I recently wrote a discussion about all the many possibilities of how others and the dark forces can interfere with Twin-Flames coming together. This is an add-on to that due to more that I've recently found out. Since writing that piece, I have also become very aware of more black magic and such that has been done and the powerful knowledge of "3" that those doing it are using to strengthen their spells & such. They gather in 3's to do the work. Also, in more than one Twin-Flame case now, there has been an incidence of someone putting forth threats or paying someone to put out a threat to keep the Twins apart. Knowing that the karma they are creating for themselves is extremely intense does not always help us to feel better, though, nor should their threats be allowed to keep us from entering into our Divine Plans. This is exactly why Spirit is bringing it to people's attention now that these things are happening so that we can learn the truth and find out what we need to do on our end to bring the interference to an end. People can go down a very dark road, even people we know and least suspect. Usually, it is someone right under our nose and closest to us that we see the truth about the least. Take my case where we have been kept apart for almost 4 years now due to the interference of his so-called best friend and manager. This person is the one doing the black magic on me, and is also the one who paid a guy to threaten my Twin that if he doesn't stay away from me, they would hurt my children, all 3. They did this knowing that my Twin loves the children so much and would give up anything to protect them.

The thing is, I never knew about the threat or that he was protecting us, so his total lack of response to me all this time seemed like he just didn't care or didn't want a relationship, or that he was just too scared of the energies, etc. We have all been there with the thoughts, "If he feels what I feel,  how can he act the way he does." I hear it from people daily, along with many other common questions and doubts. Despite the fact that I have had less interest, acknowledgement, communication, etc. than anyone else that I guide in Twin-Flames groups, I did always manage to hang on to my faith in God and what I was told to be true. I never gave up on him, I never got angry with him, and I never just assumed that he is heartless or mean. I never figured he would just never step into it, and when I didn't get anything from him down here to help, I relied on what God/Spirit told me. As long as I was told to hang on, I did. It was tough, and I'll never say it hasn't been really hard to hang on at times, but I'm glad I did. I remember one of the first things Gary told us at the retreat where we met was not to ever give up on the dream that God shows you because you must have faith, and if you give up, it just might be right before it was going to come to fruition. Twin-Flame relationships will test you to the hilt, and are always about lessons in faith and in patience. God never said it would be easy; he did say it would be worth it. Now, thanks to the information, faith, and the new gifts I've been given, I have learned how to counteract the influence and effects of any interference so that we can heal from all this and move forward. We WILL be together, just as I was always told, but due to this person's extreme jealousy and obsession, it comes with a great price. How bad do you want it? Are we strong enough? Of course we are, but we need to know that and believe it with every cell of our being. 

Truly, now more than ever, we need to draw our strength from within and learn how to step up and take on all the power that has been bestowed upon us to help win this battle and not just sit and expect Spirit or someone else to do all the work for us. It is wonderful for us to pray for help and ask that Spirit help us, but we also need to be very willing and diligent in helping ourselves. We are part of this spiritual battle and they need us to do our part also and not just ask for it to be done all the time or look for the quick fix. This is a serious time of learning our power, standing in our own truth, staying our course no matter what comes, learning new gifts and things that can help, and be very diligent in our work & mission. Too many are just standing by looking to the psychics to answer all their questions and the healers to rid all the illness and don't seem to want to learn how to do these things themselves even when offered. Many don't want the responsibility, as with great power comes great responsibility, and we are always afraid of our true power and what we are capable of. Many are just looking for the quick fix and bouncing around from psychic or guide to another with questions when we need to be heightening our own connection to Spirit to receive our own guidance.

We ALL have these abilities. Spirit is working over-time these days to sort through those who are willing to really step-up and those who are taking advantage of others' time and energy & gifts, but are not doing their own work on themselves. We all have inner work to do and although we can ask for guidance and help with it, we need to handle a lot of it ourselves or at least be proactive in the process of learning, growing, healing, and releasing. I couldn't have done this without all the tons of help and protection from Spirit or without the information they have given me, but I also couldn't have done it without myself and my willingness to do the work and to have faith. There really is so much more going on than we see on the surface, so before we think that we know how someone feels or why they are acting the way they are, think again because your Twin just might be doing it for your own protection or something else that you are unaware of. I do hope this helps some of you to realize the many-faceted possibilities and ways that this journey can go, and I hope it gives you strength to take a stand for your own Twin-Flame relationship and do everything you can to help it move forward. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions, or to comment or share your thoughts. Blessings in abundance to all!

