Spiritual Discernment in the Coming Times


As you know we are right in the middle of some intense changes on every level. There are so many messages coming through yet some hang on every word of the messenger as the gospel unalterable truth just as many religions often do. In every case inner discernment is the key.


An individual's truth will be according to his or hers perceptions and intent. Perceptions are based on experiences, we perceive according to our experiences and reference points. A good example is a victim will always see a threat, a deceiver, always waiting for a trust to be betrayed. No matter how much good is done or how much is given when you step outside of their program you become the deceiver or flawed.


There are those who have never had negative experiences; they don't have the wisdom or reference points to know who is who, what to avoid, or how to transcend what could be termed as harmful or negative.


There are those who are so avoiding anything negative or fearful who are so fearful they cannot look at their own fears and the negativity surrounding them living in total denial. When their environment totally collapses and nature gives them a swift kick in the butt they find denial is not a river in Egypt.  It may take a tsunami of denial coming right to their front door before they awaken.


This society seems to need a tsunami, a great quake, tornado or massive solar flair to re-evaluate itself.  We have so much invested in our egos which keep us in endless dramas sweating the small stuff it takes the large stuff to get us to take a long hard look at out priorities. We have given our egos our power to keep us safe. The ego will always find an outside cause for ones challenges and dilemmas. It will project its reality on events rather than viewing them from the observer with loving detachment. It will also act in a very condescending manner separating itself losing the concept of unity consciousness and service. The reaction or outer manifestation is never the cause it is the reaction or effect often the experience necessary to evolve. We all chose this timeline the challenges and experiences in it for evolution


There are many levels to the self-entrapment of the ego and those who prey on the ego. There are forces seen and unseen operating in these realms; which most often fit into the victim, savior, and persecutor triangle. The victims are looking for someone to blame or save them often gaining emotional or financial support. The saviors believe in victims and are looking outside themselves for self worth, the more we save the better we feel about ourselves. The persecutors were once victims lashing out trying to regain their power. Did you know one of the main problems facing the Earth is creating positions of power outside of ones self and those who snatch them up and betray the trust given to them?


 Often there is not much distance between the savior and the persecutor because saviors often fall into the persecutor roles defending victims in unjust action.  As soon as the saviors stop providing emotional or financial support the victims project the persecutor on them. All these roles are reversible, interchangeable and we often move from one to the other to different degrees. 


The only way off the victim, savior, and persecutor wheel is to become the observer, observe the self as to whether or not you have an emotional charge and see what the experience is there to teach you. 


Forgive yourself and others then ask for the truth to be revealed to you. Remember the ego is very seductive, tricky and there are faker spirits just as seductive and tricky. They work in opposites, play on your fears, create separations, divisions and neither the ego or faker spirits like being challenged. Both the ego and the faker spirits are quick to inspire you to pick up the sword against outside forces.


Unity consciousness and service to humanity and the Earth are the best tools for discernment. There are masters seen and unseen which are empowering the individual to make their own personal God connection, reminders of personal divinity. There are masters seen and unseen who are self serving fostering worship outside of self; gathering personal power. You can master the light and the dark. There are also grey areas with percentages of both. You can learn from both negative experience and positive experience teachers come in many forms and when you gain the wisdom from the experience you will often see sometimes negative teachers have the greatest impact. This does not excuse them of their karma and lessons however. My Tibetan teacher once said, "No one on the Earth is infallible if they are in the body." Everyone is doing the best they can according to their experiences and reference points. Some have mastered the observer, loving detachment, forgiveness and fear to one degree or another. It is all about percentages.


Be wary of those who pigeon hole contact with ETs into good and evil in unbalanced messages it is not all good or all evil. The same goes with any masters or unseen beings as all self-serving or in service to others. There are a lot of grey areas here as well.  To say all masters and ETs are all energy vampires is inconsistent for some have evolved to a level where they are pure service. It is like calling the sun a vampire when it constantly gives because one has constantly been taken advantage of or has been victimized in the past.


