Our fears are only as powerful as the depth of our courage and the size of our hearts.

Via the process of learning to cultivate courage, we can achieve many seemingly impossible feats that may have felt out of reach and somewhat disjointed.

Courage can introduce us to a world of unimaginable possibilities and unexpected learnings that strengthen our resolve and move us into action despite any contradictory feelings that might be languishing within our hearts.

Yes, courage is the answer, and it is the key that will open many doors of opportunity, while moving you through seemingly impossible obstacles that are standing in your way.

Within this section we will discuss and identify the key habits and characteristics of courage and the mindset that will seemingly brush your fears away.



Definition of Courage


Many of us probably see courage as being something that has no fear. In fact this couldn’t be further from the truth. A courageousperson is actually someone who takes action despite the fear that is burning within their hearts. These are the people who become the heroes of our lives, and they are the role models that will help us build a lifetime of unforgettable experiences, minus the regrets.



Changing Your Perspective


A courageous person doesn’t just simply accept reality. Instead they transform their perspective about themselves, others and circumstances in ways that will further their cause and help them overcome their fears.


Perspective about Self


They transform their perspective about their potential, abilities, skills and strengths in ways that will help them to soar to new heights of achievement.


Perspective about Others


They transform their perspective about other people in ways that will help to further their cause as they move through the fears and obstacles that are standing in their way.


Perspective about Circumstances


They transform their perspective about circumstances in order to help them identify the seeds of opportunity hidden within the problems and fears that are currently confronting their reality.


Courageous Habits


A Courageous person has a set of distinguishable habits that help them to successfully move through their fears and into a world of unlimited opportunities and potential.


Taking Risks


They are natural risk takers. They constantly scour their environment for opportunities that will further their success and help them to move through the obstacles that are currently confronting their reality.


Learning from Mistakes


They realize that it is only through the process of continuous and never-ending learning that they will be able to successfully manage their fears in ways that will further their continued success and progress through life.


Seeking New Experiences


They enjoy seeking new experiences, fully understanding that it is only through these new experiences that they will be able to find the opportunities, resources, learnings and courage to help them move through their fear ridden obstacles in quick succession.


Accepting Complete Responsibility


They completely and wholeheartedly accept full responsibility for their behaviors, decisions and actions no matter what results or outcomes they experience within their reality.

With full responsibility comes the acknowledgment that excuses are the precursors to fear and lead to the formation of many obstacles along one’s path. Knowing this, a courageous person will never dwell on, never complain, or make excuses that could potentially reignite their fears in uncontrollable ways.


Courageous Characteristics


A courageous person has a set of distinguishable characteristics that help them to successfully move through their fears and into a world of unlimited opportunities and potential.




They cultivate faith. With faith comes belief, and with belief comes a sense of confidence that helps them to move beyond the obstacles that are standing in their way.




They cultivate patience. With patience comes rational thinking, which likewise encourages better and more proactive decision-making, helping them to breakthrough the fear ridden obstacles standing in their way.




They are wildly ambitious people whose dreams have no limitations. They strive for seemingly insurmountable goals that keep them on their toes and moving forward each and everyday of their lives. To achieve these goals they must muster the courage of a 100 men moving in unison towards one destination.




They either fully commit to their objectives or they direct their attention on another destination.

Commitment is necessary as it helps them to move through their fear-driven obstacles with a greater sense of determination andpersistence that keeps them going despite naysayers.




A courageous person cultivates an unshakable belief in four key areas.

First, they cultivate an unshakable belief in their own ability. They wholeheartedly believe that they will achieve their goals and objectives despite their seemingly irrational fears.

Secondly, they cultivate an unshakable belief in attaining a positive outcome. Instead of focusing on their fears, they constantly have their eye on obtaining a positive outcome that is as clear as day within the recesses of their mind.

Thirdly, they cultivate an unshakable belief in finding hidden opportunities around every corner. They understand that their fears will throw a myriad of obstacles in their way. However, they also realize that within every obstacle there lies a seed of hidden opportunity that they can take advantage of to move them forward along their journey towards attaining their goals and objectives.

Finally, they cultivate an unshakable belief in a higher power that is working for their betterment at all times.


Brian Tracy


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