Strange Visit From My Dog


This only happened yesterday morning and it's only a short one.

Myself and my boyfriend stayed at my place for 7 days, as I'm not allowed animals we left the key with what we thought was a trusted friend.

Yesterday morning I had just turned the pc off, I had been reading ygs as I always do. I laid awake for about 15 minutes after switching the pc off, seeing it getting lighter outside and completely wide awake, that I know 100% certain. I turned towards the wall squashed up in a single bed with my fella. I heard Smokey (our dog) run into the bedroom, I could hear him panting and his little feet running around, he ran up to mark who woke up slightly, and said 'go away Smokey, come on mutt get down' then I heard him running around the bed looking for a space to jump onto the bed, no luck! He ran back around to my boyfriend\'s side of the bed (his 'daddy' Smokey loves us both so much and misses us when if we are out for an hour. We are never away from him but I had to look after my aunt who had just had a hip replacement) After running back to his daddy there was suddenly silence, it was then my tummy done somersaults, and I remembered he wasn't at my place.

I jumped up and tried to shake my fella awake but he just mumbled 'yeah, I dreamed about Smokey too' I was like 'It wasn't a dream you dumb-ass, there's something wrong' but he had just went back into a deep sleep. I rang our 'friend' straight away, not caring I was waking him up early, who informed me that he had not bothered to make the effort, he had split up with his girlfriend and moved from the area without even telling us, and presumed we had been back. Why not ring and check with us, I could have killed him, I felt sick to the core. I practically dragged the boyfriend out of bed, and yes... He remembered telling Smokey to leave him alone.

So both of us had this experience, I could have put his experience down to missing our doggy but not me, I was awake, I kept having to repeat this and we got a cab straight away, silence in the cab except for fella saying 'I'm dreading this' was I, I couldn't even speak, 7 days without food, and probably 5 without water. I let my fella walk in first; I was shaking, sick and beyond worried. My boyfriend entered the house, I was stood in the garden, and out comes running my dear Smokey. I was so so sure because of what happened that morning he had passed away as he isn't a young dog, almost ten years old. I jumped out of my skin, he had lost weight but apart from that he was fine, his usual perky self.

We both agreed never ever again will we trust anyone to look after our precious dog. Does anyone think he just missed us that much that he somehow astral projected his way to us while dreaming? Ant thought would be very much appreciated; I didn't know animals could do that while alive, if anyone else has had a similar experience I would love to know.

Thank you for reading, I love this sight.


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This touched me so deeply <3 

I love our animal friend <3 Dogs are such good friends.. so expressive and always full of Love when Love is shared with them! I too have a story like this... and it was the first time that I shared it today with a friend, what a coincidence:) My Jenny warned me about the accident on the road days before we took the trip! I am eternally grateful to her. I speak to her and she understands each of my words. Since last night she is a mom of 4 babies  


Thank you God for the wonderful friends you sent on our way.



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