It all goes back to experience; which creates the reference points we use for either judgment or discernment. Discernment comes from that small little voice in the background, judgment comes from the loud screaming voice in the foreground, the egos voice that thinks it is trying to protect you. There are also unseen negative influences; which want to divert you from your spiritual evolution. There is an old Vedic saying, "The closer you get to Nirvana the more the demons rear their ugly heads." These beings do exist, and on the higher levels they know all of your wounds, traumas, fears and your past and will use it against you to sabotage your spiritual evolution. They also use flattery as well as you are the chosen one, the savior and only one who is enlightened again as an attempt at separation and division. 


The higher beings also know your past yet will not hold it against you only bringing it up to heal honoring free will when you are ready.  This is all in a process of being sorted out, energized being brought to the surface. In the days to come the white hats and the dark hats will be easily recognized due to this process. In the past people, agencies and institutions have become a complete reversal of their titles. Have no attachment during this sorting out process, do not take sides, become the observer. Their fruits will make them known.


The enlightened ones are delivering balanced messages not half truths. They do not claim an exclusive on God or ET. They know they are fallible and there is always more to the story. Their truths are flexible and they have learned not to jump to conclusions, to wait observe, go within and be patient for the inner guidance which transcends outer appearances. Then the big picture comes to them and they see the whole dance. Then they can decide whether they want to dance or not from an enlightened state not reactionary mind.


Always remember the victim, savior, persecutor triangle and ask if your one the wheel. Look at the charge in each situation the charge puts you on the wheel. This in no means relieves one of their soul evolution and service to humanity and the Earth. Stands need to be made, words need to be said, boundaries need to be set but from an enlightened state. The core of the problem is often not what is revealed by the outer appearances. If you want to bring healing to a situation you need to know the source or core of the problem.


There is a saying everything is done out of love or lack of love. In the greatest of all tyrants is a little boy or girl crying for love. Love in the ultimate power and it is the love of God/Creator/Spirit bringing everything up for all of us to see. Its strongest voice shall be Nature in the days to come. The Earth and all her planes and dimensions are undergoing a shift. We are only seeing the hard copy of an interstellar and interdimensional experience. Do you want to be the hard copy subject to the unknown or the designer aware of the designs and plays before they manifest.


All depends on your reference points and where you hold yourself in this multidimensional experience. By the way staying in the moment is a good way to get run over by future moments and live in denial of action/reaction or choices we have made in the past which are creating our future. Seeing everything as disempowering is a one sided equation, just as seeing everything as good.


That is a truth other free willing beings may not have chosen.


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I love your words, Ashana. May your days be filled with truth and knowledge and love.

Richard, thank you so much!  

It is James Gilliland's words, but I resonate with him very deeply...

He is an exceptional person.

  Love, Ashana

Excellent discource!  I try to keep in mind that the Victim, Savior, Persecutor Triangle is me.  I chose this lifetime prior to this incarnation and discussed it with my spiritual family.  It was not until I retired and was no longer required to compete that I was able to disacknowledge the Ego and came to terms with the demons I ran from all my life.  Once I turned and faced them, accepted personal accountability, and learned to love them, they became light in my life.  Is that not why we are here?  To transmute darkness into light which is true light.Thank you for stimulating my  being.  


 If you are all 3 roles in one, then you will be able able to balance those roles easily. Yes, removing from corporate frames changes tour life completely. Competition will not have place in future and another Dimensions.  

I definitely resonate with your comment.


Thank you for sharing.

Love, Ashana

Thank you for posting this, Ashana!

I'm fairly early in my journey, but in my quest to drink in all writings and modalities that I encounter, I have learned early on to take in what resonates with me and let go what does not.  There are so many avenues of thought.  The only mold I need fit into is my own.   

Blessings to you.  Namaste'


Such a right approach, Diane!  Just what is for you!


wish you all the best. Please share when you will come across!


Love, Ashana

Very glad I read this post. Its instruction is timely and affirmative, thank you!!
Great post! thank you Richard!!


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