Does Humanity Have a Chance? (Part 4)
Do you see the magnificence of that? This is Who You Are, and it is only the beginning. 

NDW: Is this true? Do you mean this?

I tell you, you are capable of achievements and experiences beyond your wildest dreams. You are standing even now at the edge of a Golden Age, the beginning of a Thousand Years of Peace, which could lead to a grander glory for the human species than your heart can now hold the knowing of. 

This can be your gift to the future. This can be your destiny. You need but choose it.

The New Revelations
Neale Donald Walsch
Page 26

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Yes, humanity does indeed have a chance!

Although I am not Jewish I have been attempting to observe Yom Kippur and the other Jewish festivals since the 1970's. 

I went through a pretty major philosophical/theological crisis beginning in 1990 as I began to study near death experience accounts.  I had rather dogmatically believed up until then that our human soul/spirit was utterly unconscious immediately after death, awaiting a resurrection.

One of the major players who has been sent back to assist us through the coming paradigm shift in consciousness is Bruce MacDonald Ph. D. who had an astonishing NDE in 1966.


Only days after our engagement, while working on a construction site on June 3rd, 1966, I fell down a 37 foot piling shaft, crushed one of my vertebrae to half size, badly fractured two others and tore all my inner organs out of place.  A few days after that, I died and had a Near Death Experience during which I met and talked with Jesus, Elijah and Moses, in a scene which mirrored the Transfiguration.  We discussed a "project" in which we were all involved, a project which had to do with the development of human spiritual consciousness and which involved many thousands of people over thousands of years. I describe the NDE in detail in both The Thomas Book and The Prayer of Silence, since it is at the base of the relationship I established with Yeshua (Jesus), which allowed me to write The Thomas Book, and which opened up to me the inner nature of human consciousness in a dramatic way and gave me clues to practicing and teaching the kind of meditation I later learned from spiritual sources and wrote intoThe Prayer of Silence.  The rest of my life was given focus and impetus in the Near Death Experience.  It is the pivot on which everything else swings.

            I did not expect, before the accident, while reading my books in my third floor room, struggling with a growing sense of the emptiness of modern culture and while looking for a deeper meaning in life than the one I had found so far, that I would be thrown into such a deep experience of the spirit.  I did not even know it was possible to leave the body and return.  I did not believe that we could exist in that kind of spiritual state. When I returned to life, I was aware of a few surprising things.  I knew I could no longer be a minister because I knew there was something very wrong with the gospels in the Bible and I could not teach many of the key Bible stories on which contemporary Christianity is built, or the doctrines which had been developed from them. I knew the rest of my life would be devoted to discovering what was wrong with those stories and then sharing that knowledge with others. 


If my understanding of near death experiences and how they correspond with ancient prophecies is at all accurate then I believe that we are soon going to see a reconciliation between Islamic Mystics and Sufi Moslems with Christian Mystics which will set the stage for genuine peace to come to the Middle East.


All of this has many practical applications as well:


Proposal for the creation of a Quebec provincial currency unit to save coastal communities from threat of rising ocean levels.


In my opinion it is going to cost trillions of dollars to do what needs to be done to protect towns like Truro, and Antigonish, Nova Scotia from the consequences of the cracking and sliding of a large part of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and the land based Greenland Ice Pack into the ocean.


The province of Alberta attempted to create its own provincial currency unit during The Great Depression but enormous pressure was exerted to ensure that their experiment in monetary policy was unsuccessful.


"Not "Funny money"

Following the 1937 Social Credit backbenchers' revolt, the party attempted to implement its radical populist policies, such as the issuance of prosperity certificates to Alberta residents (dubbed "funny money" by detractors) in accordance with the theories of Silvio Gesell. Douglas, the originator of the Social Credit movement, did not like the idea of prosperity certificates which depreciated in value the longer they were held, and openly criticized Gesell's theories.[1]

Early in their term, the Socreds tried to pass two bills that would have placed the province's banks under government control. However, Lieutenant-Governor John C. Bowen refused to grant Royal Assent to the bills. The Supreme Court of Canada subsequently ruled the legislation unconstitutional because only the federal government can legislate on banking."


The province of Quebec seems to be in much better position to create its own provincial currency unit without facing the massive backlash from the financial community and federal government that Alberta experienced.


Dr. James Hansen has stated that the last time that global temperatures rose by three degrees ocean levels rose by 25 meters over four centuries.  Canada and the world are NOT yet prepared for ocean rise of one meter every twenty years.


Nearly one hundred million people in Bangladesh alone will become climate change refugees in the event of merely a one meter rise in ocean levels!



This message posted to an Islamic group February 27, 2012, (that has since been deleted or hidden), has the potential to utterly transform the relationship between the Islamic world and the western democratic nations!

"scientific miracles of islam
Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) spoke very carefully about a scientific fact realized by scientists few years ago. He said ( God will not held day of resurrection unless Arab land returns greens and rivers again ) [Narrated by Muslim.]

scientifically, it was proved that one day the Arabian peninsula was full of greens and rivers as satellite photos confirm that there are buried rivers under the sand of Arab land , one of the great scientists of the American space agency (NASA) says that the taken photos for the desert had shown that one day this area was covered with rivers and lakes like Europe and one day in the future it will back again like the past."

I read Dr. MacDonald's book last month.  It is AWESOME!!!!

Here is what he writes regarding what he saw Rabbi Jesus/Yehoshua state in one of his lectures to his disciples:: 

Bruce F. MacDonald Ph. D. page 117,118, The Thomas Book, Near Death ....... 

"You do not understand this life,” he said on a later occasion, “so you do not understand what you can achieve. You think that you were born and die and have only the time in between to live. The Sadducees do not even believe in the resurrection. And the Pharisees and Essenes believe you are saved or damned on the basis of what you do here in this life.” 

“So you judge and condemn others and forsake love in order to enter heaven. Yet I tell you that the Father has many heavens and many homes for you. This is not your only life, and these are not the only things you have to learn. You will have lives in other times and places.” 

“Do not judge the gentiles? You may have been a Gentile. Do not judge the prostitute” You may have been a prostitute. Do not judge the Roman or Greek? You may have been those.” 

The Father wishes you to know the life of the world in all its conditions so that you may be able to love those in all conditions. He wishes you to learn poverty and wealth, weakness and strength, sickness and health so that, in all these, you may seek Him and find Him.” 

“Is He the Father only of the righteous? No, he is Father of all and Mother of all. All may come to God and find the love appropriate to their condition. Are you poor? Learn to love your fellows. Are you rich? Learn to give of your surplus to those who have nothing. Are you in a place of power? Learn to use your power for the good of others. Learn the love appropriate to the condition you are in and all conditions will become blessed.” (Bruce MacDonald PhD).


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