Love, Light, and Blessings, Brenda

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I'm not surprised at all as this is their whole mission, to keep the Twins apart. Yes, they are hell-bent! The dark forces and demons hate Twin-Flames and soul-mates coming together more than anything else because they know of the power, love, and light that we bring together. When we are apart, we are powerful, but when we are together, we are unstoppable and the amount of light we bring to the planet is tremendous. We are bringing the world back to unconditional love and oneness; that is the last thing the dark forces want. They don't want people to know their power, their gifts, their missions; they sure don't want us to help bring back the love. Whereas Tantra is very powerful between the two, Twins create a massive amount of light together that way surpasses that. Many of us are also helping to connect the grid-lines across the planet and monitoring vortexes. Just know that you are very protected by Spirit and they will not allow this person or others take you out. Yes, we are more vulnerable during sleep; that is why lately our Angels have been keeping us up more, waking us up several times a night, causing us to go to sleep later. This is also when the ELF waves, chemicals, and stuff the elites are doing has more effect as well as the demons, etc. They have tried numerous different methods to kill me physically, spiritually, and others, but they won't win and the longer time goes on the stronger and more protected I get. Just ask your Angels to keep you informed of what is happening and any spells needing to be counter-acted. Hang in there; we'll get through this! 

Thank you, Pauline! Very true indeed, and still glad this path is mine.

Hi Brenda, Happy New Year, I am so glad you posted this information,  this helps me to understand that I am not crazy, cause all of this is happening to us.  I am doing a lot of praying and asking God to remove the dark forces around him, they are attacking him, more than me.  I do believe it is his best friend doing it.  Just the other day, on Jan 9th I went to visit him, and I notice that his behavior was completely different, I believe he was doing drugs.  I told him what I felt for him in other words, and that we will get through this with the power of prayer.  The next morning he texted me and said he no longer wanted me in his space, and that it was for his salvation, and said Good luck and God Bless.  I was devastated.  , heart and  now loss.  I know there is something keeping us apart, because just 2 months he was getting close to me and started to come to the awakening stage of this union. So I know there is something wrong, as you stated that we have to turn to ourselves for the power of God to help us with this,  I have not turned to a psychic and I am not going to.  I want to know how to reverse this spell on my own, but don't know where to even began to do this.  I want to inform his mother of what is going on , but I am not sure if that is wise.  He is doing a lot of drugs and alcohol, and it's getting pretty bad,  I am fearing of his life, and I don't know what to do, I am desperate for advice.  Please help  Thank you  Lisa P.  

Hi Lisa. I do understand completely wanting and needing to learn how to handle this on your own and admire your willingness to do this instead of always looking for someone else to fix it. There are many of them that get really bad and into drugs and such, and unfortunately, sometimes the only way for Spirit to get through to them is to have something major happen in their life to shake them up. That is why with mine they gave the options of as walk-in, a soul-braid, or the loss of certain things in his life to get his attention. 4 months later after they had me give him the message, both his parents died 2 days apart. That caused him to go the wrong way and turn to the manipulative friend, so then they started having me work on the threats and curses and interference. Now it's been quite a while & I was afraid they would start talking walk-in again, but I was told the other day that I can request the soul-braid for him and who to ask to be braided with him, so I did. He is now braided with Christ. I can do this because #1 his higher self agreed before coming into this life to do whatever is needed, and #2 his highest self and mine are the same, and #3 this is in the highest good of all. It is never in the highest good for us or humanity to have a reunion of Twins not happen. He may have to crash and burn with the drugs or health problems from it perhaps, but it is up to spirit to handle it whatever way is best for him and all in this situation. When people are on drugs & such they bring on much more dark energies and demons into themselves, and they also are not listening to or hearing from God, so guiding them is extremely difficult. The major changes in life bring them to their knees sometimes, but also i to their hearts and out of the ego-based mind-frame that has them stuck. I would pray on it and ask to be shown what they showed me about removing interference, and pray about the soul-braid and other ideas to help him. Let me know if there is anything you need me to do and I hope you can figure out something. Happy New Year to you & all and blessings to everyone. 


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