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The Sun is now settled into changeable, emotional, sensitive Cancer, it can make us over-react a little more, or take things very personally at times.  The Moon starts the week in broadminded, optimistic Sagittarius.  Tuesday it moves into aloof, pessimistic, responsible & realistic Capricorn with a Full Moon there, causing possible over reaction.  Friday it moves again into imperative, magnetic, impulsive Aquarius.  Sunday it moves into emotional, sentimental, sensitive Pisces, finishing the week there.  Mercury has moved into organized, dogmatic, stubborn Leo, can make a drama out of a crisis.  Venus is in light-hearted, flirtatious Gemini, for a few months, with a need for flexibility & friendship in love relationships.  It starts travelling Direct again on Friday 29th, minimising misunderstandings.  Mars remains in detailed, hard-working, practical Virgo, until Wednesday when it moves into diplomatic, fair, harmonious Libra with stronger romantic attractions to people.  Jupiter has now moved into broad-minded, fun loving Gemini, until mid 2013, causing changeable views & some exaggeration, with a need to ensure any promised made can be kept.  Saturn remains in courteous, fair-minded, pleasant, serious Libra for some time, making us flexible, but maybe indecisive at times.  Uranus remains in energetic, courageous, self-willed, proud Aries for some time, beyond this year with rebelliousness, or disruptions from our usual routine.  Neptune is now in sensitive, intuitive Pisces, & can help us gradually develop more empathy, compassion, & build understanding, with a need to remain realistic. Neptune is currently travelling Retrograde, making us prone to day-dreaming & deeper intuition, with a need to keep a sense of proportion.  Pluto remains in Capricorn for the foreseeable future, showing knowledge gradually acquired on deeper levels, & realistic ways of recycling practically.  It still travels Retrograde, for a few months giving a need to research & ascertain facts.  Planetary aspects this week are:- Sun & Moon opposite Wednesday –   A need for solid relationships.  Sun & Moon trine Sunday – Natural reactions to circumstances bring success.  Sun & Uranus square - An impulsive and unpredictable attitude at times.  Sun & Pluto opposite – You may be cynical if challenged by others.  Moon & Saturn sextile Monday – Some caution & reserve in close relations.  Moon & Uranus trine Monday – Knowledge is intuitively absorbed.  Moon opposite Venus & Jupiter Monday – Some conflict may arise in close relationships.  A need for more self confidence.  Moon & Neptune sextile Tuesday – A need to keep a check on reality.  Moon & Uranus square Tuesday & Wednesday – A need for a balanced outlook.  Moon & Saturn square Thursday – Possible insecurity at times.  Moon & Uranus sextile Friday – Quick emotional responses to people & situations.  Moon trine Venus & Jupiter Friday – Trust & optimism in dealings with others.  Good relations with people generally.  Moon sextile Pluto Sunday – Good emotional understanding of others.  Mercury sextile Venus & Jupiter – Skilled expression of thoughts & feelings.  An ability to handle abstract ideas.  Mercury sextile Mars, Wednesday to Friday – Actions planned with decisiveness.  Mercury & Uranus trine – Intuitive insight with a humanitarian approach.  Venus & Jupiter remain conjunct – Optimism, kindness & a cheerful, friendly approach to others.  Uranus remains sextile to Venus & Jupiter – Charismatic social dealings.  Venus & Jupiter square Neptune - Possible subconscious difficulties in close interpersonal relationships.  Beware exaggeration and confusion.  Venus & Jupiter trine Mars from Wednesday – A need for happy, positive relations with others.  Physical resources are used in a well-integrated way.  Venus & Jupiter inconjunct Pluto – Possible need for moderation in emotional situations.  A need for some significant adjustments over the next few months.  Mars & Pluto square from Wednesday – Forcefulness, with possible reckless actions.  Mars & Uranus opposite from Wednesday – A competitive, quite challenging approach to certain situations.  Uranus & Pluto remain square for some time – A need to act independently, dislike of restraints.  Neptune & Pluto sextile long term – Deeper understanding, & gradual acceptance of world changes, over a long period of time.  



ARIES     21 March - 20 April

You may be trying to sort home & family matters out, but have a positive approach.  Getting out & meeting other people is helpful.  You communicate dramatically & get your point across, but may get distracted.  From midweek, take care to avoid arguments with a partner, if you feel down.  You’re still a bit erratic, maybe quite impressionable, unsure about your career choices.


