The pain body isn’t a problem of some individuals only, but is a trait common to all humans. The pain body is the pain each human being inherits and shares with the others. Nations and societies also have their own collective pain body, shared by all their members.

The pain body is a pain remnant. It’s the combined result of the resistance to and denial of something we experienced. It’s recognized when some insignificant event triggers a disproportionate response. It’s also recognized in your reaction when something goes wrong or when someone says something you find annoying.
The pain body emerges when the vital force can’t flow freely. Then, pressure accumulates and pain appears. When the pain body emerges, the feeling of unhappiness and emptiness increases up to an unbearable level. If we attempt to flight or to fight it, the pain grows.

Symptoms of the pain body are different in each person:

It may be perceived as a turbulence, a constraint, a "rock" in the solar plexus, a "ball" in the throat, a sensation of heaviness or heat, or by feeling dizzy, terrified, or intensely pressured.

The pain body may be submissive or aggressive. The pain body may be passive or active. There are those that are always active, as happens with people who suffer depression, chronic irritability or physical pain, or who are addict. The vital force is often trapped in the pain body. T

he pain body must come out to feed itself from time to time. Its feeding period varies from one person to another: it may be once a day, once a week or once a month. While its feeding, the pain body gains control over our mind and gives rise to destructive, negative thoughts.

The pain body is intensely addictive: once it has taken control over the person’s mind – and, consequently, of her responses – that person doesn’t want to be at peace anymore, but "needs" to go on suffering.

The pain body needs the others´ responses and feeds on them. It the individual is alone, it reviews once and again what happened or imagines what is going to happen, in order to create uneasiness and inner tension. When someone’s pain body is ready to emerge, it attempts to provoke reactions in the pain body of their nearest and dearest.

The pain body likes "drama". Unfortunately, most relationships are full of drama, and when a "drama" occurs, the mind already aligned with the pain body will find any excuse to add some of its usual tricks to a heated argument or a tense confrontation.

To acknowledge our pain body is the beginning of a healing and transformation process. As the trapped energy is released, the individual’s health, vitality and creativity increase. When we accept and "observe" the pain body, we cut its links with the mind and prevent it to control it. Then, the only residue it leaves in us is an energy field felt as uncomfortable.

The pain body isn’t our enemy, It is a contraction in our energy field, so that we won’t fight against it nor try to eliminate it.

The stronger the pain body, the stronger the motive to transform it.

What is called "karma", that is, the unconscious repetition of past energy patterns, is consciously solved and dissolved when the pain body is transformed.

Being part of the human race, each of us shares a part of collective pain and registers in her the conditioning of millions of social, cultural, genetic, planetary and, very likely, also galactic influences.

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz

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I found this concept very intriguing, especially in light of the fact that I'm dealing the last few days with the last remnants of old issues, which seem to be stuck and coincidentally, there's great discomfort in my right hip. Thank you. Elaine
Yes, the body is talking through sensations and feelings. There is an incredible intelligence in us that knows whatever is necessary to heal and transform.
The formula I use is called PBR, Pain Body Release and is simple although doesn't mean easy!

Scanning your body,
finding the sensation (in this case hip pain)
finding any feeling attach to it (frustration, sadness, etc)

1- allowing them, (putting your mind aside)
2- helping yourself to feel it (intensifying it)
3- breathing through it,
4- finding the sound that your body wants to do with it.

and again,

1- Allowing whatever arises then, (putting your mind aside)
2- intensifying what you are feeling,
3- breathing it,
4- sounding it,

you do it as many times as you need it.
You will experience the dissolution of the pain body and the arising of the joy body (or light body)

the body knows, we have to let it do it.

does it help?

in awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz
What about collecting proven practices and tools which allow us to dissolve any blocked energies there and harmonizing ourselves again?

Maybe the violet flame?
Or the blue flame?

Other suggestions?
Yes, great idea!
As you can read above in my answer to Elaine, I describe a very effective way to dissolve the pain body. there are many other ways now-days. We are living in amazing times!

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz
Hi Luiz, the pain body is quite interesting and it is more clear to me now why I am affected the way I am when stress overcomes me it is also enlightening that karma can be described as past energy I never saw it that way.Knowledge is wonderful and I feel honoured to learn from you at this time.thanks Janine
Hi Janine;
I appreciate your words.
We are swiming in an energy ocean. We are all energy ourselves.
The resonances from the PAST (ancestral/past generations experiences, soul imprints, intrauterine life, childhood up to this moment), create contractions in our energy field.
We called that pain or discomfort and as long as we are unconscious of it, we keep repeating it endlessly for eons! That is a way to explain Karma. The hindus used to call these contractions, Samskaras. We carry them with us and we pass a good portion of them to our children in the DNA. Now we are able to transform this resonances for ourselves and as a result. for our ancestors and children as well. Tis is a huge humanity cleansing opportunity.
Amazing game if we know what to do with it. A torture when we dont.
Thats why we are spreading the word. There are more and more tools exposed now-days like ever before. Great times we are living in!

in awareness and healing!

