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Kipling from India:

Weather exceedingly good. Beaches exceedingly good. Nightlife exceedingly good. Cake c**p.

From Florence Nightingale in Crimea:

Dear Matron. All a terrible mistake. In my letter I said I wanted to go to the cinema.


Alcoholic dads.


To remove the smell.


A goblet made by Apple.


A carpentry tool made by Apple.


Appalled at how much weight you’ve put on.


A state of the art book that burns itself.

A quotation:

One eighth of the final price.

Dave’s off sick:

Dave’s at one of my other jobs.

African Orange would suit this room:

I’ve got a whole bucket-load of it in my van.

Extracted from:

I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue

Book to be published in October



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Replies to This Discussion

Anne: The action of which Shakespeare  play takes place between dusk on January 5 and dawn on January 6?

Contestant: A Midsummer Night’s  Dream.

Anne: Name the long-running TV comedy  show about pensioners: Last Of The . . . what?

Contestant: Mohicans.

Anne: Which actress was married to  Humphrey Bogart, and is the also the cousin of former Israeli prime minister  Shimon Peres?

Contestant: Gene Kelly.

Anne: What U is given to the name of  a symphony by Schubert?

Contestant: 1964.

Anne: Which 1995 film starring Pierce  Brosnan shares its name with a type of duck?

Contestant: The Living Daylights.

Anne: The adjective Rubenesque,  meaning a plump, voluptuous woman, is derived from the work of which  17th-century Flemish artist?

Contestant: Aretha Franklin.

Anne: In which film did Harry Lime  say ‘In Switzerland they had brotherly love and they had 500 years of democracy  and peace. And what did they produce? The cuckoo clock!’?

Contestant: One Flew Over The Cuckoo  Clock.

Build dams? One contestant mistook beavers for sheep

Build dams? One contestant mistook beavers for  sheep


Anne: Which insect is often found  hovering over lakes?

Contestant: Crocodile.

Anne: Which animals build dams and  lodges?

Contestant: Sheep.

Anne: In superstition, people salute  which black-and-white bird when it is seen alone?

Contestant: Penguin.

Anne: What insect has many limbs — the name would suggest 100?

Contestant: A giraffe.


Anne: In Italian history, in 1919  which former journalist set up the Fascist Party?

Contestant: Silvio  Berlusconi.

Anne: In the 1940s, which politician  was responsible for the welfare state — William. .. ?

Contestant: The Conqueror.


Anne: In human development, what ‘B’ is the usual four-letter word for a newborn infant?

Contestant: Wasp.

Anne: In medicine, the phrase ‘contagious disease’ literally means an illness which is spread by which of the  five senses?

Contestant: Sight.

Anne: What is the branch of medicine  concerned with women?

Contestant: Womenology.

Anne: What force of nature is  responsible for keeping the Earth, planets and asteroids in orbit around the  Sun?

Contestant: Delta Force.

Anne: What is the name of the cord  cut after a woman gives birth?

Contestant: Biblical cord.

Anne: A pain in the muscles or bones  of the lower legs, often suffered by sportsmen, is known as Shin. . . ?

Contestant: . . . dler’s  List.

Anne: In science, what is botany the  study of?

Contestant: Bottoms.


Anne: In the Lord’s Prayer, what word  beginning with ‘H’ meaning ‘blessed’ comes before ‘be thy name’?

Contestant: (quietly) Howard.

Anne: (incredulously) Pardon?

Contestant: (louder) Howard.

Anne: What word for an ancient Roman  marketplace is also a site on the internet for open discussion?

Contestant: Chatroom.Standing down: Anne Robinson will not be replaced as the host of The Weakest Link


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