Practice being non-judgmental, non-reactive, non-resistant. First, see what is happening to your mind. What are the thoughts that are coming into your mind? Watch your thoughts in a very compassionate meditation. You are separate from the thoughts. If you watch the thoughts and keenly observe them, you find each and every thought rising up, appearing for some time, then dissolving in no time, because you are not participating. You are not engaging your thoughts with condemnation or appreciation. Condemnation or appreciation is nothing but your energy being given to that thought. The energy of response forms and reinforces a memory in your mind. The memories then block the mind. If you witness without judgment, the thought comes and it dissolves. It cannot impress itself on you. It came, because it was a part of you. It stayed, because it had to stay for some time. Its impression was not strong because it could not find cooperation from you. It received no reinforcing energy, so it fell on its face.

         If we keep watching our mind, we eventually become mindful that it is the mind observing the mind, without any judgment.

         After you gain some skill in this, gradually, begin to follow your thoughts. From where is this thought arising and evolving? Where is it dissolving? From where does it come and where does it disappear? This second stage follows the thought trails.

         Eventually, automatically, even the thoughts that were coming at random will be less and less in number. You become focused on the thoughts, without any judgment. As you find where each thought is coming from, as you find where it lingers and where it disappears, you discover you have begun to flow with the thoughts. Now it is as if you are a surfer. You are surfing the webs of the mind.

         Previously, you fought with the water, with the waves. You could not surf. You were crashing into the water, falling and being shoved to shore. Now, you know how to surf the waves. You are no longer fighting, no longer resisting. You are moving with the waves. You have separated yourself a little.

         Ultimately, you find that you can even catch the gaps between thoughts. Normally, we cannot catch them. We are not aware of our thoughts. The more conscious we become about our thoughts, the more conscious we become of our mind. This consciousness of our thoughts gradually brings to us a calmer mind, because our mind is not random anymore.

         Anything you observe keenly calms down. Give your full attention to your hand or leg, or to a pain. After you observe for some time, it becomes quiet. This is the nature of consciousness and of unconsciousness. Anything you do unconsciously persists as long as you are unconscious. The moment you observe it and become conscious about it, it stops. Try this, try this in your life for some time, without categorizing, without judging.

         You don’t judge because thoughts are thoughts. Good and bad are definitions of your conditioned mind. You are already suffering from this condition of the mind. All of your suffering is from the condition of the mind.

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