Luis Diaz
Isn't the right hip a father/daughter related pain? It is really true Louis, I spent two days dealing with my aged parents and even though as I stated the supplement I told you about is working very well in relieving my pain, today I have had some minor pain in my hip that was totally gone. The juice is awesome but working though these issues has been a life long challenge for me. I would love to be free of the heartache that has accumulated between us over the years. As I have told you, I have had Intuitive's work with me as well as many other dietary and metaphysical approaches but nothing really seems to resolve it. My brother has had hip surgery and this is what I am wanting to avoid. Again, I am glad you have joined this forum and I will be looking forward to talking with you soon.
I actually have verified that both, suppressing our negative feelings and expressing them to others are toxic ways to manage them.
If I suppress them, I get sick and dead emotionally, I dont experience life because I am numbed by the suppression.
If I express my raw emotions, then I regret hurting others (in the case of anger) or others treat me different (when I express fear or sadness). I may feel excluded or pampered after expressing my emotions to other, but never equal.
So, if the suppression destroys me and the expression to others creates relationships conflicts that I regret later on, what should we do?

There is a third option that I have discovered in my own experience. This option actually helped me and many others to transform the negative emotional charge into peace and well being.
That third option happened to be the old alchemy process of "transforming stones into gold".

- FEELING IT with your whole being.
- With your full presence.
- In complete privacy.
- In complete intimacy with your own beingness.
- Becoming aware of the most minute sensations in your body.
- Allowing the energy of the emotion to flow through your organs and muscles. - Letting your body move and shake if its necessary.
- Letting sounds come out of you, if you feel it.

Nobody knows of your process. It is your life and its your own responsibility to let your body heal itself.
Your body is designed to do it.
Thats the way babies are designed also; to authentically feel EVERYTHING.
That is what keeps us alive and healthy.
That is what keeps our mind balanced without the need of any suppression. The negative emotional charge leaves the body when we allow it.
No dramas needed.

What do you think of that. Do you think that you can do it?

Well, i have chronic neck pain,, which is due to working on job,,and various other things in life that i have to survival, and then there is the main factor normal aging and using part of body, knees , hip, feet, hands,also we have climate which is cold, hot, damp. And things we eat and our diet, and things we build in our minds and heart, hurtful and good affect us also. Which cannot be eliminated.

True having positive attitude and enjoying friend and family, and enjoying nature and keeping active help, that is why we should help and support others in need cause we experience the same thing in different degrees,,

But most important to healing is faith, prayer,,,prayer is so important and our relationship with the Most high,,which brings us to Love and unconditional, no matter how much our body hurts, we can rise from the hurt if we keep our minds, body spirit in focus with the Supreme Being,

Well, I cannot speak for Gary but I will tell you my experience.
I agree with yours. Fibromyalgia is anger suppressed in the body. I've seen it many times. Anger is a destructive force that when you keep it in your body, destroys your health, your relationships, your finances or whatever you value.
When I teach, I always say that it is like keeping a bunch of mercenaries in a small apartment. They are going to tear it apart and possibly kill each other. Thats their nature.
The nature of anger is to break, destroy and change things through destruction.
We see it when a revolution happens: a whole new political system takes place. Sometime for the better. Anger is not a bad thing. Its the energy that the universe use to make things change. At this very moment, there are galaxies exploding and provably others are being created. We all need the process of destruction, that is why we get angry. We dont like what is going on and we want to change things.
The problem is when we cannot feel it and allow it to flow through us.
Suppressing negative emotions became an speciality for civilized adults. Expressing them is a bad bussiness because we ussualy regret and relationships get hurt.
Supressing brings decease and expressing creates drama and regrets. What do we do?
There is third option: FELLING IT WITH MY WHOLE BEING, in private. Its a very intimate process. It is called, Pain Body Release, PBR. I have written a book on this and published videos. I train people to help other to do it. It works. But you are the only one that can do it. No one else.

Forgiveness doesn't work if you are still holding anger inside. And we shouldn't expect always to forgive. To begin with, who says that you have to forgive? Is that absolutely true?
I am open to any answer and I am not taking dogmas as such. Real experience only.

Anyway, the Pain Body Release, allows you to get in touch with the RAW ENERGY of the stored emotion in your body and release it for once and for all.

I am creating a site to post videos abut these sessions. Meanwhile get the eSeries on Emotional Healing that teaches you step by step all you need to be ready for this process. They are free so enjoy them and let me know how it goes.

In awarenes and healing,

Luis Diaz

Get the FREE e-series on Emotional Healing
Luis, this post saved my life. You will never know how close I came........
I have experienced so much pain that I became overwhelmed by it. Just trying to breathe was pure agony. I have tried running from it, but couldn't. I didn't know how to face it, deal with it. I am suffering with chronic insomnia, and this combined with the emotional and physical pain that I endure has made it impossible for me to know how to carry on. I never actually wanted to die, I just couldn't find a way through until I read this last night.

Last night was my blackest night so far. I came online praying that I would find something that would help. I found this. Had I not, I know what would have happened. When I say you saved my life, I really do mean that.

I had a series of breakthroughs during the night. This post made that possible - thankyou for saving me.

Debbie, you are spot on. I have had chronic back pain for months, and it has been getting worse recently. The pain is most prominent on my right side, and has been in my hip and spreading down my right leg for quite a while now. One of the issues that I have to deal with is infact to do with my dad (he passed away a few years ago, I am left with painful emotions to release).

I have a long way to go before I can find a way to face the pain head on, but this post has made it possible for me to continue. You will never know how much I owe you all for this. 'Thankyou' seems such an inadequate word right now, but it is all I have. Thankyou to you all. You really have saved me.
Thank you for sharing this Charlie. I am glad that it was helpful for you. Your feedback motivates me to keep doing what I am doing.

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