2012 and the Mayan Calendar end date.
Do you want your facts on 2012 from the
Maya Elders or Hollywood?

We have heard from everyone but the Maya on this controversial topic of 2012
and the Mayan Calendar end date.
The time is now to hear what Mayan Elder Cirilo Perez Oxlaj,
a.k.a "Wandering Wolf the Voice of the Jungle"
has to say about these times that we are in.
This is the purpose of the film the Shift of the Ages.

Synchronicities have their humor....
Beginning this November, the mass consciousness will be assaulted
with the apocalyptic Hollywood version of 2012 by the director of "Independence Day."
We were shocked to discover that these Hollywood film makers
also have a site called "Institute for Human Continuity" which is offering a
lottery for people to occupy their underground
facility intended to survive the "end of the world."
How noble to offer such hope for the lucky few who win their lottery.

Because of this overt fear mongering, we as light workers, healers,
conscious beings and Maya supporters
have an unprecedented opportunity to shift this fear into a
powerful force for conscious transformation and human evolution.
We believe it is time to drop the remote controls and take positive action
so we can organize together and transcend the fear regarding the shift.
We can do this in part by rallying in support of The Maya people themselves
who are responsible for this ominous and auspicious 2012 date.

An authentic Mayan perspective on 2012 has yet to be heard by
a global audience and it is NOW TIME for their message.
If the year 2012 has any significance whatsoever,
it is because it points to Year Zero in the Mayan Calendar,
which has been translated into "2012" by non-Mayan scholars.
Don't you think it will be useful to hear the authentic account of
Year Zero by the presently living elders of the Maya?
This is offered in the film Shift of the Ages.

For over four years now this film has been gestating. It will be released
within the next 6 months, with all of your help.
The Maya Elders and Mayan Elder Cirilo Perez Oxlaj
need your help to bring their message to a global mainstream audience.
Because this is an independent film, the film's producers do not have
millions of Hollywood dollars to invest in advertising and publicity.
The film Shift of the Ages producers, production crew
and Mayan Elder Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, do not want to sell the film to
a bigger company, as they might lose creative control,
and watch the truth of the message get lost in translation.
Instead, they have created an Ambassador-Affiliate Program designed
to organize a grass-roots global outreach and support system.
The Shift of the Ages Ambassador program allows everyone to
help with the film's success.

Ambassadors for this film are now unifying, forming alliances,
and working underground networks. These alliances and networks will
assist in the availability of this film to the mainstream world.
You can help get this timely message out to the world during this
momentous and transitional time.
See the film trailers - click this link: Shift of the Ages
Become an Ambassador for the Shift of the Ages.

PLEASE forward this message to all your networks all over the world.
Network this announcement on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Architects of a New Dawn, and iPeace Now!

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