I am going thru a difficult time at this time
with a very very evil person, I pray for this person every day, for God to help her see the light, and for her spirit to accep it, I love this person very much and it hurts me seing her in a fantasy world.

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There are no "evil" people just people disconnected from their true nature, when we can look at these people as innocents, "hate the sin not the sinner" then we can have compassion and understanding for them. As Jesus said "forgive them for they know not what they do" these people just don't see or feel their connection to everyone else and are most likely very lonely and full of self loathing for their disconnect is painful. This does not mean that you allow these people to bring upset and negativity into your life but you can love them and leave them alone to walk their own path.

I just experienced a situation with my oldest daughter where I disapproved of the "actions", they were hurtful, but I am able to, within the space of compassion forgive her, to dislike the action and not the wounded soul that she is.

Hi Namaste

Thank you for the Informantion I am some how new to this.
it is very weir, that you respond to my Discussiun, and this is also about my daughter, my only child. I am begining to think she has mental problems as well. I pray for her a lot and ask the Angels to watch over her and my grandchildren.

Again thank you for your kind words

Have a Blessing Day

I have the same question my dear!
It is very hard to see who we love suffering. In this time and age, with the shift of energies,
We have been seen many soul contracts are being revised and we all are called to revisit those relationships, and our responsibilities over them.
There are no coincidences in life, there is no coincidence she is your daughter and you her mother. There is something to be learned from every experience in our lives as well as relationships. You are going through what you need to go through in order to get to another level. It is one of those things that make no sense to us know, but someday, when the time is right for you, you will know and understand the reason for things being the way they are.
Hi Darin

Thanks for your advised, and you soothing words.
I know now that this is part of my journey here on earth
I also now that God is helping me, and my guardian Angels are by my side.

May God bless you,

I understand how you feel dear friend.I my self is going thru difficult times with evil people in my life.Pray everyday for light in their souls.but i see that everyday is getting even worst,and makes me feel very sad,and lonely in thsi world.since i go thru alot with my twins that have cerebral palsy,and autism from a medical mistake.we had very hard times,and now that our life is better with gods help.they dont like that!!i sometimes wonder why people feel like that when they see that you sucseed?why dont they fill their hearts with love,and light and be happy for what you have made,and got to..trully that makes me sad!!
remenber that you can not give what you don't have.
people that are envious they also have hate in their heart, they are very unhappy people, and they want see others the same, they can not feel their spirit when they do they will beging to change,,

my blessing for you


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