Hi, I am a caregiver for my mother who has Alzhimers Disease. This is my 5th year caring for her. I left my life and work in NYC, as a LMT, to make sure she had an opportunity to stay independent, outside the care of institutions and in the care of her family. As a alternative health care provider for over 22years, it seemed natural to enter into that responsibility without any pause.

Alzhimers is a very slow debilatating disease process. There are many twists and turns effecting the Body/Mind in a way that causes much confusion for the person. I mostly just want my mother not to suffer. At this point of the illness I have become a good friend and sometimes her mom.

We do alot in a day to keep the mind and body active. According to Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist, keeping everything moving is the best, although the disease process will continue to evolve in it's own way. She receives weekly massage and bodywork therapy sessions, and we listen daily to meditation, sound healing and alpha vibrations. It seems to help.

Caregivng has it's up's and down's because the caregiver, usually is so busy with the caretaking, that they forget about themselves. For myself, I try and do things with my mother that include nature. parks, the beach, social settings like breakfast out. Visiting friends and playing with the basketball. Mom loves to go on a drive journey in the car each day. It's good for both of us.

We have a little guinea pig, named Molly who sits on mom's lap and eats lettuce. Molly is a blessing because my mother was a caregiver too for own growing family, her community, friends and church throughout her lifetime. Molly fills that gap, in offering herself, so that my mother has a friend to hold and massage and to care for and love.

I am grateful we have this time together. Mom is a great soul and has a great heart, and was my first spiritual teacher. And today, can still give the wisdom of a mother, when needed.

I try to keep positve. I am also grateful to the Humanity Healing Foundation and the healing Communtiy for this great place for sharing , as sometimes it is quite isolating being this close to a illness with lots to time to spend in a day.

Thank you Everyone!

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Hi Christopher,
May this moment find you embraced in Peace. Thank you so much for responding to the Place for Caregivers. I'm sorry I have not responded until now. I just haven't been checking the discussions and somehow wasn't notified of your writing, so welcome, welcome, welcome... any insights or suggestions in love and care are greatly appreciated. I have some basic questions if you're willing to share from your expert knowledge. Again sorry for the late reply.

Much Love,

Dear Zoe,

My heart goes out to you ((Big Hug))

We are walking in similar shoes.

After the death of my mother in Jan 2007, I left my home and my life in another state to take care of my father who has alzheimers. (along with a LOAD of stressful legal stuff left behind by my mother that I have to clean up)

But I feel so blessed to be able to share this special time with him, and I hope to be able to help him be as happy and as healthy as possible during this time.

My family won't help me, so it took me a long, long time to realize that I needed to remember to take care of me too!

We have our good days and our not so good days, but right now I'm taking things moment by moment. I've noticed less stress since I remembered me, remembered to breathe, and started taking things as they come rather than trying to get it all taken care of yesterday!

My father is happy. When he remembers to think of it, he always makes sure to tell me that he loves me and how happy he is that I'm here with him. And I melt every time :)

I do have my down moments, that's for sure. But, like you, I also do my best to try to be positive.

I'm also very grateful for this space to share in Humanity Healing Foundation. Thank you so much.

I'll write more later...

Sending love your way!

May this moment find you embraced in Peace...

How wonderful to have a caregiving friend and we are not ever alone in this grateful state, as it seems even though the disease is a slow process, those moments help me to get intouch with my own moments, so in a way it is spiritual process. The family dynamics are a part of this great healing as well. How fortunate we are to be at the center of the whole, caring for the basics of this great life.

I ask myself, " would I have it any other way?" and then there is a need from my mother and that question gets answered. What a Blessing to care for parents who helped in creation, growth and care for us when we were birthed and maturing.

I agree that those moments when mom is aware and conscious of her surroundings, she is grateful. Thank you for writing, maybe more will emerged. Let's keep in touch, OK...

Much Love,

Hi Zoe,
I moved back to the area I live in now a couple of years ago to be available for my mother as her health was beginning to decline.
It has presented challenges but it has also allowed me to get to know my mother as a person, and not just as a mother. This has been such a gift for the both of us. We are very different in many ways and it has broadened both of our horizons. It has also helped me understand many of the patterns I have identified in myself and see that they were learned behaviors from my mother. This has made it easier to change the negative and even begin to do the same for her.

I have always been a caregiver, being a nurse, a LMT, and Reiki Master, mother, wife, and daughter. It took me many years to understand that there had to be boundaries for my protection. Today I have been able to integrate those and use the spiritual gifts of empathy and my abilities in the energy healing to assist others but not become totally wrapped up in them.
Learning to take care of ME has been the most difficult thing to do and continues to be.
It is nice to meet you!


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