Intuitive researcher Rev. Douglas James Cottrell explains the different levels of consciousness and how to access the akashic records through meditation.

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Thank you ever so kindly for posting. Blessings.
Wow! These were fascinating videos! He brings so many good points that I had not looked at before. It makes me wonder if there is only one path to the Akashic records, just as in so many other areas of life. I don't remember ever seeing the frightening faces, (and am quite grateful for that) but I have been there and it was not intentional, I was not seeking it. Thanks for posting these videos, they raise more questions and give some answers and I love that! (although, I must say, there are many things in my past i would just as soon not have be available for all to see lol) For that matter even the recent yesterday and today. I met a person at a liquor store, he did tattoos, and i was asking him about pricing, he gave me his card and I called and got the pricing. I told him I couldn't afford it at the time, but for him to keep my number so I could save up for it and the next time he is in the state he could call and we could arrange to do my tattoo. A few hours later I received a call from him. He had no place to stay for a couple of days and could i please help. Being the person I am I said, yes I have a couch. and pillows and blanket. come and be safe for the night. As time wore on and we conversed, I discovered his wife had left him, and he was on the run from the law on a domestic violence charge he claimed was not valid. I chose not to worry, and to trust my instincts and try to help him out. He ended up deciding to turn himself in and face the "consequences" I gave him 2 dollars for the bus to get to the DOC, and few hours later he was drunk again, and back at my door. We listened as he cried as he talked of his years in the marines, his children, his life, his pain. But the part that concerns me is that I was just being, in the moment and allowed him into my home (others claim that is stupidity, I felt I was merely living my unconditional love) the part I am ashamed of is that as he pulled out his alcohol and began to get drunk he was very unkind and quite a pest! I began to doubt his story, and began to therefore doubt myself for letting him in. In the meantime my roomates girlfriend got a call in the morning and found out her mother had died last night. It was chaos, trying to comfort her and being in so much fear of how I would get this man out of my house, and how I would know I was safe because of course my roommate had to go with her to deal with the funeral arrangements. I suddenly found myself in the strangest place, instead of fearing and panic I stopped, prayed for Tammy, and that I would be able to be centered and strong and clear, in getting this man to leave. after that, I was just calm, sat and played a video game (ha ha ha) and just was there in the home, sending love, but not actively getting involved, and somehow it all worked out, They were able to leave to deal with her family's problems and arrangements, the wanderer woke and realized the best thing was to turn himself in, and I just sat there in gratitude that by not reacting, and just letting things unfold as they needed to they did. But what I don't want seen in the akashic records are the moments of terror thinking "oh my God" what was i thinking letting a stranger in my home? The moments of doubt that I was living, loving, being in the moment, and was in fact just a crazy person.
and my anger as this stranger as he became drunk and mean!
Dang!!!! all you people are probably starting to hate my comments, they always seem to become a novel. anyway, somehow this story seemed relevant to the videos there.
Live. Love. Laugh.
Great information. Enjoyed the description of the levels one reaches to get to the hall of records. I never cared about beta and theta waves myself.
My sister used to, what we thought, have dreams about figures with heads like dressers. I think this state she was in, was the beginning level to the Hall of Records. Now, that description was unexpected, a entity with the book of the subject/person which was inquried about.
She will be glad to know now what was happening.
Thanks so much for the post! Namaste'


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