."  To take a single breath and feel at ease is to begin the journey of Tao.  To acknowledge the unknowable is to open your heart to being a child again.

Lao-tzu carries a jewel in his bosom.  We hear tell of this jewel and we are encouraged to seek our own.  We become distracted and forget and endlessly the Sage will remind us.  Endlessly we will hear that quiet voice and begin again.  To have begun the journey a hundred times and still not arrive is better than to not have begun.

Let your mantra for today be:  I recognize the mystic within and am willing to begin, yet again, to listen to that quiet voice within...And So It Is!!!

Love from the Lotus World <333,


Note:  This Oracle is from The Tao Box: Wisdom of the Tao Adapted and Interpreted by Priya Hemenway (c) 2002 The Book Laboratory

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It's great to see you here Darity!  I love your Daily Oracles~Namaste


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