A guy from Virtual Glen.com wrote an article about the universe and it's endless possibilities. He explained his ideas of what he thought about the Universe as a non ending infinite space. He explored the idea that there was some end to the universe... whether it be a wall... and will reveal the truth about God or whatever it might be. I wrote a response to this article... my ideas at least. Here it is.

First off.. everything and anything IS possible... it's just finding the right equation or the right idea. Think about this for a moment... what is reality? Is reality what you see... ( colors, cars, people) Is reality what you feel? ( emotions) What exactly is real and what is not. Is the universe real??? Well it does exist, but understanding it's characteristics are far beyond from understood. Before we can grasp what is reality, we need to learn about this mysterious environment in which we reside in and understand the full potential of the human brain " as an observer" If we look deep enough into the subatomic world... we will see things that will blow our mind away. Things that disappear and return, particles and waves that act like each other and resemble each owns uniqueness. One must come to the conclusion that what we see is not as real as we think. This life is full of mystery and a desire to unveil the truth behind it's making. I have gone into depth of the subatomic world and have found myself lost, confused and wanted to know more. Yes it is true... I have my own philosophy, but that I only share with those who can understand my deepness. Now one more thing before I go. We live in the materialist world. Everywhere we go signs are posted up of the lasted technology. Televisions ( the number one distraction). As humanity expanded into this new era of bright lights and silly stories, all along we have been avoiding the "truth" about "why we are here" what is my purpose". Technology is distracting us from what is real. And who controls what is put out in the market or what is "appropriate" from TV watching. The government? Well of course. The higher, more stronger... better then us people who control how we live our lives and what we learn. But its out there... waiting for it's discovery. Whether it be GOD or something beyond what we can visualize/imagine. And you will not find it in the Universe... braking threw walls or coming to an end. You will find it in you. Your conciseness. Your ability to create your own reality and inevitable, as death approaches as all... I'm sure you are not sent into space searching for that dark wall and meeting the creator at last. Your mind will be sent on a journey. Be prepared, and learn as much as you can here... because it might be useful and take you to a place that is indeed tranquil. Thank you for your time. Good luck. I will be there with you all.

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Hi Melissa, I put a blog up some time ago about consciousness and quantum physics.. I think it is from Amit Goswami... it goes along with the discussion you are having if you would like to check it out. All things in the Universe are waves of possibility..until they are measured and or observed, then they become particles of probability. I think you will find it interesting. Namaste Sri David
Beyond the senses, what has been discovered in Quantum Physics, is that all matter, is essentially 99.9999% empty space. Every atom, is virtually completely empty. But in that empty nothingness arises the true nature of our BE-ing. When a series of particles are shot through a single slit ... against a wall, they make a single line pattern on the adjacent wall. But if there is two slits next to each other, they produce an interference pattern, a wave pattern. Now then, if you put a camera or electric eye, to measure which slit the beam particles are going through, the interference pattern will cease, but if you remove the observation devise ... it again acts as a interference pattern. This is the observer effect. A atom acts as a particle of probability when it is observed, but acts as a wave of possibilities when unobserved. When we go beyond our senses, to the nature of our BE-ing, through transcending planes of consciousness ... to reach the core of our being ... we find endless possibilities. That is our true nature.
Absolutely... I have heard about the slit theory and find it completely bizarre. I agree with you 100%. Thank you.
Reality is what we believe it is, within certain limits. Those limits are variable.

Find more videos like this on A New Dawn

It is all very interesting and kind of fun to explore the scientific meaning of "reality". I have been trying to understand it all of my life.
However, when dealing with and trying to understand human interactions, science has varied little to do with it.

There are several different kinds of reality:

Perceptual reality--this is how an individual perceives "reality". It is almost completely determined by how his individual life experiences, prejudices and beliefs actually control what he " sees" when he looks out at the world.

Consensual reality-- this is experienced when a group of people who have shared beliefs, prejudices etc. agree on what is "reality". Such as, republicans, democrats, thiests, atheists etc..

Objective reality-- this would be (if it existed), the scientifically verifiable "reality" of what is actually, physically happening in this world. Devoid of any prejudices, preconceptions or other factors that influence us all as human beings.

The only way that this discussion has any real meaning to us as human beings is if it helps us to understand all of the factors that go into an individual's perception of reality. If we can understand how and sometimes even why other people experience reality and accept it as equally valid as is our own; then we have a chance at true communication with each other which could lead to peace on earth.
I find what you are writing to be interesting and what I am now interested in. Thank you for writing it. I am new at learning these topics but find them to be true. You care about all people in the world and so do I.


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