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Comment by fool-friend, cliff on August 6, 2009 at 8:36pm
Good News I think "Electric Cars, federal grants head for state" is the headlines in "The Oregonian" Newpaper Aug. 8th 2009. It talks about Nissan will test a plug-in car. Gov. Ted Kulongoski has wooed Nissan into coming Oregon to make it a center for alternative energy and technology, 40 million in battery research. At Portland's race way the Amp Heads have been out race the Mottor Heads with speeds half of the gas engines. This will help move more minds into a change away from old gas engines (Co2).

May we use this page to raise the hopes and show each other that humanity is working for change. It is so easy to say how we are unhappy about what has happen to the earth because of humanity. Filled with Gloom and Doom that will only hurt and cause harm to seeing a change for the better. Let us all shine the light in what is changing for the better Please. Let us go to the peace rally not an anti-war state of mind (hate, gloom, doom). Thanks, Alice Wonderful, for sharing a bright light on those helping change. Your posted video give me hope and a smile in knowing there is others working for a better way.
Comment by Quina Darren Guy on August 6, 2009 at 7:11pm
Jigsaw of life

piece by piece
the puzzle falls in place
piece by piece
the entire human race

begins to see
begins to face
the face of God
within my heart i search for truth

truth with no contradict
truth that need not even be said
for truly it cannot
this has been the way of things since before time forgot

since before time was time
before i was i
or you were you
when i look in my heart i see whats true

that i am i
and you are you
that we are one
and love too
Comment by Alice Wonderful on August 6, 2009 at 3:17am
as requested by Margaret =) and to all friends of Earth...
this is the same clip that was shared on my most recent blog, I believe...

here it is again, with much peace, love, light and respect to all...

Comment by Elisabetta Errani Emaldi on July 27, 2009 at 12:33am

The soul of our Mother Earth

Love doesn’t triumph when
stupidity of man contained in his ignorance
does not respect our Mother Earth.

Humanity suffocates, slowly,
very slowly, in its total indifference.

Our Mother Earth, the great alive soul
warms us on her heart and
nourishes us, but we are enveloped by ignorance
we are blind and deaf to her appeal.

Maybe, are we waiting for the ill fruits of our
Mother Earth poisoning us?

Let us not being suffocated by her, we must cure
our Mother Earth with devotion, because she
nourishes us with love and energy.

I feel my spirit tremble,
while her great sick soul is suffering and
desperate because her children are ungrateful,
they haven’t respect for themselves and not even for her.

While she dies slowly and in silent
I feel her sorrow, her suffering and her tears
falling on my anguished heart.

Love triumphs only when
we respect ourselves and our Mother Earth.

Life will continue only if we wake up from the sleep of

I feel her suffering breath, acid rain
that falls on me and
consumes my members, while she implores us
to listen to her echo of pain that flies
to our deaf ears and to our minds
away from heart.
Comment by fool-friend, cliff on July 24, 2009 at 8:03pm
Margret DESERTEC a wind and solar electrical energy project using 6,500 square miles100GW (17,000km^2) in the Sahara Desert (North Africa) with a goal out put of 100GW output by 2050 for Europe. This electricity would be 15% of Europe needs and transmitted by a super grid "high-voltage direct current . A investment of €400 billion, the exact plan will be designed by 2012. Dr. Hermann Scheer calls it a Fata Morgana = Dream and asks who is it real going to help and if the cost and energy out-put is real. There are many points to cover about this project and if the first one being is it a Dream. The size of it might seem sound big but not really the numbers used in the "World-Energy-Outlook-2008" report to CSIS by the International Energy Agency have the cost/need much higher (6.5 trillion) and that many projects are on hold because of funding. I do hope that we could all look into this project and talk it out. The links and information on this look to be very good and it will cover many problem our world faces in making choices about the changes we need. The War of Currents 1887 AC virus DC where Edison's workers tried to electrocuted Topsy the elephant to sell that AC was a killed in 1903. Today it takes 3-years to train linemen and even have Linemen Rodeo where they show off in the USA.

My hopes are to talk this out is a good deal? How do we brake the numbers down and bring the fact out. How do we take the fear that is going to be used to sell one side or the other and bring to light the facts? We can all help by learning and understanding what are the facts. There are many points to cover here and by talking and sharing we can shine a light of hope before the fear news tries to shocks us one way or the other. The links below are one I feel are worth looking at please recall we have changed in the past DDT is ban now because of one book " Silent Spring " by Rachel Carson helping launch the environmental movement.

Comment by fool-friend, cliff on July 15, 2009 at 11:36am
Saw Some Good News Today
Saharan solar project moves closer to reality‎ -Two major power projects got the go-ahead this week: the biggest solar energy project in the world and a politically challenging gas pipeline. Commentators were cautious with their praise, pointing out various difficulties with the plans and calling for a European-wide energy initiative.

Desertec got its start yesterday with organizations like Deutsche Bank, energy giants RWE and E.ON, major insurer Munich Re and electro-engineering leader Siemens, all pledging to raise an estimated €400 billion ($560 billion) to get the project off the ground.

"The full potential of renewable energy in Europe and North Africa is huge," ... The idea to use deserts as long-distance solar farms for other regions,
and in the USA cost is looking good with Rebates
USA Why What Who and How Link
Comment by fool-friend, cliff on July 11, 2009 at 8:29pm
Does any one know about only crystal man can grow and use to change the energy of light from our sun into a usable form of energy? Is true that photovoltaic (PV) panels are made from man made crystal of silicone?
Has me not sure
Comment by fool-friend, cliff on July 11, 2009 at 8:05am
I was think of making a small file that would make the email mailing list like the below but much better.

Image Hosted by
By carrhartt59 at 2009-07-10
Comment by fool-friend, cliff on July 2, 2009 at 9:00am
We could post slide shows about what is going on but who going to watch it if it is big that they relate to it in their life?
Palm Spring Fuel Cell 2002 Leader in Hydrogen.

Go to ImageShack® to Create your own Slideshow
note: in 2005 the math was done and the cost of using hydrogen fuel to replace oil would cost more and it would use up the water we need live. Rivers to run Airports
One of the best places to learn what is going on now.
Comment by fool-friend, cliff on July 2, 2009 at 7:05am
May I ask what this group may what to do to make a change?

Could we lead others to those places that are helping to change how to live so humanity will be in balance with the earth? Alice Wonderful has a great video but who will view it here but us.

Could we make a video/comment that will inspire people to see what she has shown us? Could we inspire many to see those who are changing now? What I an suggesting is this we brainstorm on just one of the many small things to do to slow down CO2 and make a joke that will lead them to the information/web page that has the information already. It is like how I came here from the credits of Humanity Healing Videos just that it is a email joke. My thoughts are a good email joke goes faster and father then any other mail/message/video/power point show.

I could be like this gif I made but about what we brainstorm over
Image Hosted by
By carrhartt59 at 2009-06-30
Just it would help start a change in how we live. 4/1~friend

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