Lately I have been having crazy dizzy spells and feel light headed. Is this part of the ascension process?

QUESTION: Lately I have been having crazy dizzy spells and feel light headed is this part of the ascension process?

ANSWER: Dizziness is part of your energy fields beginning to spin at a new frequency. Chakras are opening and preparing for activation. Also, a lot is going on in the brain....the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands are all activating and accessing more LIGHT. Do a grounding exercise everyday to help you integrate the energies.




This is a grounding exercise many healers use before and after they do energy/spiritual work. It is the one I recommend because it grounds us not only to the Earth but also grounds us into our spiritual dimensions.

1. Stand with your hands by your side. State your intention: (example)
"I command to access a grounding energy from below the Earth and from above to the Creator of All That Is to surround, ground and protect me in the present moment and for the rest of the day. Thank you, It is done. Its is done. It is done."

2. Bring your attention to the Earth. Take a large breath in and as you breathe visualize a golden energy traveling up from the Earth into your feet and through your body up to your heart.

3. As you exhale visualize the light from the Earth all the way up to your heart expanding outward all around the bottom portion of your body about arms length distance or beyond.

4. Bring your attention to your Crown Chakra. Take a large breath in and visualize golden energy from the Creator entering into your crown moving down through your body and to your heart mingling with the Earth energies you pulled in earlier.

5. As you exhale, visualize the light from above expanding outward all around the top portion of your body about arms length distance or beyond.

6. Breathe in one more time and visualize energies from below (Earth) and above (Creator) coming in to your body at the same time and meeting at the heart.

7. As you exhale, visualize the energies expanding outward all around your entire body about arms length distance or beyond.

8. Observe yourself surrounded by a column of golden light from the Earth and from the Creator of All That is. You are completely surrounded, aligned and balanced with the universal energies of Mother Father God/Goddess.

9. With your arms held by your side visualize roots growing out of your fingers and into the Earth. Bring your attention to your feet. Visualize roots growing out of your feet and into the Earth.

10. Bring your attention into the present moment. You are now grounded and surrounded by a forcefield of loving light. Give thanks.

Use this visualization before and after your meditations. It is also wonderful to use for protection, when you feel fearful, when you feel out of balance, upset or anxiety stricken. Do this exercise everyday to replenish your shield of light and to help you feel grounded. ♥ Sabrina

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How to Raise Your Vibration By Sabrina Reber

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Cool thanks for this Pauline,I have been feeling very ungrounded of late as the pace quickens and have been asking for help! I have a buzzing in my right ear for a while now it comes and goes I wonder has this to do with the new energies that are coming in? have been to the doc they can see nothing,I know it can be inner ear.

Thanks again Pauline will get this printed at the library.Blessings dear one.x

Thank you so much starfairy, am delighted that these facts are helping you.



Not particularly on an 'Ascension' note:


For many years I (occasionally, not all the time! ) will suddenly 'see double' ~ by this I mean I can be looking at something/someone/watching tv even/when I see TWO images. For instance, an object I am looking at, or a face/picture on the tv, suddenly separates and there are TWO images next to each other!


I used to worry that there was something wrong with my eyes ~ there is a similarity here with your EAR perhaps? 


Much love to you starfairy

Pauline ♥

Hi Jane ~ I suppose we must (all) of us think that 'intense planetary cosmic energy' is GOOD for us! xox

You so welcome Pauline

I know what you mean about seeing double, i still have that but its more my ear now! I do feel that there is a similarity with my ear and seeing double

Thanks for sharing that as it helps me not to worry hehhehe

Blessings Pauline keep shining your light

hehehe starfairy ~ we would make a good team ...

YOU with your spiritual ear!

~ and ~

ME with my spiritual eyes!

Who knows what other spiritual attributes we both have!

xox ♥

Thanks for the grounding exercise - much needed!


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