Children of today are no longer losing or repressing their ability to heal, see auras, talk to those that have transitioned or a multitude of abilities that we are all gifted with. I'd like to hear stories.

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Consciously connect with your children
“Hand to Hand Heart to Heart”

Last week I was given a beautiful reminder of the important role our hands play in the exchange of energy. So many times we take our children by the hand to cross the street, move through a store, or bring them close to us. Are we aware of the connection we are making, the exchange of energy that is occurring?
The experience I spoke of earlier happened on a normal day as I began class at a local Montessori school. I was told that I had two new students attending our GYMZONE program. One of the new students who I will call Matt displayed a very soft spoken gentle spirit. He was new to this school and this was his first day. Within a few moments of starting class another child began to miss his mother, as he started to cry I noticed Matt talking gently to the upset student. I stayed to the side to observe. Matt turned his hand so that his palm faced his fellow student. Matt’s words were almost inaudible, his hand was gesturing palm forward at the level of the child’s heart. He would slide his hand down to about the solar plexus and then move back up to the heart again. It only lasted 15 to 30 seconds and by then the child had not only calmed down but seemed to be centered, focused and joyful! I knew I had just observed Matt working with the other child’s energy body and it was almost instantaneous. Remember these children had just met. This was Matt’s first day at this school. There was no previous relationship to base the healing session that occurred. As I went about the rest of class I was intrigued, to say the least, by Matt. His speech was clear yet he did not speak in full sentences. He followed all direction yet seemed to be also moving in a world of his own. He did not seem “spaced out”, he seemed to be participating on multiple planes. At one point I took Matt by the hand to show him another part of the course. That’s when it all hit me. Matt’s energy was so soft, loving, and pure. There is almost no word to describe it. The only reference that I could come up with was that my energy felt sporadic and “pointy” or sharp and Matt’s was a gentle flowing river of love. It was not his hand that was soft or gentle it was the energy around his hand. At the same time, it was not my hand that felt rough or sharp, nor my movements with him. It was the energy around and emanating from my hand.
I have worked with thousands of children and I truly love each and every child who has graced me with their presence. Children are nurturing and compassionate. They represent the divine in all of us. I am truly blessed to be in the profession that I am. All of my children have been my teachers. And what I learned that day from Matt was to find the stillness and divine love within. Let it be expressed not only with words but in the field that surrounds me. That, that field is communicating with others.
So the next time you take your child by the hand, know that this is a special time, a time for true communication,
a time that your hearts will speak without words.
To become present, take a deep breath before you take your child’s hand and as you exhale release any anxiety, fear or tension. Take another breath and exhale from your heart, feel loving energy surround you. Soften your energy body. This will take all of 10 seconds yet it will make a world of difference in you day to day experience with your child.

Katrina Durocher RYT is the owner and founder of GYMZONE, a mobile yoga and gymnastic company that incorporates yoga poses, breathing techniques and philosophy into the program, ‘Just for You Yoga’ a unique and ever expanding Yoga program designed especially for children to be used in Yoga studios and ‘Just for You Yoga’ Lessons, designed to aid Yoga instructors with fun ideas to engage their classes. Visit for schedule and more info.


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