The next step is to learn to understand your fears at a deeper and more profound level, which can be accomplished by moving back through time in order to gain a realization of how your fears came into existence.

Determining the origin of your fears is important as it will provide you with a psychological strength and certainty that there is in fact a reason and meaning behind every behavior, habit, decision and action that you make within your life. Certainty will likewise provide you with a sense of confidence that will further strengthen your resolve and move you forward in the right direction to help you overcome the roadblocks and setbacks in your life.

Here are a couple of questions you should be asking yourself at this stage:

Why does this fear have a hold over me?

How did I originally come to fear this?



Determine the Consequences of Your Fears


In order to successfully overcome your fears, you will need to gain some leverage. Leverage is effectively gained when you utilize the principles of pain and pleasure successfully.

For the purpose of this questioning process, you must first and foremost identify the potential losses that will come to the surface if you continue to hold onto this fear, while on the other hand acknowledging the potential gains that you are likely to achieve if you successfully overcome this fear in a rational and proactive way.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What am I likely to lose if I continue to hold onto this fear?

What am I likely to gain if I manage to successfully overcome this fear?



Plan Ahead


The final step of this questioning process involves planning ahead for possible scenarios that could unfold as you make progress beyond this fear. A little foresight will go a long way towards setting you on the right track and helping you to overcome your fears in a rational and proactive way.

This process involves looking ahead in time, identifying and strategically contemplating how you will deal with this fear under the blanket of different scenarios and perspectives. Essentially this involves a four pronged attack. You must effectively determine how you will deal with your fear from an emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental perspective.

Here are a couple of questions to get you started and thinking along the right path:

How will I deal with this fear emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally in the future?

What’s the worst that could possibly happen? How will I effectively deal with this scenario?


Gaining Knowledge and Building Your References


As previously discussed, it’s often our lack of knowledge and understanding about an emotion, situation or person that leads to themanifestation of fear in the first place. Therefore, in order to overcome this, we must look at effective resources and tools we could potentially use in order to enhance our knowledge and understanding of the events and circumstances that are causing the fear we experience within our lives.



Seek Knowledge


The first place to begin is to seek out new knowledge and experiences that will help you to gather a wider perspective and understanding about the fears that are currently holding you back in life. Books, blogs and movies are great places to start. For instance, reading biographies of people who overcame your fears successfully will provide you with confidence and assurance that you too can also successfully move through your fears in quick succession.

Reading blogs that share effective strategies on how to overcome your fears will provide you with the tools you need to keep you moving forward.

Watching inspirational movies about people who have overcome great and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, may provide you with the confidence you need to press forward and move beyond your fears.



Build on Your Imagination


Did you know that your unconscious brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality?

You can use this to your advantage by simply imagining yourself overcoming your fears successfully over and over again within your imagination. While doing this, make sure to utilize all your sensory emotions in order to vividly make the experience feel as real as possible.

Repeating this process will help to build your knowledge and reference-base in ways that will further assist you to move past your fears.



Seek Other People’s Experiences


Join support groups or simply seek the experience of other people in order to build upon your knowledge bank of understanding about the fears that are currently confronting your reality.

You may find that by talking through your experiences with others that you will reach new conclusions while uncovering potential solutions that may help you to move past your fears. You may also gain some unique insights from other people’s experiences, strategies, techniques and tactics that they used to overcome their own personal fears.



Help Others Overcome their Fears


One of the best and mostly overlooked methods for overcoming your fears is simply helping another person to overcome the fears that are prevalent within their lives.

It is amazing how the simple act of helping another person to overcome their fears can lead to potentially life transforming insights that will likewise better prepare you for your own personal life challenges.



Simple Strategies for Overcoming Fear


Here are some simple fear conquering strategies that you can use immediately to help you move through the roadblocks that are holding you back in life.



Take Small Consistent Steps


Fears are often overwhelming emotional experiences because we perceive them as being these extraordinary large objects that are completely in control of our lives.

In order to deal with your fears effectively you must first and foremost begin with small steps. Simply do something small each and every day that will help you to build on your levels of knowledge, confidence and proficiency in relation to the fear that you are seeking to overcome.



Cultivate Belief and Faith


Did you know that your fears are built upon the foundations of belief and faith?

If you are currently suffering from an irrational fear, then come to realize that it only has a hold over your life because you believe in it, and have unintentional faith in its existence.

Instead of building upon the fear, why don’t you twist your belief and faith in the opposite direction and cultivate confidence in yourself and your abilities that you can successfully overcome this fear in a rational and proactive way.



Face Your Fears


There are many personal development gurus out there who simply say that you must just decide to face and confront your fears head-on. There is no doubt that for some relatively manageable fears this process can indeed work very well. However, you must first get your fears to a manageable state before undertaking this step.

If for instance you try and confront your fears head-on too early, then the shock of the confrontation may do you more harm than good.

Your mind is an emotional web of thoughts that becomes quite irrational when confronted with things that it just doesn’t understand. Therefore, in order to avoid this pitfall, make sure to build enough supporting references, tools, resources, skills and knowledge that will help you to better manage your fears before you take the plunge and confront them head-on.

No matter what you choose to do, sooner or later you will have to confront your fears. However, please be careful not to fall into the habit of procrastination.



Simply Relax


Take classes, read books and simply learn to teach yourself how to relax, how to find calmness and peace within your body and mind. Learn to shut-off and direct your mind and body inwards when you sense a fear is about to overwhelm you.



Turn Off Excuses and Sabotaging Thoughts


We must also learn to redirect our thoughts and subdue our irrational excuses that naturally breed and expand on our fears.

Did you know that your thoughts are things that direct your emotions and patterns of behavior?

Within each of your thoughts lie endless possibilities that can either trigger powerful and empowering emotions, or likewise stimulate irrational and deflating emotional habits that will sabotage every decision you make and action you take. In fact, you cannot experience the emotion of fear without first having a thought about it. Yes, it is your thoughts that trigger your irrational fears of behavior.

Simply take time to shut down your thoughts or redirect them away from your fears and unto aspects of your life that bring great pleasure, confidence and certainty.

On top of this it is also important to shut off the constant excuses that roam freely within the recesses of our minds. Excuses only breed more excuses and help fears to sprout ugly flowers and weeds that clog our brains with a greater array of irrational thoughts and objections.


Laugh at Your Fears


Break yourself out of your self-sabotaging patterns of by having a bit of a laugh. :) Yes, actually take the time to laugh at your silly and irrational fears that have absolutely no basis in reality. In fact, go ahead and ask other people to laugh with you. I am sure there is something really quite amusing about your fears that you hadn’t noticed before.

Laughter is a great form of therapy that could very well provide you with the leverage you need to help you overcome your fears.



Brian Tracy

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