TAURUS    21 April - 21 May

You communicate with a positive approach, & may have a lot of phone calls.  You may worry about a relative, & need to discuss issues.  You may be prone to overspending, so need to watch your expenditure.  From midweek, your work routine might get harder, & cause stress.  Your subconscious mind works overtime, you confide in imaginative friends, & have some challenges.


GEMINI    22 May - 21 June

You might be on a bit of a spending spree, or have a few bills come up.  You’re restless & easily distracted, but very talkative.  You have a charismatic, positive approach that brings support. From midweek, you’re more creative, but rather impatient or may lack fun.  Meeting like minded friends is great, as you may be going through career changes, or have some partnership issues.


CANCER    22 June - 23 July

You take a caring, sensitive approach to people around you.  You can acquire some bargains & manage money well.  You find it quite hard to express your deeper feelings, & need privacy.  From midweek, you have a lot to organize at home, people rely on you, causing pressure.  You may consider a sudden career change, but are philosophical, & need a balance with a partner.



LEO     24 July  -  23 August

You need time alone & are very intuitive, but worry about irrational things.  You’re articulate & versatile with a lot of nervous energy.  You gain a lot from sympathetic good humour friends.   From midweek, you may find you’re drawn into arguments, but don’t always say a great deal.  You’re broad-minded, seeking stimulus, very imaginative, & need to look at health issues.  



VIRGO     24 August  -  23 September 

You enjoy catching up with friends, just having some time to socialise.  At times your emotions & logic clash, causing confusion.  You successfully carry a lot of professional responsibility.  From midweek, you’re more driven to make money, if you feel financially limited.  You need to be careful with joint finances, & relate honestly to a partner, as you feel intensely emotional.



LIBRA    24 September  -  23 October

You work hard towards your ambitions & professional goals.  You also enjoy meeting up with like minded friends.  You may be considering a holiday & enjoy broadening your horizons.  From midweek, you’re competitive & strongwilled, but diplomatic, if a bit uncertain.  You need some space in a partnership, may have ongoing health issues, & feel limited by family issues.



SCORPIO    24 October  -  22 November

You might be in the position to take a short break, & are philosophic.  You need a career that’s mentally stimulating.  You’re intensely emotional, needing a strong bond with a partner.  From midweek, you may be a bit secretive & find it hard to confide problems, if you’re depressed.  You need variety in your work, & are idealistic & imaginative, but don’t always say a great deal.


SAGITTARIUS     23 November  -  21 December

You may feel fatalistic, & much more emotional than usual.  You lack concentration at times, but enjoy learning.  You have a positive, happy relationship with a partner, identifying closely with them. From midweek, you enjoy time spent with challenging, long term friends.  You’re creative & very imaginative, but home life may be disorganized, & develop great business skills.


CAPRICORN     22 December - 20 January

You have a strong bond with a partner, & rely on them quite a lot.  You deal well with joint finances, & need a happy love life. You need a pleasant work routine, & will help colleagues.  From midweek, you seek more progress in your career, & may feel impatient or limited.  Home life may be disruptive at times, you communicate imaginatively & may seem unfathomable. 



AQUARIUS     21 January  -  19 February

You work hard & very conscientiously & enjoy helping others.  You communicate positively with a partner, & need intellectual stimulation.  You’re creative & romantic, with a dramatic, flamboyant approach.  From midweek, you seek adventure if you’ve felt limited recently.  You have some unusual ideas you use positively, may be erratic financially & worry a lot deep down.


PISCES     20 February -  20 March

You enjoy spending time with children & loved ones & are creative.  You’re practical in your approach to work, but worry a lot.  You have a strong bond with your family, & enjoy home life.  From midweek, you may get obsessive about a partner, if you feel despondent.  You might spend erratically, & seem vulnerable or easily distracted, but can confide in old trusted friends.



I can’t guarantee anything shown on these horoscopes, they can only offer general information, as written by Beverley Taylor or Astrologymix so please note that they should be considered for entertainment purposes only. However I do make every effort to ensure the information I give is as accurate as possible. If you do have any queries please feel free to contact me.



If you want a more indepth personal Astrology reading or chart, please contact me:- Beverley phone:- 01444 246274, email:- bev@astrologymix.co.uk, website:- www.astrologymix.co.uk  You can also  follow me on https://twitter.com/#!/AstroBev


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