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April 18, 2013
New bird flu strain seen adapting to mammals, humans
Madison WI (SPX) Apr 18, 2013 - A genetic analysis of the avian flu virus responsible for at least nine human deaths in China portrays a virus evolving to adapt to human cells, raising concern about its potential to spark a new global flu pandemic. The collaborative study, conducted by a group led by Masato Tashiro of the Influenza Virus Research Center, National Institute of Infectious Diseases, and Yoshihiro Kawaoka of ... more

Research aims to settle debate over origin of Yellowstone volcano
Narragansett RI (SPX) Apr 18, 2013 - A debate among scientists about the geologic formation of the supervolcano encompassing the region around Yellowstone National Park has taken a major step forward, thanks to new evidence provided by a team of international researchers led by University of Rhode Island Professor Christopher Kincaid. In a publication appearing in last week's edition of Nature Geoscience, the URI team demonst ... more

Secrets of bacterial slime revealed
Newcastle, UK (SPX) Apr 18, 2013 - Newcastle University scientists have revealed the mechanism that causes a slime to form, making bacteria hard to shift and resistant to antibiotics. When under threat, some bacteria can shield themselves in a slimy protective layer, known as a biofilm. It is made up of communities of bacteria held together to protect themselves from attack. Biofilms cause dental plaque and sinusitis; in he ... more

Study reveals seasonal patterns of tropical rainfall changes from global warming
Honolulu HI (SPX) Apr 18, 2013 - Projections of rainfall changes from global warming have been very uncertain because scientists could not determine how two different mechanisms will impact rainfall. The two mechanisms turn out to complement each other and together shape the spatial distribution of seasonal rainfall in the tropics, according to the study of a group of Chinese and Hawaii scientists that is published in the April ... more

Can New Plasma-Based Biomaterials Speed Healing of Injured Tissues?
New Rochelle NY (SPX) Apr 18, 2013 - Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from blood contains growth factors and other bioactive molecules that promote healing at sites of tissue injury. However, it is difficult to deliver and retain these molecules at a target site, and clinical results have proven to be mixed - until now. A new solid form of bioactive plasma-based biomaterials, known as PBMs, can accelerate tissue healing. No ... more

Nuclear Energy Insider

Nanosponges soak up toxins released by bacterial infections and venom
San Diego CA (SPX) Apr 18, 2013 - Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have invented a "nanosponge" capable of safely removing a broad class of dangerous toxins from the bloodstream - including toxins produced by MRSA, E. coli, poisonous snakes and bees. These nanosponges, which thus far have been studied in mice, can neutralize "pore-forming toxins," which destroy cells by poking holes in their cell membra ... more

Liverpool Bay sediment discovery could save millions
Southampton UK (SPX) Apr 18, 2013 - New research tracking the movement of dredged sediment around Liverpool Bay could save millions of pounds, according to scientists at the National Oceanography Centre in Liverpool. Each year, sediment has to be dredged from the port and deposited elsewhere to maintain access for commercial vessels. But according to the new study, the dredged material appears back in the port again within j ... more

Researchers demonstrate oldest dinosaur embryos
Bonn, Germany (SPX) Apr 18, 2013 - An international team of researchers, including a paleontologist from the University of Bonn, have proven dinosaur embryos to be the oldest ever found. The specimens of Lufengosaurus discovered in China lived during the lower Jurassic about 200 to 190 million years ago. Based on the bone tissue, Dr. Koen Stein was able to show that the fossils must have been in a very early stage of develo ... more

How some leaves got fat: It's the veins
Providence RI (SPX) Apr 18, 2013 - A "garden variety" leaf is a broad, flat structure, but if the garden happens to be somewhere arid, it probably includes succulent plants with plump leaves full of precious water. Fat leaves did not emerge in the plant world easily. A new Brown University study published in Current Biology reports that to sustain efficient photosynthesis, they required the evolution of a fundamental remode ... more

Study proposes alternative way to explain life's complexity
Durham NC (SPX) Apr 18, 2013 - Evolution skeptics argue that some biological structures, like the brain or the eye, are simply too complex for natural selection to explain. Biologists have proposed various ways that so-called 'irreducibly complex' structures could emerge incrementally over time, bit by bit. But a new study proposes an alternative route. Instead of starting from simpler precursors and becoming more intri ... more

