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Namaste ALL! Just wanted to spread word of a beautiful person I met. Awhile ago, I was having alot of issues with all kinds of electrical devices. It was getting so bad, I had to retreat to the great outdoors. Then, spirit guided me to Marlene, who gave me a tremendous grounding technique of bringing my lightbody into Gaia's core. It stopped me from being a walking, talking lightning rod anymore. Lol. What a blessing, I have regained a semi-normal life again. Although not much for mediums or channelled messages (alot of these higher entities are out for their own selfish agenda, yet seem angelic or heavenly), I truely believe Marlene is one of the few 'real deals'. She is a genuine, loving, caring, person. Here is a sample of some of her stuff:

Greetings, Beloved Ones,

I come this day to tell you that the days before us now, Dear Ones, are filled with many diverse energies, many messages that seem to be at cross purposes, many entities who claim that they are the ones who know the absolute Truth. We ask you, Dear Ones, to use your discernment at this time. I ask you that when you hear statements or messages, go within your heart, go within your heart centre, Dear Ones, and ask yourself what that message engenders within you. Is it fear? Then, my Dear Ones, this is not a message from the Highest Light. Is it feelings of inadequacy? This, also, Dear Ones, is not a message from the Highest Light. Does it make you feel empowered? Does it make you feel that you are part of a great Unity of Light and Love? This, Dear Ones, is the message from the Highest Light.

This is the barometer that you must use at this time, Dear Ones. It is in this way quite easy to discern how you feel and when you know how you feel, you know whether this message is for you or not. Always follow the guidance from your God Selves, Dear Ones. More and more, connect with your God Selves. See a blazing Sun, a blazing Golden Sun of Cosmic Christ Light blazing from your heart. Practice seeing yourself this way each and every day, for that is, in Truth, Dear Ones, what you are becoming. You are becoming the walking Cosmic Suns of Cosmic Christ Love and Light.

Do not let the fear or misgivings or manipulations of others cause you to stray from your Path of the One Light. As we from the Hierarchy look around us, we see the Earth being lit up by wonderful Cosmic Suns. What an implosion there will be when each of you become so great in your Cosmic Christ heart chakra that you all ignite your own personal Stars and these Stars in turn Unite together and all of these Stars United are connected into the Cosmic Great Central Suns and also deeply connected into the Earth. Think about what that will create, Dear Ones. LIGHT! GREAT LIGHT! So I ask you to become the walking Christs upon the Earth. I ask you to continue to stand in your Light, to affirm the Light, to decree the Light. I ask you to be the Warriors of Light that are needed upon the Earth plane at this time.

Know that you never walk alone and that you are Loved beyond measure.

I AM Jesus

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Ah, just love that one, gives me tingles - lol. If that resonated with you, I encourage you to check out her web-site. I appreciate that she only channels beings with a message of being sovereign and responsible to ourselves. Her numerology report is quite extensive (around 80 pages long) and I found it to be pretty spot on (98%). She is quite the lady of light and love. To each their own, as always, the choice is yours.

Much peace, light, and love.

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Dear Gregory,

Your words are most appreciated and as you know fear blocks the dimensions of higer understanding and truth. There are no limitations for the heart chakra, may the message find open minds, ears that hear, and eyes that see.

Multi-colored Rainbow Blessing,
Just another tid-bit from Marlene that I really enjoyed, hope you do as well.

Marlene writes:

"Beloved Children,

We come to you this day to thank you for the work that you are doing so earnestly and so persistently to create changes upon this world of yours. We, from our vantage point, when you call upon us and the other Great Forces of Light, are filled with joy and we respond with alacrity. Know that in this way, we work together and we are accomplishing miracles. Know, Dearest Beloved Lightworkers, how long we have waited for these moments to come forth upon your world. Moments when those of you remember us and reach up and connect with us, and ask us for our assistance that we may all work together as One. We are filled with Great Joy.

Know that as you say your decrees, your energy systems are anchored into the Earth but also into the Great Central Sun and that is where we reside, Dear Ones, and as this occurs, great, great healing and cleansing is taking place on all levels and all dimensions. The work that you do is of inestimable value. Please continue on, Beloved Lightworkers, all of you who are joining with us in this way. This is an incredible benefit to all of Humankind, to the Earth, and all the Kingdoms upon Her.

You will find as you continue on each day, as this channel is finding, that you become a constant conduit of the Highest Light energies and frequencies. This is an incredible achievement! Know that each of you are Cosmic Suns and as you work with these decrees, your energies and even your physical bodies will be changing and transforming in Purity and Higher Frequency and as this occurs, Dear Ones, you are more and more becoming powerful Co-Creators upon your world. Know that we stand with you, and support you and give you all that you ask for and even more.

We bless each and every one of you, our Dear Beloved Children. We love you beyond measure.

Helios and Vesta, of the Great Central Sun"

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

Distributing this message in other forums, etc. is encouraged, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author's credit, copyright and website: NEW! Weekly Messages from Hilarion:. Subscribe to Free Monthly Newsletter and receive a Full Numerology Report. Details:

Much peace, light, and love.


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