Basic Feng Shui Cure #3: Living Objects Bring Good Fortune

Basic Feng Shui Cure #3: Living Objects Bring Good Fortune


Note: This series explores the 9 basic Feng Shui cures.

Few things are more full of life chi, vitality and rejuvenating power than
living objects. Living objects that represent Feng Shui cures include:

- Plants (living or artificial)
- Flowers (potted, fresh cut, or artificial, which symbolically represent life chi)
- Aquariums and fish
- Trees

Plants can be used in Feng Shui indoors and outside to activate a specific section of the Ba Gua, help circulate chi and provide hope and good fortune to a home's
residents. Used in a business, plants and flowers attract clients, good
business, opportunities and positive chi.

Within the home, you can use plants to:

- Resolve shop corners that create “poison arrows” leading to illness and unrest
- Mask pillars that may make the inhabitants of a home or apartment feel “blocked”
- Help the flow of a chi in a space with an awkward step, such as in a sunken living room
- Complete the corner of a room

Flowers can also be used indoors or out to activate a segment of the Ba Gua --
especially if they represent the elemental colors that correspond to
that section of the Ba Gua. In other words, white flowers in the
children and creativity section of a Ba Gua may help with fertility,
while purple flowers in the wealth corner may help improve your
finances. Learn more about how to attract positive people and wealth into your life with flowers in this article.

If you use fresh cut flowers, be sure to replace them before they die. Dead flowers are not ideal in a home.

Trees are powerful Feng Shui cures that can also create Feng Shui problems by blocking the flow of chi if not properly placed.

A tree in front of your door may create a sense of feeling stuck or
blocked. But a tree placed behind your home, but not so close that it
touches your home, will create a sense of security and protection. Learn
more about how to protect your health, wealth and family by planting trees.

Fish bowls and Aquariums
In Feng Shui, water and water symbols (including the color black or
pictures of water) equate to wealth and prosperity. This is why a
Chinese place of business often has an aquarium with living fish in the wealth corner of the Ba Gua.

Fish are also believed to absorb negative chi. When a fish dies, it has
absorbed all the bad chi it can stand, and the dead fish should be
replaced immediately.

Living objects can help the flow of chi and bring good fortune in a number of ways. Besides, doesn't any home
feel happier and healthier with living plants and flowers?

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