Disposal of Vestas Wind Turbine Parts

Bed of needles
Boston, MA (SPX) Apr 18, 2013 - A parasitic worm may hold the answer to keeping skin grafts firmly in place over wounds, according to a new study by researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH). The research team, led by Jeffrey Karp, PhD, BWH Division of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Medicine, senior study author, invented a microneedle inspired by Pomphorhynchus laevis, a spiny-headed worm that lives in th ... more

Emaciated Sumatran tiger on brink of death
Jakarta (AFP) April 17, 2013 - A critically endangered Sumatran tiger at a notorious Indonesian zoo where hundreds of animals have died in recent years is emaciated and on the brink of death, an official said on Wednesday. Melani, a 15-year-old female, has been suffering from a serious digestive disorder for the past five years due to a diet of tainted chicken which has pushed her weight down from 80 to 60 kilograms (176 ... more

Singapore judiciary demands apology for web backlash
Singapore (AFP) April 18, 2013 - Singapore's state prosecution arm has demanded an apology from several websites over posts which it said cast doubt on the judiciary's integrity in a case involving a China national. The websites and Facebook pages involved had suggested that a Singapore court had been lenient to Yuan Zhenghua, 31, who hijacked a taxi last year and crashed it into the driveway of Changi Airport's budget term ... more

Japan island rocked by 30 quakes
Tokyo (AFP) April 17, 2013 - Around 30 earthquakes, one of them magnitude 6.2, rocked a volcanic island south of Tokyo Wednesday and another significant quake hit the northeast of the country, the national meteorological agency said. The biggest tremor shook Miyake Island, which lies 175 kilometres (110 miles) south of Tokyo, at around 5:57 pm (0857 GMT). Its depth was 20 kilometres and there was no risk of a tsunami, t ... more

Hundreds of pigs, dogs die in Chinese city: officials
Beijing (AFP) April 17, 2013 - Chinese health officials and police were Wednesday probing the mysterious deaths of hundreds of pigs and dogs whose carcasses were discovered in a central Chinese city, authorities said. A total of 410 pigs and 122 dogs died Monday in a village within the city of Yanshi, according to a statement on the city's website. The deaths came after the discovery of more than 16,000 dead pigs last mo ... more

Turn key solar systems for domestic and commercial installations
Turn key solar systems for domestic and commercial installations

'Thousands' of Pakistanis affected by Iran quake
Mashkail, Pakistan (AFP) April 17, 2013 -Thousands of Pakistanis have been affected by a huge earthquake in Iran that damaged hundreds of homes and killed at least 41 people, sparking a military rescue effort in the remote region. The United States also offered aid after the 7.8-magnitude quake, Iran's most powerful in five decades, damaged an estimated 2,000 mud-built homes of Mashkail, a town in the poor Pakistani province of Bal ... more

US offers aid as Iran quake kills 34 in Pakistan
Quetta, Pakistan (AFP) April 17, 2013 - Pakistani troops have mobilised to help the desperately poor victims of an earthquake centred in nearby Iran that killed at least 34 people, as the United States offered help to both nations. The epicentre of Tuesday's 7.8 magnitude quake lay in southeast Iran but all of the deaths so far have been reported across the border in Pakistan's remote province of Baluchistan, where hundreds of mud ... more

Chinese poachers could face 20 years over pangolins
Manila (AFP) April 17, 2013 - Twelve suspected Chinese poachers could face up to 20 years in prison for possession of hundreds of dead pangolins or scaly anteaters, Philippine wildlife authorities said Wednesday. The boat carrying the 12 Chinese men ran aground on Tubbataha marine park, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed coral reef near Palawan, last week. "We are preparing a case. We are still compiling supporting doc ... more

Many feared dead in US fertilizer plant blast
West, Texas (AFP) April 18, 2013 - A Texas fertilizer factory exploded in a huge fireball Wednesday, flattening nearby homes and perhaps killing as many as several dozen people, with one official likening the blast to a "nuclear bomb." Fears were mounting in the small town of West, outside Waco, that a second fertilizer tank could erupt in flames, stoking anxiety in a nation already on edge after the nerve-jangling Boston mar ... more

Egypt faces food crisis over wheat shortage
Cairo (UPI) Apr 17, 2013 - The Egyptian government is gambling that this year's domestic wheat crop will produce 9.5 million tons, a prediction widely seen as dangerously over-optimistic as the world's most populous Arab state is wracked by growing political crisis. Egypt, the world's biggest wheat importer, is facing critical food shortages that are certain to worsen the political turmoil if not checked. ... more

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