Angels Are Messengers Of Light

Angel In The Clouds

When you find yourself in a difficult situation, imagine yourself wearing a halo and surround yourself with white light.

Imagine your car wearing a field of white light to protect you on the road. Imagine your house wearing an aura of white light to protect you from negative forces.


Flower Fragrances That Attract Angels

Jasmine and roses are said to be noticeable when angels are around, especially guardian angels. Pine is said to attract the healing angels, and it's scent is noticeable when they are near. Sandalwood is the fragrance that the creativity ministers or muses are supposed to like.

Assign fragrances to the angels you want near you, and bring flowers into your home or wear perfume with these fragrances:

- Honeysuckle: The Messengers

- Gardenias: Worry extinguishers and prosperity brokers

- Hyacinth: Soul Angels

- Lilac: Happiness Trainers

Condensed from Messengers of Light by Terry Lynn Taylor


Dressing For Angels

Wearing something angels like is all in fun. It works because angels like to participate in fun. It's your game and you make the rules. So use your intuition. If you feel strongly about a certain color or fragrance for attracting specific angels, bring the color or fragrance into your life and the angel will be near.


Colors to Wear that Attract Specific Angels

- Guardian Angels: Rose, pink (an aura of divine affection), and soft green

- Healing Angels: Sky blue

- Ceremonial and Music Angels: White

- Nature Angels: Apple Green

- Angels of art and wisdom: Yellow

- Seraphim Angels: Crimson

- Cherubim: Blue

- Archangel Michael: Deep green, vivid blue, rose, and gold

- Archangel Raphael: Pale blue and soft greens

- Archangel Gabriel: Tans, browns, and dark greens.

To attract most angels, study the colors of an abalone shell (mother of pearl) and select clothing in various combinations of these colors. These beautiful pastel colors will make you feel light and heavenly. When you feel this way, you're sure to attract angels.
The Above Is From "Age Of Angels"

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