Full Moon 26th July 2010 – Purging the ShameThe Full Moon on the 26th
July  is at 2 degs 59′ Aquarius. Which is a real doozy as its the reaction
point of a Yod with the Sun at the action point quincunxing Pluto and Lilith
in  sextile to each other. Woo, that’s one mean and sexy gun.

Lilith has moved away from her meeting with mystics Neptune and Chiron.
Now she has face her dark side with the Lord of The Underworld who was very
active in the Lunar Eclipse a month ago. Whatever was brought to a head
then has come up for another colonic flush out, to clear those toxins out
once and for all. This was the Lunation that triggered the build up to the
Cardinal Cross and the feelings of dread and negativity that came with


This is the last hit of Uranus opposition to Saturn. (04′) Combined with

this intense Yod, and the Full Moon it should ensure this tug of war
goes out with a bang. I’m a little worried about my home town London as this
opposition is squaring it’s AC (10′) Scary Pluto is not far of the DC,
house of open enemies. There is a tight Neptune opposed Mercury on the
MC/IC axis. Deception in the News? With Mars quincunxing Neptune (20′)
Malevolent action and treachery.

Back to Lilith & Pluto who are important because this Full Moon is
on their midpoint. Lilith & Pluto understand each other, they are both exiled
Dark God/Goddesses. Both sexual and intense. Both quite ruthless and cannot
tolerate b*******. Lilith is on Fomalhaut right now which gives her
extra omph. Freshly enlightened by Neptune and now graced by the Archangel
star. (Fomalhaut is Gabriel). This gives her mystic success, but only through
noble causes. This star can be very, very good or very, very bad. I’m
thinking that since Lilith has gone through a time of spiritual
awakening lately, this will turn out to be on the very, very good side.

But it’s up to the Moon to bring the best out of these intense comrades.
La Luna can whip the Sun into bringing out the hope and faith in it’s trine
to Jupiter. Some optimism here will sooth out the conjunction to volatile
Uranus on Scheat. Making it more exciting than shocking hopefully.


The Moon is on Yrsa (01′), who (according to Scandinavian legend) is
separated from her parents as a child, but then when grown falls in
love, and marries a King who turns out to be her own father. In one version of
the tale she is raped by him and has his child. Another, on finding out the
true identity of his Queen, the father kills himself.

So this brings out the raping/incest/taboo side of Pluto, and with
Lilith being a kind of Persephone/Lolita vibe. But both are unintentional. The
Neptune quincunx Mars adds to the sexual deception. So this Hades Moon
has had a rough awakening. Through deception that is no fault of either,
Lilith and Pluto feel soiled and guilt ridden.

To me this is almost like we, the Public (Moon) are suffering from some
sort of original sin which has been cast on us from society. The time has
come to cleanse ourselves of this “shame”. It has polluted our thoughts for too


We look to the action point to see how this uncomfortable Yod can be
resolved. As I said before there is a benefic trine from Jupiter and the
Sun is on a little known fixed star called Talitha meaning “Daughter of the
assembly”. A star in The Great Bear. In the Bible:“Jairus one of the
rulers of the synagogue (assembly), comes to Jesus and said “my little daughter
is at the point of death”. So here we have the “daughter of the assembly”.
Jesus goes to the house of the daughter,he takes her hand and says
“Talitha Cumi” which means “daughter arise”. So what’s being said? The star in
the front leg of Ursa is used as the basis of this story of healing and

Interesting the repeat themes of father and daughter, in both the Sun’s
star Talitha and the Moons asteroid Yrsa. Both Pluto themes, one sex and the
other death. Both regenerative. Healing happens only after the purging.

Marina Funk. July 14th 2010

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