Four Elements:  Air, Earth, Water, Fire


There once existed an utopian society of mankind.  They were said to be of one heart, one mind, and one love.  It has been said that in the beginning there existed a priesthood or perfect language that gave mankind power over the universe.  It is said that the number of initiates into this priesthood is infinitesimal,  however there are three stars in the grand cosmos that direct the wisdom of this great organization.  Further, it has been said that within it's book of initiates there are only thirty-four names including nine couples.  This is story of how it all began.



In the beginning out of the bodies of water was created Osiris.  Created she him of the tree of life or the immaculate conception.  Osiris was colored with the origin of his nature.  Before the creation of Osiris came the evolution of mankind, especially every herb bearing fruit.  And the Gods loved Osiris and seen that he would make a Righteous ruler, and thus it is said that he would be made ruler of the underworld.  And so they taught Osiris the perfect language--which they called parenthood; for now there was the need for the opposition in all things.  The Gods seen that Osiris should not be alone; for fruitful was their enlightenment.  Therefore they created in their concise image Isis.  They taught Isis the perfect language, which they thus called Motherhood.  For from this time forth they were set to descend upon the three pillars of the underworld.  Of the three pillars were both Isis and Osiris instructed; and it was considered to be the foundation stone to which the philosophies, sciences, theology, and religion were elemental.  If you have wisdom well with you, let him read it.  For the three pillars are C. T. R. or choose the right--when advanced by Osiris.  This is the sacred ceremony of the great divine.  For it is the intersection of the moon, the sun, and the stars.  He who has wisdom at this gate will find it.  First it goes from Left to Right and then Right to Left in an eternal round.


And it is said that Osiris and Isis ruled the underworld in all righteousness, having seven sons and seven daughters.  To the sons was given the priesthood of MichaEl and to the women the sacred rites of discernment.  For it was the right of the daughters to choose their Lot.  It should be said that not all of the sons entered into holy matrimony--and it has been said that because of this Eve was the begetter of Original Sin.  To the contrary it was the will of the Gods and it is only given under the sacred oaths of Motherdom.  He who hath wisdom, let him freely eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  But of that which is pure and undefiled--thou shalt not partake.


And the first rites of matrimony went to Adam and Eve.  For Adam was said to have the countenance of his father.  And because of this, Osiris was said to know Eve.  Because of her perfection--Osiris seen the reflection of Isis, and thus they were locked in a swirl of time--following each other as polarity, neutralized in the meridian of times.  And Osiris was enlightened by Isis and he knew that Adam was watching the sacred rituals behind matrimony.  For it was not that Osiris was naked, but that Adam was within himself hollow.  And thus Osiris and Isis clothed themselves according to the sacred order of Parentdom.  For it was their mission to teach and rear their children.


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